Journey Of Life


From the very moment we
take our first breath

A journey has begun to
defy the odds of death

Where we start in life is
just the cards we are dealt

Adaptation is the first lesson
in life where liberation is felt

No matter the circumstances
or the situation we are in

We all have it in us to triumph
over the odds to win

Our heart is the keeper
of all our strength

Keeping us strong in the most
dire of times no matter the length

Life is never meant to
be an easy game to play

But if you play your cards
right you can have your way

The ups and downs are
all part of our paths

Enjoy the adventure of life
for each moment will not last

Whenever we find ourselves
in the dark clutches of strife

Remember it will not last
forever it’s only one of many
lessons in the journey of life


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