The Soul Of Your Words


I soak up your every letter like dry
grass taking in the first rain

My mind opens flowering with your
essence as it flows through my

You write enigmatic string of words
that my soul can

I journey with you in your world
by your side as you take
me by the hand

I am taken to places that my heart
has yet to fathom or
even dream

Showing me the soul of your words
that with the naked eye cannot be

Painting blank pages with the soulful
rhythm of your breathtaking art

Spewing the colors of life with your
words where it always finds
my heart

I will always look to you for inspiration
like a beacon shining in the distance
in the night

The wings of your words have guided me
through your world as I bathe in the
radiance of your light

( This poem is dedicated to all the poets, story tellers and others who inspire me everyday with their wonderful writing. I feel very lucky to experience humanity at it’s finest here in this WordPress community. It’s people like you and the words you write that will inspire the whole world in a positive way going forward. Thank you for all you do! )


Winter Queen


She blows her frigid breath with
the blessings of the stars above

Introducing the world to the cold
side of natures love

Remnants of her breath can be seen
on the lakes and streams

Billowing by searching for another
stretch of untouched green

Her color like her tears are always

Every time shes cries they float
down in a soft graceful flight

The trees are covered in her
brilliance and icy affection

As she embraces the warmth of earth
giving her loving protection

When the seasons change and her
time here is done

She starts to lose her grip under
the rising heat of the
molten hot sun

The suns rays fade away her white
skin and delicately floats it
up to the heavens from
which they came

Until the time comes around when
the king of fall starts to leave and
he calls her name

Reflection Poem

It’s not the face or the body you should see in the mirror

Look deeper in the reflection to see a vision more clearer

What you see on the outside is only an illusion

Advertisements of vanity add to the confusion

See yourself as who you are and not who you want to be

Free yourself from judgement of a chastising society

Look at yourself with clear eyes and a full heart

Every human being is it’s own work of the finest exquisite art

All that matters is how you see yourself in that reflection

Nobody can convey the illusion to you of societies groundless perfection

Beauty is skin deep are some of the wisest of words

Hold these close to your heart not to be deferred

Change Poem

It’s the sudden wind that blows a different direction

To put afoul on your plans of perfection

Adjust your sails and don’t be discouraged

Every obstacle you face will be rewarded with wisdom and courage

Your destination is not meant to be a straight line

With diligence and patience the path you will refine

Coming full circle is the essence of your journey

Proving to your heart of doubt you are strong and worthy

Change is not always for you to understand and comprehend

It is a test of will and how far you will fall or bend

Show no concern for these winds of change

Take the opportunity to show your souls limitless range

Goodbye To The Ego Poem

You have always been there when I was not aware,

An unconscious victim of your cruelty of care,

Your actions are truly unforgivable,

Attacking with fallacy on my subliminal,

Deep down in the thickest of fog is where I stayed,

Not knowing any different from my actions day to day,

Then one day I began to see a flicker of light,

In the very place where I hold all of my might,

The fog starts to burn away to reveal a clear sky,

And for the first time the opening of my ethereal eye,

My conscious is alive and aware to much of your dismay,

Your egotistic ways are replaced with love for that is the only way.

When I Look Out To The Stars

When I look out to the stars at night,

I see a celestial dance in the moons gazing light,

Colors of changing with each twinkle in the sky,

As soon as I focus on one another catches my eye,

A serendipitous show full of excite and wonder,

Jewels to treasure fill the night for my eyes to plunder,

A gift for my eyes and heart to illuminate my soul,

Every night is a new show for me to behold,

If the role was reversed what would these stars see,

The countless twinkle of jewels that I see these stars to be,

When I look out to the stars at night,

I see the mirror image of all of us under the moons gazing light.

Moving And Not Moving Quote

“I’m moving and not moving at all. I’m like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rolling and rocking. It is not, “I am doing this,” but rather, an inner realization that “this is happening through me,” or “it is doing this for me.” The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.”

– Bruce Lee

Music Poem

A sound intrinsic to the soul,

Melodies parade in the ear with stories to be told,

It can make you rise and make you fall,

It can slow everything to a painstakingly crawl,

Some people can see it and others just hear it,

But they both can agree to feel it in their spirit,

Giving you the epitome of happiness is what it can bring,

It can also give your heart a reminder of a throbbing sting,

Putting you under its whimsical spell,

Enveloping your body in an aura of a colorful shell,

Keep in mind that music is food for your soul,

What would you feed it if there was no music to behold.

The Master Quote

” Great master Lao Tzu says that ‘ The master has no possessions. The more he does for others, the happier he is. The more he gives to others, the wealthier he is.’ Giving is indeed a very good source of happiness! One of the best treasures a man can give to someone is a good and sound idea; because birds can ascend into the sky only with wings, and men, with good and sound ideas! “

– Mehmet Murat Ildan

Coffee Poem

It’s the aroma that lofts in to wake me from my sleep,

I get up with a gliding shuffle into the walk of my own heartbeat,

Eyes half open being guided by the tantalizing smell,

Of which my mind and senses know so very well,

The aroma navigates meticulously through my lungs,

Its the sweetest sound to my senses that has never been sung,

When the cup touches my lips and the fluid starts to flow,

The warmth fills and radiates in my body all the way to my soul,

Goosebumps of heat take over with every sip I take,

Soaking in the sights and sounds now that I am aware and awake,

My cup is now dry and the aroma almost certainly gone,

My soul has not forgotten the aroma and it’s heavenly song.

Poems Quote

“Poems reach up like spindrift and the edge of driftwood along the beach, wanting!
They derive from a slow and powerful root that we can’t see.
Stop the words now. Open the window in the center of your chest,
and let the spirits fly in and out.”


Summers Heat Poem

My head is dripping wet like under a faucet,

Any composure I had left I think I might have lost it,

Where can I go where can I hide,

How can I get away from the molten lava ride,

The suns brilliant but punishing rays beam down on me,

The only thing on my mind is to find the nearest shaded tree,

Pores all over my body crying for the same reason,

To find some comfort away from this debilitating season,

As the temperature rises I almost convince myself to give in,

Let the heat have me because I see no other way to win,

My mind has now coerced  my body to keep moving,

While my body is fighting every step of the minds very choosing,

Finally in the distance I see blissful salvation,

My body can finally stop this endless sweaty propagation,

As I gather myself I see the most wonderful of sights,

It is the sun going down and a gift of the morning of night.

Live Your Life Poem

Living life and never taking for granted,

The power of your choice to not live will be reprimanded,

By whom you must already know,

It is the one inside you that is aglow,

For every second every day you must take advantage,

Of the gift of life that is yours to manage,

Going where you want is your choice to make,

Getting out of your comfort zone is your fear to break,

For when you experience this beauty called life,

The battle between your soul and mind will be void of strife,

Doing the things you love without a second thought,

Fear and uncertainty finds its place in oblivion where it come to naught,

Live your life in you very own choosing,

And the inhibitions of life is what you will be losing.

Journey And Destination

I think sometimes we await for the biggest things to come in life to make us
happy that we never notice the little things that can fulfill so much of it.
Our desires for bigger and better things always takes our mind and thoughts
a few days, months, and years down the road and we never appreciate how we
get there and the feelings that come with it. Our destination becomes more
important than the journey itself.

In other words, if you come upon a large river to cross and want to build a
bridge to get to the other side where a reward of some kind is waiting for
you, most of us will build it and cross it as fast as we can to get there
and over look the whole process of every moment of what it took to build
that bridge. Then we tend to not appreciate every nail put in every board,
every strand of rope intertwined for stability, and every drop of blood,
sweat, and tears it took to build it.

Making a mental note and being aware of every process it took is important
to never forget the journey of reaching any goal no matter how big or small.
This is what keeps one grounded and not forgetting each step, because then
your appreciation will grow and so will your happiness inside due to the
feelings you felt while in each process.

When you cross the bridge you built walking sure footed and aware noticing
the fine craftsmanship that you have put in it with every step you take,
you need not worry about the reward on the other side because you are now
walking on the true reward that is more fulfilling. The reward on the other
side is just the symbol of your journey.

Experience Of Nature Poem

Its a place for unobtrusive contemplation,

Where your mind can wander with no ramification,

The sounds and sights are meant for your soul,

Where the symphony of nature has you under her control,

You cannot turn off the orchestra of nature for that is forbidden,

The wondrous sounds create inner peace and silence where your solace is hidden,

Nature paints the most exquisite and perfect of paintings,

Joy and happiness in your heart is what will be sustaining,

Understanding your being and nature as one,

Comes with the awareness of you and nature as life under the brilliant sun,

These are natures secrets provided that are the purest and true,

For the experience of nature gives you a look at your soul only you can view.

So carry these teaching in the depth of you heart,

And your connection with nature will never be apart.

Sunset Poem

Sitting alone on the west coast sand,

Doing nothing but feeling sand in my hands,

With the waves crashing and mist sprinkles my face,

I know I rather be no other place,

For which I am about to behold,

Is a beauty that cannot be bought or sold,

Colors so vivid and bright,

It’s the closest thing on earth to a heavenly sight,

It’s a beauty seen with my eyes and felt with my heart,

I live for every moment until it starts to go dark,

I have not a single care in the world,

Not even a chance to utter a single word,

For this beauty I see has captivated my attention,

That even time itself is stuck in suspension,

I see this sight that is so divine and so pure,

So beautiful that even sadness can be cured,

Now that the sun is gone and the stars start to usher in,

I await the next day to witness this beauty again.

True Friend Poem

What it means to have a true friend,

Is to have a bond that will never bend,

They are with you from the very start,

Like the soul in your body that is in the heart,

Learning from the wisdom of each other,

Never trying to best one another,

Always standing on equal ground,

Never needing to utter a single sound,

For you know what the other is thinking,

Without a pause and without a blinking,

They are there in the most dire of situations,

Leaving your side is never in the equation,

If these words deem true for your own truest of friends,

Rest assured they will be there with you til the very end.