Sacred Ground

Image by Chakkree Chantakad from Pixabay
My eyes open slowly to a new sunrise
I watch soft clouds survey the ground
While plants and trees bathe in the mist
I begin to drink deeply of my surroundings 
As illuminated tranquility reaches my waking sight

Calming whispers sing in the short distance
The ancient words cradle my vulnerable heart
Fear is withering away into the growing light
Where bliss emanates as my new found aura
I have arrived to peace on this sacred ground


Rejuvenation Of My Spirit

In the early dawning light I am
greeted by the golden eye in
the sky shining behind the
veil of silver and
white clouds

My thirst of beauty is quenched by
the illumination of nature as I wear
this serenity like a shroud

Negative thoughts recede away into
the darkness for it cannot survive
in the bright love of the light

My eyes close as I take in a deep
breath allowing the trust and
awareness of my third
eye sight

The eternal light of my soul shines
bright as I am enveloped in the arms
of the infinite universe

The abundance of energy becomes one
with my entire being and I begin to
see my surroundings like a
poetic verse

The soft melody of a song of love
resonates close to my heart so
my soul can heart it

I open my eyes slowly as the gentle
touch of love floods my being
opening the gates of
my rejuvenated spirit

Morning Peace

Sitting on a chair made of wicker
outside on the patio observing
the crowning of dawn

The warmth evaporates my formless
spirit raising it up to the clouds
as I forget about the chair I
am sitting on

My lungs meet the crisp cool air of
the morning as my awareness rises
like the sunshine of the day

My soul gives it’s approval as
happiness enters with peace
permeating my being having
it’s way

The stillness of the moment slowly
unfolding the petals of bliss as I
watch birds on the fence sing

My imagination gives me visions of
what it’s like to be the free powerful
wind underneath a birds wing

The yearning of home subsides as
natures wonders surround me with
it’s unequivocal essence of love

I beam with the golden aura of
oneness as I bathe in the light of
life from which happiness is
made of


Clouds float on by overhead with
the elegance of a feather trying
to find a place to land across
the skies above

I feel the presence of a swaying leaf
nearby as a subtle breeze
describes the scene with
the gentleness of the
touch of love

Dandelion wishes catch a ride on the
wind in hopes to be granted
their most earnest dreams
coming from the heart

My being swells of light like the moon
and stars beaming the radiance
of wholeness in the presence
of natures art

Joy erupting in the fluttering of
butterflies strumming the
strings of love deep
within my spirit

The tingling of true happiness rising
into the virtues of limitless
compassion drawing me
closer near it

My heart beats with passion as I find
myself closer to the sanctuary
between the past and future
to this place I call home

Finally reaching my destination
christened by the tear drops
of my soul I arrive to rest
at the greatest place I
have ever known

The Simple Things


Waking up to the smell of flowers
The fragrance lingers through the window
A delicate aroma absorbed in waves
Depending on where the breeze shall blow

I walk outside to see leaves falling softly
Carried gracefully by a subtle wind
Landing gently on the grass below
I look on patiently with a joyful grin

I close my eyes and let my senses see
Feeling the vigor of life surround my heart
Soaking in the soulful colors of nature
As I stand in the middle of her majestic art

I swell with love feeling light as a feather
Nature has given my soul heavenly wings
Grateful for the happiness shared with her
Showing the beauty of life in the simple things



A soothing sound in my moment of silence
Drops by the billion drown all my thoughts
Deeper I go in the ocean of my awakening bliss
Opening the flower of my mind I have calmly sought

Deep breaths of your tranquility leave me speechless
Smells of this serene comfort soothes my spirit
Nature is playing a tune from her heart
When I listen closely I can hear it

Trees cup their leaves to catch the essence
Drops make their way to the soul of the root
The leaves and soil shine in natures radiance
As the wind plays songs off the bamboo flute

I dance to your cleansing tune with joy
As you shower me with the love from your tears
I always miss your touch when your gone
Waiting for the next time your scent comes near



I feel the full moonlight of your
attention as you watch me
staring back at you

The vapors of your essence send the
stars away as I soak in the misty
drops of your hue

Your light is the unrivaled treasure
that comforts me in the time
of darkness

You quiet my thoughts with just a
gaze as I gain the focus to keep
my mind the sharpest

Wolves and creatures of the night
howl songs of their approval as
you watch with the soft glow
of your presence

A guardian standing watch over the
land bringing assured guidance
lighting up my soul in
divine luminescence

You bring the light of hope to those
that are lost in the darkness
placing no judgement on
their chosen way

As you disappear over the mountain
tops my heart calls out to you
drowning in tears pleading
for you to stay

The Silence Of The Storm


In the storm of our lives
there is a moment in time

Like the eye of a hurricane we
find the silence of the mind

A moment to dust ourselves off
and find our middle ground

In the solitude of our being
hearing not a single sound

The heart slows down to
pace itself with a tranquil
rhythm and flow

Balance restores itself as our
awakening calmness starts to

A gift of clarity given to us
freely in this moment of

Thoughts run away as we listen
to our hearts wisdom for

Preparing our mind body and
spirit for what is to come

The unity of our being all
synchronizing as one

When we find ourselves lost
in life beaten and worn

Return to the eye of your
center in the silence of
the storm

The Dream Quote

” The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscience ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscience ego could ever reach. ”

– Carl Jung

Change Poem

It’s the sudden wind that blows a different direction

To put afoul on your plans of perfection

Adjust your sails and don’t be discouraged

Every obstacle you face will be rewarded with wisdom and courage

Your destination is not meant to be a straight line

With diligence and patience the path you will refine

Coming full circle is the essence of your journey

Proving to your heart of doubt you are strong and worthy

Change is not always for you to understand and comprehend

It is a test of will and how far you will fall or bend

Show no concern for these winds of change

Take the opportunity to show your souls limitless range

Let It Snow

Delicate flakes of every kind of shape

Falling in silence on the captivating landscape

Like tiny puzzle pieces falling from the sky

Everywhere is a perfect fit for them to reside

Warmth fills my heart when I see such majestic beauty

I live in this moment right now as such is my duty

I watch in silence as it was meant to be

Words can never describe what this means to me

It’s like watching a dream but fully awake

Like living in a snow globe you pick up and shake

Such moments are meant for your heart and soul

For the memories you keep will never go cold

Rain In The Night

As my eyes relax in a meditative state,

Laying to rest in silence with nothing to contemplate,

Then I hear the faintest of sounds,

A slight pitter-patter tapping the ground,

My ears hear it clearly but my mind is perplexed,

So I look out the window to put my confusion to rest,

Watching these tears fall in the soft glow of the night,

The rains fresh smell floods my soul full of delight,

Bringing about nostalgia of the events that have passed,

What I was doing and where I was when the sky cried last,

I lay back down relaxed in a meditative state,

My eyes are sleepy I cannot stay awake,

But I rest assured that my conscious is always listening,

So that my soul can remind me of what it is witnessing.

Goodbye To The Ego Poem

You have always been there when I was not aware,

An unconscious victim of your cruelty of care,

Your actions are truly unforgivable,

Attacking with fallacy on my subliminal,

Deep down in the thickest of fog is where I stayed,

Not knowing any different from my actions day to day,

Then one day I began to see a flicker of light,

In the very place where I hold all of my might,

The fog starts to burn away to reveal a clear sky,

And for the first time the opening of my ethereal eye,

My conscious is alive and aware to much of your dismay,

Your egotistic ways are replaced with love for that is the only way.

When I Look Out To The Stars

When I look out to the stars at night,

I see a celestial dance in the moons gazing light,

Colors of changing with each twinkle in the sky,

As soon as I focus on one another catches my eye,

A serendipitous show full of excite and wonder,

Jewels to treasure fill the night for my eyes to plunder,

A gift for my eyes and heart to illuminate my soul,

Every night is a new show for me to behold,

If the role was reversed what would these stars see,

The countless twinkle of jewels that I see these stars to be,

When I look out to the stars at night,

I see the mirror image of all of us under the moons gazing light.

Moving And Not Moving Quote

“I’m moving and not moving at all. I’m like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rolling and rocking. It is not, “I am doing this,” but rather, an inner realization that “this is happening through me,” or “it is doing this for me.” The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.”

– Bruce Lee

The Master Quote

” Great master Lao Tzu says that ‘ The master has no possessions. The more he does for others, the happier he is. The more he gives to others, the wealthier he is.’ Giving is indeed a very good source of happiness! One of the best treasures a man can give to someone is a good and sound idea; because birds can ascend into the sky only with wings, and men, with good and sound ideas! “

– Mehmet Murat Ildan

Poems Quote

“Poems reach up like spindrift and the edge of driftwood along the beach, wanting!
They derive from a slow and powerful root that we can’t see.
Stop the words now. Open the window in the center of your chest,
and let the spirits fly in and out.”


Awake Quote

“Love yourself and be awake –

today, tomorrow, always.

First establish yourself in the way,

then teach others,

and so defeat sorrow.

To straighten the crooked

you must first do a harder thing –

straighten yourself.

You are the only master. Who else?

Subdue yourself,

and discover your master. ”


Experience Of Nature Poem

Its a place for unobtrusive contemplation,

Where your mind can wander with no ramification,

The sounds and sights are meant for your soul,

Where the symphony of nature has you under her control,

You cannot turn off the orchestra of nature for that is forbidden,

The wondrous sounds create inner peace and silence where your solace is hidden,

Nature paints the most exquisite and perfect of paintings,

Joy and happiness in your heart is what will be sustaining,

Understanding your being and nature as one,

Comes with the awareness of you and nature as life under the brilliant sun,

These are natures secrets provided that are the purest and true,

For the experience of nature gives you a look at your soul only you can view.

So carry these teaching in the depth of you heart,

And your connection with nature will never be apart.

Your Own Path Poem

When you follow the path of your own guide,

Lets you see the path you have inside,

You will always know what your doing is right,

Because your path remains in the plainest of sight,

In the eyes of others it may look arbitrary,

But in your heart is where you will see it is necessary,

Walk your path to your own rhythm and rhyme,

Only you can see the path that to others is blind,

Pay attention with compassion along the way,

And you will never forget what got you here today,

If you want to see your own truest of paths,

Ask yourself earnestly and let your heart do the math.

Light Quote

“It doesn’t matter how long we may have been stuck in the sense of our limitations. If we go into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn’t matter if the room has been dark for a day, a week, or ten thousand years — we turn on the light and it is illuminated. Once we control our capacity for love and happiness, the light has been turned on.”

– Sharon Salzberg

A Wish To Fly Poem

If I had one wish I would wish to fly,

to soar above the clouds with a blissful feeling inside,

no fear of falling because I have wings,

Watching the birds gather and effortlessly sing,

Flying ever so higher my confidence starts to grow,

How high I can fly only I can know,

Fly with me from day to night,

You then know why this world is such a beautiful sight,

Moving through the sky in the most majestic of ways,

High above the clouds to feel the warmth of the suns rays,

finally when I come down with the soil underneath my feet,

The feeling I had of flying so powerful my heart begins to weep,

Now the question is not how to fly,

It is when to fly that I have to decide.



What would you do II

” If there was something you could do or give that everyone can benefit from and that nobody could make money on, what would it be? “

I have asked this question to a few people and it was amazing what their answers were. I told each of them to sit and think about the question carefully for a few minutes and then give me their thoughts. Their answers were almost identical in which they all replied with saying compassion with love coming next. This to me was a very profound moment, because it told me that their answer came from their heart, not their brain to come up with this conclusion. They didn’t over think it or even came across not being too sure about it. Their answer was absolute without any kind of wavering thought of otherwise.

What they all have in common though is that they live life, they live in the moment of the very minuscule of a second and absorb things like experiencing it for the very first time over and over again, appreciating and respecting everything around them as a gift of life. This life they live was not taught to them but experienced by them to see things their heart and soul really sees. Some of the things that were being said coincide with the great philosophers of times past without even reading any of the material. Their answer came from within, not outside of them which is where we think we can find the answers to all of life’s questions.

These answers came when they stop living in the speed of life and starting living with the speed of themselves. Living life with integrity not longevity. When living in this way, giving and helping is automatic, like a reflex to the senses that sees a beautiful flower that you are in awe of. A feeling you can’t help but to act upon, overwhelming joy and happiness consume you and you know of no other way. It’s really not hard to show and give compassion and love to one another, even with the simplest things like smiling at someone who looks like they are having a really bad day can change their attitude and outlook. That person may do the same for others and things go in a domino effect from there naturally. Compassion is my answer to that question as well. What is yours?


Roller Coaster Love Poem

It’s that feeling we have deep inside,

That feels more like a roller coaster ride,

Hearts racing and palms sweaty,

All there is to do is hold on and get ready,

Once that ride goes down that track,

There will not be any turning back,

Where we are going is where we are destined to be,

To that place that only our souls can see,

When you look at me with fear of this ride that appears to end,

I assure you we have the power to make time suspend,

When our hearts come together in the most harmonic of ways,

Our souls will fly together forever beyond the end of our days.

Positivity Quote

 “People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.”

– Steve Maraboli

Your True Self Poem

As my ego begins to wane,

My awareness starts to sustain,

As my spirit starts to rise,

My consciousness is where I arrive,

Forever feeling the warmth of the light,

Never feeling the cold of the night,

From within yourself is where your journey begins,

That is where the light never dims,

Understand who you truly are,

People like you and I are never too far.

Compassion quote

“Compassion has nothing to do with achievement at all. It is spacious and very generous. When a person develops real compassion, he is uncertain whether he is being generous to others or to himself because compassion is environmental generosity, without direction, without ” for me” and without ” for them”. It is filled with joy, spontaneously existing joy, constant joy in the sense of trust, in the sense that joy contains tremendous wealth, richness.”

Chogyam Trungpa