Be Yourself

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

Anna Quindlen

Concentrating on being someone other than yourself gives you a false sense of being. Just because you walk the path of others does not mean you can fill the shoes they walk in. The path you choose to take in your life can only be walked in your shoes and your shoes only. The only perfection that exists is that we are imperfect. It seems to me that there are lots of people that have a fear of being ridiculed for being themselves or just being different in general. This world is a beautiful place with different beautiful people, being different should be encouraged and not frowned upon.

Being yourself gives you the power to choose your own destiny and have your own visions to impact your own life in great ways. Its always good to have role models and people you look up to and want to be like, just make sure if you walk the same path to wear your own shoes and not to try and fill theirs.


6 thoughts on “Be Yourself

  1. Yeah. Be yourself. Everything will happen because you decide what you want. Of course, if you want something, you will achieve it not only for yourself but also in the people around you.


    1. Appreciate the kind words. That was a great post you wrote that definitely resonates a similar message. Great insight for sure. 🙂


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