Coffee Poem

It’s the aroma that lofts in to wake me from my sleep,

I get up with a gliding shuffle into the walk of my own heartbeat,

Eyes half open being guided by the tantalizing smell,

Of which my mind and senses know so very well,

The aroma navigates meticulously through my lungs,

Its the sweetest sound to my senses that has never been sung,

When the cup touches my lips and the fluid starts to flow,

The warmth fills and radiates in my body all the way to my soul,

Goosebumps of heat take over with every sip I take,

Soaking in the sights and sounds now that I am aware and awake,

My cup is now dry and the aroma almost certainly gone,

My soul has not forgotten the aroma and it’s heavenly song.


20 thoughts on “Coffee Poem

  1. Being a coffee lover, i could nearly feel the aroma, that was described so well here. Its like a dance of smells and moods, the athmospheric goodness of a bean shaped drug. Its a beautiful poem.


    1. Thank you very much! “the atmospheric goodness of a bean shaped drug.” Love that line πŸ™‚ I truly do have a love affair with coffee and I tried to dictate that feeling the best way possible in the poem. I am really glad you liked it!


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