A New Dawn


I am greeted by the warm kiss of the
sun as my eyes open slowly ending
my sleep of the night

The room fills with beams of luminescence
as the dust plays in the suns
transforming light

I look out the window to watch life unfold
in a new day as I revel in the moment
with my coffee in hand

My thoughts washed away by the suns rain of
rays sitting in silence in the hourglass
of infinite sands

Rejuvenation begins to fill my body as the
energy gives rise to goosebumps that
emanate life that is felt and
seldom seen

The life I knew before ceases to exist as the
light has washed away the dirt of the past
and I stand in renewal with a heart pure
and clean

I walk outside the door to the cheers and
orchestra of nature and walk proudly
pencil in hand with my life
waiting to be drawn

I begin the new journey of my life never looking
back to see my shadow as I keep walking in
the light of a new dawn


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