Dystopian Nightmare

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

When the day faded away to night
I can’t resist the evening lullaby
Carrying me on a cloud to a dream
To the land of a tempest nightmare
Or one of Elysian waterfalls

I find myself on a cold desolate island
Where I feel emptiness of abandoned life
Fear begins to hold my heart hostage
As I relapse in darkness of being alone
Surrounded by the perfect storm

I can’t tell if this is a test or prophecy
Either way I refuse to let fear hold my heart
Then the skies cleared in an instant
Revealing a hot air balloon ready for me
Departing to traverse the moon lit skies


Symphony In The Night

The backdrop of the sunset fades
away revealing the silhouette of
trees and hilltops deprived
of light

A symphony begins preparations to
play for the nocturnal all throughout
the evening night

The night sky sparkles like sequins
placed on black velvet as they
compete with the light
of the moons beam

The shooting stars of fireflies
across the yard make me second
guess whether this is real
or a dream

The crickets play the main part of
the rhythm and the frogs in the
short distance play the bass

A subtle breeze plays the bamboo
flute as I find myself captivated
every second sitting in the front
row of this magical place

This reality is the best dream I
never had so I will book mark this
moment as one of the greatest
of my life

The evening moves on and the sounds
of the symphony keeps me peacefully
sleeping until the dawn of
the morning light



I lay awake dreaming of stars
Waiting to sleep to the angels lullaby
The clock strikes 1:11 in the morning
The moon makes its way across the sky

I can hear my heart in a solid rhythm
Feeling every beat in the palm of my hand
My eyes stay heavy but refuse to close
Frustration builds as I try to understand

Every little sound calls my attention
I rebel to the sounds entering my thoughts
The sweet sound of silence is what I seek
As my mind tries to untie this sleepless knot

I look at the clock one last time to see 3:33
The silent lullaby begins to ease me to sleep
I melt away into the sound of silence
As my mind body and soul finally falls asleep



Awakened by the shock of a broken dream
A lingering whisper crosses the fog of my mind
Deep breaths slows the rhythm of my racing heart
As I search for the source attentive to what I find

My molten body soaks in the cool sweat of its tears
Fumbling through the darkness of a dream I can’t recall
Fingertips begin to tremble in weakness
As I try to remember the words of the whispers last call

Thoughts wash away to the birds and their morning song
My heart slows to the rhythm of their tune
I remain in this moment of solace where I find peace
A gift of the soul as my heart rests in the ethereal boon

I await the sword of my whispering dreams to pierce my silence
Letters trickle in slowly as the wall begins to seethe
Words manifest as my heart begins to race with anticipation
My eyes flash open and I hear the whispers say…just breathe

Dream Of Sorbet Colored Skies


I sat patiently in my dreams for a
glimpse of this most
mesmerizing of views

Where everywhere I looked is dominated
by the soft glows and luminous
colors of natures hues

A surrounding peace absorbed me as I
watch golden sparkles of light fall
like raindrops from the sky above

As if she already knew what I was
dreaming and she showers me with
her lights of love

Her calming presence lofts over me
like a nurturing mother watching
over her child

As she greets me with the warmest and
brightest of lights as her way of
showing me her beautiful smile

When the day light came to an end and
just before the night can answer the
fading lights call

I turned my attention away to look up
to the clouds and see the most
breath taking view of all

Seeing her essence floating to the sky
as she showcased her colorful love
crying from her eyes

And I watched in undying appreciation of
this moment as my tears thank her for
showing me my dream of
sorbet colored skies

Lost In The Golden Sands Of A Dream


Standing on these golden sands with no beginning or end

I start to walk in a direction so my journey may begin

Looking behind me my footsteps leave no trace

Faded away by the erasing winds every mark having no place

I ponder on how many others have walked this same way

When every step that is taken vanishes away

I can’t help but wonder where I am and where I’m supposed to be

When hope is a long shot when emptiness and despair is all I see

A mirage plays tricks on my eyes like a master of illusion

Sounds echoing off the sands add to the confusion

My heart empty yearning for the satiable drops of hope

As I lose my focus and the moisture in my throat

Refusing to collapse until I draw my last breath

 I keep going until my body falls and my soul has left

Then I stop to close my eyes to conjure my last thoughts

Listening for any parting wisdom that can be caught

I begin to open my eyes with beads of sweat racing down my face

Realizing now I am in a different setting different place

I lay in my bed relieved it was all just a dream

The kind that plays tricks that are never what they seem

Dream Of Imagination


Staring with a sharp but loose gaze out of my window

Watching the gentle bend of branches sway in a synchronicity show

Thoughts of the past freely come into my view

Revealing itself in the present trying to give me a clue

I watch in keen interest that only my eyes can see

Giving myself freely to this moment that this vision has given me

I feel a calm in the midst of this tranquil mind state

Giving no care or attention to the sounds and actions others make

I see myself standing in the grass in a peaceful bliss

Having not a care in the world I remember the days like this

An omniscient presence comes over me like a warm blanket in a cold winter night

As I keep watching myself in the grass basking in the warm illuminating light

I feel no longer aware that I am sitting patiently staring out of my window

Becoming the vision I see before me I can almost feel the winds subtle blow

Lost in the moment it feels like I am in a dream quietly asleep

Even though my eyes are wide open I stay in a trance ever so deep

I snap out of this dream at peace with a yearning anticipation

As I stare out the window waiting for my next dream of imagination



Walking along side a tranquil stream

I start to realize things are not what they seem

Then I notice something that catches my eye

Being in the woods I realize everything is alive

I look in the direction of what has caught my attention

I see nothing but the trees and natures sounds from all directions

Being aware now I feel gazing eyes prying down upon me

Everywhere at once I feel a presence of something I do not see

I keep walking cautious with every step I take

Sounds of breaking leaves and branches with every move I make

Beams of sunlight illuminating through the cracks of the trees

Lighting up the forest with the soft glow of colors to be seen

I stop to a perfect stillness something like a trance

Being in awe of what I am feeling paralyzed in my stance

I watch life around me unfold in front of my very eyes

No longer hiding timid in natures masterful disguise

Butterflies fluttering around me some landing on my skin

The gentle subtle touch has instantly warmed my heart within

I realize at this moment what is happening

I am being embraced by love with fear no longer entrapping me

My heart pleads with my mind for this to be real

Then I wake in my bed with memories of a dream surreal

The Dream Quote

” The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscience ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscience ego could ever reach. ”

– Carl Jung

Dream Poem

For some dreams can be enigmatic,

And there are other dreams that are problematic,

There are dreams you do not want to wake from,

Then there are dreams you see many faces but recognize none,

How can you decipher so many different dreams,

When everything you see is not what it seems,

All you can do is go with the flow,

Until the day they become lucid and now you have control,

Then you will be free from the shackles in your dreams,

So go ahead and make up your own beautiful themes,

Now in your dreams you are in the know,

Being aware of your dreaming your imagination can sew,

Having no fear of flying if that is what you choose,

You know if you fall your life you will not lose,

This is truly a gift and will not happen every time,

Treasure it for it has the power to give sight to the blind.

My Dream

I had a dream last night I thought I would share because it was like none I have ever had before. I usually do not remember much of my dreams but this one was different because of the feeling and detail it was in. In this dream I was at my house where I grew up and standing in my front yard. Then I had a thought within the dream to just try and fly, so I did and sure enough I was floating above my street and flying around awkwardly but still flying. I felt this rush of exhilarating joy and freedom I have not felt in any of my dreams ever and the only sense of fear was coming down to the ground, but when I decided to come down there was no pain or discomfort. Then there was no fear of it at all, so I continued to fly around and observe everything I could until I felt like coming down and feeling the ground below my feet. Also in this dream I was in control of everything except the way I was flying which i said earlier felt awkward, but where I was flying to was controlled and even my thoughts within the dream were as well. It was the kind of dream I did not want to awake from because of the curiosity I had for what I was experiencing, a profound bliss I will never forget. I do not know what the dream means to me still but I liked the feeling it gave me. I hope I can have another like this one so I can explore more of what it can possibly mean and feel that joy again.