Journey And Destination

I think sometimes we await for the biggest things to come in life to make us
happy that we never notice the little things that can fulfill so much of it.
Our desires for bigger and better things always takes our mind and thoughts
a few days, months, and years down the road and we never appreciate how we
get there and the feelings that come with it. Our destination becomes more
important than the journey itself.

In other words, if you come upon a large river to cross and want to build a
bridge to get to the other side where a reward of some kind is waiting for
you, most of us will build it and cross it as fast as we can to get there
and over look the whole process of every moment of what it took to build
that bridge. Then we tend to not appreciate every nail put in every board,
every strand of rope intertwined for stability, and every drop of blood,
sweat, and tears it took to build it.

Making a mental note and being aware of every process it took is important
to never forget the journey of reaching any goal no matter how big or small.
This is what keeps one grounded and not forgetting each step, because then
your appreciation will grow and so will your happiness inside due to the
feelings you felt while in each process.

When you cross the bridge you built walking sure footed and aware noticing
the fine craftsmanship that you have put in it with every step you take,
you need not worry about the reward on the other side because you are now
walking on the true reward that is more fulfilling. The reward on the other
side is just the symbol of your journey.


Your Eyes

“Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,

Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:

Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,

Not utter’d by base sale of chapmen’s  tongues.”

-William Shakespeare

The persistent problem people face everyday is the illusion of the way one looks in the eyes of others. Sacrificing ones self worth for the gratifying feeling that comes from the judgement of others from which ones life and happiness depends upon. Being yourself becomes a rarity and not a formality.

Then who you are becomes what others see you as. This is the illusion put onto you by the judgement of others, and this illusion will even fool you to believe that this is who you really are. The way you dress, the way you look, the way you view things, the way you treat others is then dictated by this illusion of truth projected to you by this judgment of others.

You will find out the real truth about the beautiful person you really are and the world around you when you begin living your life in the beauty that only your eyes can see and your heart can feel.  Not by others who place judgement on your life that is not their own. Only you can dictate what beauty is, only you can dictate what beauty was, and it is you who can only dictate what beauty will be through your eyes only. The illusions of judgment will fade away and the beauty of your truth will only remain.

What would you do II

” If there was something you could do or give that everyone can benefit from and that nobody could make money on, what would it be? “

I have asked this question to a few people and it was amazing what their answers were. I told each of them to sit and think about the question carefully for a few minutes and then give me their thoughts. Their answers were almost identical in which they all replied with saying compassion with love coming next. This to me was a very profound moment, because it told me that their answer came from their heart, not their brain to come up with this conclusion. They didn’t over think it or even came across not being too sure about it. Their answer was absolute without any kind of wavering thought of otherwise.

What they all have in common though is that they live life, they live in the moment of the very minuscule of a second and absorb things like experiencing it for the very first time over and over again, appreciating and respecting everything around them as a gift of life. This life they live was not taught to them but experienced by them to see things their heart and soul really sees. Some of the things that were being said coincide with the great philosophers of times past without even reading any of the material. Their answer came from within, not outside of them which is where we think we can find the answers to all of life’s questions.

These answers came when they stop living in the speed of life and starting living with the speed of themselves. Living life with integrity not longevity. When living in this way, giving and helping is automatic, like a reflex to the senses that sees a beautiful flower that you are in awe of. A feeling you can’t help but to act upon, overwhelming joy and happiness consume you and you know of no other way. It’s really not hard to show and give compassion and love to one another, even with the simplest things like smiling at someone who looks like they are having a really bad day can change their attitude and outlook. That person may do the same for others and things go in a domino effect from there naturally. Compassion is my answer to that question as well. What is yours?


Be Yourself

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

Anna Quindlen

Concentrating on being someone other than yourself gives you a false sense of being. Just because you walk the path of others does not mean you can fill the shoes they walk in. The path you choose to take in your life can only be walked in your shoes and your shoes only. The only perfection that exists is that we are imperfect. It seems to me that there are lots of people that have a fear of being ridiculed for being themselves or just being different in general. This world is a beautiful place with different beautiful people, being different should be encouraged and not frowned upon.

Being yourself gives you the power to choose your own destiny and have your own visions to impact your own life in great ways. Its always good to have role models and people you look up to and want to be like, just make sure if you walk the same path to wear your own shoes and not to try and fill theirs.


What do you live for?

Live to learn and you will learn to live

The things I live for are simple, its to learn everything I can and live my life to the absolute fullest no matter what I do. Everyday I wake up I start to get inspired by the little things I notice that give me even a small glimpse of joy, from hearing the birds chirping to my coffee maker brewing. Going outside to enjoy the slight breeze and the trees leaves and branches effortlessly swaying gently like a symphony conductor. Even little things like this is a lesson everyday and a reminder of how beautiful life is and how you should approach it.

Every day that I do learn something new, it gives me a more broader perspective in life and in myself in general. Observing things from a non judgmental point of view is key to understanding life and more importantly yourself. To embrace different cultures and the ever changing life in nature gives you more perspective on things that not any book or movie can give. Don’t get me wrong, books and movies are a great way to see things you have not seen before until you experience the things yourself, but one should not just limit themselves to just reading and watching movies. Get out and do the great inspiring things you read or watch about, often times your perspective on things change when you experience it for real. Experience is the greatest teacher we have and the world is the biggest and greatest classroom you will ever need.


My Dream

I had a dream last night I thought I would share because it was like none I have ever had before. I usually do not remember much of my dreams but this one was different because of the feeling and detail it was in. In this dream I was at my house where I grew up and standing in my front yard. Then I had a thought within the dream to just try and fly, so I did and sure enough I was floating above my street and flying around awkwardly but still flying. I felt this rush of exhilarating joy and freedom I have not felt in any of my dreams ever and the only sense of fear was coming down to the ground, but when I decided to come down there was no pain or discomfort. Then there was no fear of it at all, so I continued to fly around and observe everything I could until I felt like coming down and feeling the ground below my feet. Also in this dream I was in control of everything except the way I was flying which i said earlier felt awkward, but where I was flying to was controlled and even my thoughts within the dream were as well. It was the kind of dream I did not want to awake from because of the curiosity I had for what I was experiencing, a profound bliss I will never forget. I do not know what the dream means to me still but I liked the feeling it gave me. I hope I can have another like this one so I can explore more of what it can possibly mean and feel that joy again.

Success vs Failure

“Every failure is the seed that will grow to be a great tree of success”

It seems to me that success and failure cannot live without each other, like yin and yang. When you first come out of the womb, you don’t automatically start walking around and talking. Everything is learned through trial and error. Like the saying goes ” you have to learn to crawl before you walk”, so why do some people seem like they are a complete useless failure if they do not succeed the first or second time doing something they like or anything in general? While others continue to push on until they achieve greatness. Everyone has the ability to achieve greatness, one just has to not give up on the things that matter to them the most. Naturally most people fail the first time they try anything, but its the ones who dust themselves off and keep going with their desire to achieve in earnest what they failed to do the first time are the ones that succeed. Not because they can’t stand losing, but they have learned where they failed and then come back stronger and more focused on the task at hand. That drive comes from within and everyone has that drive, one just has to dig deep inside and not only think it but also knowing it deep down inside that they can do great things, because in truth everyone can.

There are people that have been working a job for a huge part of their life and are not satisfied with what they have achieved, and are afraid that they cannot do anything else besides what they do. How do you know if you don’t try in earnest other things you want to do? Fear is the driving force of self doubt, and the only way to put it out of your thoughts is just to do the thing your heart desires until fear cannot be a factor no longer. People always get so amazed of what they can do when they just put their all into something in earnest, never ever thinking they can do such great things but in reality its within everyone to achieve anything they want as long as their heart is always marching to the beat of their drum.

What would you do?

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?

This is a topic that everyone should ask themselves and really think about their answers. Being wealthy can mean different things to each individual, but in this case we will just leave it at monetary wealth. So putting the worry of money aside what would one do with themselves and what would one contribute to society as a whole. First thing that comes to mind is helping the family, and next would be helping others in the surrounding community in which you call home.

There can be many things you can contribute to your own community before you decide to take the world on and the problems that it brings. The most important thing would be to provide education to the people that seek it free of cost. Just because you can’t afford to go to the big name collages or even community colleges should not mean that you should be denied a college education. An educated public can change whole communities around that will give each individual a chance to make a decent living and in return can improve the surrounding in which they live.

The more people are educated, the more self-reliant they will become. Why would you need to go buy fish when you can go catch it yourself? Every person is capable of doing great things that can contribute to society. Free education means that people would do whats in their heart, and not worry about whether they can afford to pay for the things they they desire the most. If one wants to be a doctor, you should not have to worry about cost and debt you will be in before and after education. Anything can be achieved if one does not have to worry about such things like most of us do.