Unconditional Love


I feel the heartbeat of the forest
resting in my chest

Enchantment emanates as I embrace
natures blissful caress

The air is filled with the soft glows
of life that surround me where
I stand

Feeling the connecting ripple of unity
as I merge in harmony with natures

I take a deep breath as the forest
breathes ethereal life into my
tired polluted lungs

As she delicately holds them in her
healing hands and whispers the
most beautiful sonnet
ever sung

Embracing all in her care like a
drop of water in an
endless pond

Responding to all with love for
that is the key to her sacred
unbreakable bond

A feeling of shame washes over me
as I see all the destruction
humanity has done

I look down to the ground and begin
to rain tears of sorrow for how the
world has now become

I can feel her warm inviting hug all
around me as she embraces my
presence while I look up to
watch the doves near by

She then parts the trees to shine the
warm light of the sun as my tears
turn to mist and float to
the sky


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