Coffee And A Book

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

All I need is coffee and a book
To see sunny days on stormy nights
Nestled safely on my favorite chair
Exploring the genius of imagination
Artfully dictated with a magical pen

Some days I majestically fly away
Maybe explore the depths of the sea
Or delve fathoms within my heart
Finding treasures never physically held
Instead filling cracks of my thirsty mind

Time goes by as fast as a bullet train
Pages flip recklessly causing paper cuts
But I don’t mind bleeding for the cause
To live in the moment on the next page
Til one story ends and a new one begins


Coffee Poem II


You’re all I ever need
Such a simple little bean
An antidote for narcolepsy
The drug for the happy feels
Awakener of my stagnant mind

The bold scent arouses my senses
I run hastily to it in dreams
When I wake its the first thought
Walking dead tired to the light
Following the smell to liquid life

My body envelopes its dark silk
Wrapping warmth head to toe
Breaking the ice of cold sleep
So I may start the day in sunshine
Spreading love with my happy smile

*Its been 6 years since I wrote of my good friend so I thought today would be a good day


The Morning Rise

In the dawning morning rise
an awakening peace fills my soul
the birds sing of joyous songs
sunshine beams its ribbons of gold

The morning coffee is a welcoming scent
my mind paints a picture of the first cup
I take slow reverent sips of its bliss
not a single negative thought interrupts

Staying mindful in this moment of silence
with the hourglass of time tipped to its side
floating in the serene waters of pure joy
I begin the day with radiant love inside

Coffee Poem

It’s the aroma that lofts in to wake me from my sleep,

I get up with a gliding shuffle into the walk of my own heartbeat,

Eyes half open being guided by the tantalizing smell,

Of which my mind and senses know so very well,

The aroma navigates meticulously through my lungs,

Its the sweetest sound to my senses that has never been sung,

When the cup touches my lips and the fluid starts to flow,

The warmth fills and radiates in my body all the way to my soul,

Goosebumps of heat take over with every sip I take,

Soaking in the sights and sounds now that I am aware and awake,

My cup is now dry and the aroma almost certainly gone,

My soul has not forgotten the aroma and it’s heavenly song.