Journey And Destination

I think sometimes we await for the biggest things to come in life to make us
happy that we never notice the little things that can fulfill so much of it.
Our desires for bigger and better things always takes our mind and thoughts
a few days, months, and years down the road and we never appreciate how we
get there and the feelings that come with it. Our destination becomes more
important than the journey itself.

In other words, if you come upon a large river to cross and want to build a
bridge to get to the other side where a reward of some kind is waiting for
you, most of us will build it and cross it as fast as we can to get there
and over look the whole process of every moment of what it took to build
that bridge. Then we tend to not appreciate every nail put in every board,
every strand of rope intertwined for stability, and every drop of blood,
sweat, and tears it took to build it.

Making a mental note and being aware of every process it took is important
to never forget the journey of reaching any goal no matter how big or small.
This is what keeps one grounded and not forgetting each step, because then
your appreciation will grow and so will your happiness inside due to the
feelings you felt while in each process.

When you cross the bridge you built walking sure footed and aware noticing
the fine craftsmanship that you have put in it with every step you take,
you need not worry about the reward on the other side because you are now
walking on the true reward that is more fulfilling. The reward on the other
side is just the symbol of your journey.

7 thoughts on “Journey And Destination

  1. I so agree with you, it is about enjoying the process not just the destination, and every step on the way is a miracle in itself, it is so much about the power of now as well, each moment is precious and beautiful. Thank you for this reminder. Much love and light


  2. When I took an early retirement, many of my co-workers reminded me of the work income I was giving up for a much smaller social security check. Economically getting by just fine, my current free time is much more valuable than my daily punching the time clock. A much better journey now.


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