What would you do II

” If there was something you could do or give that everyone can benefit from and that nobody could make money on, what would it be? “

I have asked this question to a few people and it was amazing what their answers were. I told each of them to sit and think about the question carefully for a few minutes and then give me their thoughts. Their answers were almost identical in which they all replied with saying compassion with love coming next. This to me was a very profound moment, because it told me that their answer came from their heart, not their brain to come up with this conclusion. They didn’t over think it or even came across not being too sure about it. Their answer was absolute without any kind of wavering thought of otherwise.

What they all have in common though is that they live life, they live in the moment of the very minuscule of a second and absorb things like experiencing it for the very first time over and over again, appreciating and respecting everything around them as a gift of life. This life they live was not taught to them but experienced by them to see things their heart and soul really sees. Some of the things that were being said coincide with the great philosophers of times past without even reading any of the material. Their answer came from within, not outside of them which is where we think we can find the answers to all of life’s questions.

These answers came when they stop living in the speed of life and starting living with the speed of themselves. Living life with integrity not longevity. When living in this way, giving and helping is automatic, like a reflex to the senses that sees a beautiful flower that you are in awe of. A feeling you can’t help but to act upon, overwhelming joy and happiness consume you and you know of no other way. It’s really not hard to show and give compassion and love to one another, even with the simplest things like smiling at someone who looks like they are having a really bad day can change their attitude and outlook. That person may do the same for others and things go in a domino effect from there naturally. Compassion is my answer to that question as well. What is yours?


2 thoughts on “What would you do II

  1. Honestly, this is a question everyone should ask themselves at least once a week. What can truly make our world and society better rarely involves money as a prerequisite, sure it may follow, but the emotion of giving & compassion is what is an absolute necessity.


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