A Shining Star Within Us All


In our hearts dwell a shining star

The celestial essence of who we are

A single star among many others that shine so bright

Just like the stars we see in the evening night

We walk this earth with others that share the same

A reflection of the universe from which we came

These stars keep us warm in the coldest of days

Keeping our spirits high when tragedy has it’s way

It gives strength to those who are oppressed and weak

Giving voices to those who dare not speak

This power of which has always been inside

Once we discover it we will no longer hide

Compassion and love is the result when it’s found

Keeping us humble and always on solid ground

No matter the size we are in life big or small

We all have a shining star within us all


9 thoughts on “A Shining Star Within Us All

  1. I love this one, too! You capture beautifully the compassionate power that has been placed inside of each one of us, to light the way…



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