Island Of Silence


The poison of anxiety fills the
air that clouds my mind of a
clear peaceful thought

I look relentlessly for an antidote
to clear the air that anxiety has
fiendishly brought

My sleepless nights are rewarded with
the union of never ending days

The once colorful view of life I had
has quickly turned to grey

Where do I find solace and the answers
that I desperately seek

Where can I find comfort when my body
and mind are so very weak

In an instant of these questions I hear
a clear voice coming from the void
of my mind

Telling me just to close my eyes and
breathe and the answers I will find

So I sit and breathe deep as my eyes
close and a picture starts to manifest

Feeling the flow of air like a welcoming
breeze going in and out of my chest

Bright vivid colors of a piece of land
surrounded by water has come into
my view

As I continue to watch a peace comes over
me and a feeling of joy I never knew

The soft winds of this place blows away
the poisonous air of anxiety

My mind is free of poison as I gain a
new profound clarity

I have now found the solace I seek with
the help of my inner wisdom and

When I sense the thick air of anxiety
start to cloud my mind again I
will escape to the cleansing
winds on my island of


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