The Lotus Pond

I knew someday it was time for me to go
Though strings of attachment begged me to stay
Addicted to the well of routine made of a coffin
Poisoning my will so I remain weak everyday

Voices in my head tell me I thirst for the well
As my heart stays quelled in complicit compliance
I only get away on the path I keep hidden close
Where the lotus grows in the still pond of silence

I want to play in the dreamy fields of adventure
To find true desires uncovered by a whimsical heart
Patiently I wait for my heart in the lotus pond
Until it gains the strength for our adventure to start

Hands Of Fate

Fate can be a teller of fortunes
Some of riches and others of fools gold
We sit in the cocoon of its shaky hand
Blindly relying on a path already foretold

It plays with our lucky dice of chance
When we find ourselves in places meant to be
Sometimes we lose sight in moments of doubt
It whispers in dreams of what we need to see

It's hard to see while always moving forward
Until the day we look back at the map we made
Every destination had it's unseen purpose
Finally making sense of the game fate has played

Love Being Born

Image by ParallelVision from Pixabay
Love was born in a fraction of a moment
Breaking the rules of space and time
Existing in each others motionless gaze
Where the perfect mix came to intertwine

There's no rhyme or reason for this to happen
Other than the heart knowing what it wants
It always searches even when not aware
With whispers of hope that surface and haunt

Be ready for all possibilities under the stars
Let yourself be free as a ripple on the sea
Wherever it takes you trust in your heart
So you may witness love being born for you to see

Return Of The Lost

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay
In a dream came our final embrace
I stood paralyzed as you floated away
Vanishing like fog watching the sunrise
My sorrow filled eyes plead for you to stay

I awake to an empty void in my chest
A shallow grave where flowers once bloomed
Waiting for the light so they may grow again
So I can write freely under a summer moon

Patience and hope are what fills my dreams
My soul reaches out for the light I yearn
I start to feel your shining warmth again
Filling my pen as my passion has returned

Forever Connected

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

There is something special between us
Forever connected by a special thread
Stretching farther than time can see
No matter where we are in the universe
The thread is felt tugging our hearts

You told me when you thought of me
The phone would ring with me on the line
I would tell you of a star in my dream
Sitting on the beach watching the sunset
Hearing your whisper call my name

Distance and time always keep us apart
As our lives go farther and farther away
Down the road on our chosen divided path
Sometimes I can feel a tug on the thread
Reminding me that we’re forever connected


Absolute Love

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

She watches all with compassionate eyes
Staying behind because of absolute love
Keeping her from flying far away
Into the heavens where she belonged
Joining the rest of stars in the sky

She collected all lost souls of humanity
Washed them clean with pure loving light
Remaining safe within her ethereal silk
Until the time is ready for them to fly
Bringing balance to a lopsided world

She lifts herself to dance in the open sky
Reborn butterflies fly to cover the world
They leave a trail of her essence behind
As she slowly dissolves away into the night
A smile is last seen as she fades away


When I’m Gone

Image by Ngo Minh Tuan from Pixabay

Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone
Use the tears on the joy of a new life
Sprouting from a seed nourished by nature
Guided to face the sun with your loving hands
So they feel the warmth of love out of darkness

I’ve found a home in your heart years ago
It all started when I gazed in your eyes
Sharing an infinite moment in slowed time
Our auras glowed of a bright golden light
While it gently rained of miniature stars

So lucky I feel to have been in your life
The world could use your loving heart
To feel the love I always saw in your eyes
So save your tears for the joy of a new life
Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone


The Dandelion

Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

There’s a light in the distance
Beaming through cold shadows
Painting warmth on a dandelion
Standing stoic in solitude
Ready to disperse its angels

I approach it slowly like love
Cautiously in timid careful steps
The atmosphere teems of magic
I bathe in its glowing humidity
Once a spectator now apart of its ocean

I can’t help but feel loving peace
Emanating from this dandelion
So I kneel in earnest respect
Giving wishes of love to be carried
By its angels lofting in the breeze

Eternal Flame

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lets just sit for a little awhile
To reminisce of eternity we made
When we became a single entity
Fused together under holy stars
Where our love was blessed immortal

We’ve been through so much
Proving our bond is shatter proof
Even when thrown in the darkness
We emerge holding the light
Burning brightly for lifetimes

When our lives are extinguished
We will follow the flames of our heart
To light our way to unification
No longer how many eons it takes
Uniting our flames once again


Ripple On The Sea

Image by strikers from Pixabay

So far away on distant lands
Fate has driven a wedge between us
A divide we can’t easily cross
When all we have are imaginary wings
So at least our souls can embrace

My heart doesn’t beat like it used to
It misses you profusely of your touch
I remember waking up to your sleeping eyes
Looking at the gentle calm of your beauty
Before you put on your face for the world

We now have our own stars to chase
I’m sure fate will reunite us again
When It’s time to sail back home
Lets cast a pebble to ripple on the sea
So we feel each others touch once again

A Fairy With No Regrets

Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

A fairy sits on a soft mossy log
Stripped of her magical powers
She was cast out to be forgotten
To the land of eternal shame
Where an endless river of time flowed

Love was the crime she committed
A forbidden one she knew very well
Everything was taken from her life
Except this love that burns so strong
Nothing but her can tame the flames

No regrets for the feeling in her heart
For this fairy tasted the drop of love
Bathing in its blissful immortality
She holds onto her heart made whole
Peacefully at the endless river of time


People Like You

Image by James Chan from Pixabay

You do so much for others
Without hesitation in your heart
Never judging their chosen path
Showing unconditional compassion
Always with kindness in your eyes

Your radiance sparkles of love
Flowers turn to you as their sun
The hardest of hearts begin to weep
Cascading down into your hands
Then tossed to the sky to float away

Humanity is blessed to have you
A hero of heroes without a cape
Your pulsating love is felt in my heart
And I sleep better at night knowing
That people like you live in the world

The Letter

Image by juan fernando espejo erazo from Pixabay

Today I received a letter
Addressed to me with no return
It smells of a familiar fragrance
Arousing my forgotten memories
Etched deep in the halls of my heart

It read in a poetic sequence
Metaphors delving deep within the soul
Painting a picture of remorseful regret
Ending with the pinnacle of our love
Shattered under fragile misunderstandings

Waves of emotions shake my core
As something in the envelope seeks my eye
The picture of our first kiss stops my heart
With an invitation written in affection
To meet her where heaven and earth collide


If Only I Could Go Back

silhouette photography of man and woman
Photo by Mateus Souza on

If only I could go back in time
To the roots of our beginning
When our stars of fate collided
Forging a newly found existence
Of a universe we made together

Butterflies awoke in that moment
Restlessly flying in their cage
Unfathomed energy rose up
Weaving its way to a virgin heart
Wrapping it with golden threads of love

Those days are now lost in the ocean
A single drop becoming one with time
I can now only see the color of the rose
But cannot feel the smell of its fragrance
If only I can go back in time…


Ghost Writer

coffee notebook pen writing
Photo by Negative Space on

A glowing vapor of your image writes
Across the room at your favorite desk
I am just watching and dare not speak
Trying to control the beat in my chest

Your hair shines of fine black silk
Moving to a wind that doesn’t exist
You sit there with a comfortable grace
As I admire the penmanship in your wrist

I wonder what note you might be writing
Could it be regrets that cloud your peace
Or to tell loved ones that everything is OK
To let the shadow of sadness be released

You look back when your writing is done
Smiling at me you fade away into the ether
A piece of paper is left behind that says
Free your heart and allow it to be your leader


Under The Cherry Blossom Tree

cherry blossom

Under the cherry blossom tree I will always be
At the same time each and every week
Where the moon and stars shined just for us
As the soft breeze lay petals around our feet

A place where your eyes glowed of sun kissed honey
Reflecting the love of the universe as you came near
We held hands face to face in eternity’s embrace
Free from the rain of broken hearts tears

The dance of love moved our feet in feathered steps
Our flames interwoven transcending death and time
We danced the night away until the peeking sunrise
The beam landing on us in a golden straight line

Just before the morning rise is full and complete
You leave to the place where my eyes cannot see
I will patiently wait to see you again
Under the cherry blossom tree I will always be


A Beautiful View


This view I drink in with parched thirsty lips
Silent goes my heart then explodes in love
My soul shines in unrivaled fantasy
Heaven has come down from the stars above

A subtle breeze wipes the sweat from my face
As clamoring leaves give their soft applaud
The senses of my hidden eye is now awake
My lotus within unfolds its petals with natures nod

I smell the tranquility from its fragrance
As I begin to see an entity within my minds sight
I close my eyes to get a clearer view
And I see myself bathing in an ethereal golden light


Dream Catcher

Chasing dreams all throughout the night
To try to catch them throughout the day
I can feel them close to my heart
Though I see them so far away

It is the lighthouse on the dark horizon
A beacon that only my eyes can see
Pushed by the winds of will on my sails
I cross the unpredictable uncharted sea

The land behind me fades from sight
No turning back as I face my fears
This journey tries to break my spirit
My face is weary from all these years

My heart beats faster as I reach the end
For this is the day my soul officially cried
I finally caught the sunset of my dreams
In its golden light I now happily reside

Letter Of Love

A sheet of paper blows in the wind
Landing purposely before my feet
Words are smeared with salted tears
A promise of two hearts destined to meet

Familiarity of these words of love
Of those only the soul knew existed
The awakening of light without the sun
Two flames melded and twisted

My tears add to ones on this letter of love
An epiphany strikes a question off my list
I throw it in the air to be found again
For those who wonder if true love exists

Dream By The Waters Edge


Dream with me by the waters edge
Let our troubles sail the endless sea
Watch the night sky bloom before our eyes
Pretend the universe is made for you and me

We will drink the essence of stars
Dance slowly under the full moon gaze
Reverently we enjoy this magical moment
In our perfection of love for eternal days

The stars rain down in celebration
Of a connection that transcends time
We will always dream by the waters edge
Until I am in your reality and your in mine

Spring Love

Your beauty captures my intrigue
My heart fills with the colors of love
Butterflies awaken to flutter again
Birds sing praises high above

Flowers rise to the warmth of your touch
The earth begins to bleed of green
Dullness of gray retreats away
Revealing the birth of colors to be seen

I find myself under your spell
Love of your beauty stains my heart
I feel your life just a breath away
spring is here, time for love to start


A Souls Journey

Staring off into the vast distance
Motionless in a thousand mile stare
Standing firm but fluid on the sand
Always present and aware

The ocean breeze is my breath
My hearts ebb and flow is the tide
In this moment I am it and it is me
The alchemy of the divine

Tranquility enters my timeless void
Blooming like a lotus in a still pond
Peace is now the reality of my being
I dance to colors of the sunset song

Stars stand watch in the night sky
Out here I feel like i’m never alone
My soul begins its own evolution
Finding the path to get back home


The Morning Rise

In the dawning morning rise
an awakening peace fills my soul
the birds sing of joyous songs
sunshine beams its ribbons of gold

The morning coffee is a welcoming scent
my mind paints a picture of the first cup
I take slow reverent sips of its bliss
not a single negative thought interrupts

Staying mindful in this moment of silence
with the hourglass of time tipped to its side
floating in the serene waters of pure joy
I begin the day with radiant love inside

The Pearl Of The Night

Your luminescent glow pierces the night sky
my soul meditates in your poetic tranquility
the beat of my heart mimics your light
we are one in the bond of our unity

Words never escape my muted mouth
my tears of joy speak more than words
you gaze upon me with your illumination
as I look at far away stars and other worlds

I feel the most alive in the calm of the night
serenity follows me when I see you in the sky
when myriads of stars fall in a prismatic rain
I know the universe has behold you and began to cry



Our Dreams

our dreams are the light
the star we hold so dear
hope in its very essence
the truth whispered in our ear

it’s the pinnacle of our destiny
the hardest goal to grasp
our first flame of desire
the earnest wish in our past

let the seed of our dreams grow
it will ripen with patience and time
our hearts will beat of the purset love
as we watch our dreams rise and shine


Everlasting Love

The essence of your love lives in my heart
I feel the warmth of your everlasting touch
the beacon of light of your soul is all I need
loneliness in darkness I never felt very much

Our souls are tied forever by ethereal strings
unbreakable through the fabric of time
wherever you are I will always feel you near
eternally I feel your love as you do mine

A World Within

I swim in the ocean of my deepest depths
encapsulated in the tranquility of its touch
ensnared in the rapture of peaceful bliss
the calming silence I missed so much

thoughts disperse into abyssal waters
sands of time shatter into eternal stars
my soul glows of a love so ethereal
looking within we find a world that is ours


the numbness fills the senses in my body
stuck in a time lapse while day and night passes by
my thoughts flat line to a cold empty stare
feeling my lotus within begin to wither and die

Silence is all I hear once you went away
the darkness you left shades my soul
your kiss on my heart becomes a relic
and behind it an eternal black hole

will warmth return to thaw the numbness
I will leave it up to the divine stars above
this single drop of hope I hold in darkness
and await the return of love

Dreams Of Love

Taking in the last glimpse of stars
falling to sleep under its silent lullaby
I awake into the sunlight of my dream
surrounded by a perfect blue sky

I see you standing next to the waters edge
motionless staring deeply into the sky above
with every step I take time becomes slower
my heart beats faster in the presence of love

As if you can feel me there you turn to me
we look endlessly into the souls behind our eyes
basking in the heat of a love that has no words
the tears of our lonely hearts begins to dry

Only dreams are big enough for this love
in the space where time has no beginning or end
I will always look for you there when I fall asleep
no matter where you are I will find you again

Love letter to writing

I have been away from you for so long
missing your articulated worded touch
my heart whispered upon deaf ears
of how it missed you so very much

The train of life sped down the tracks
further away from you I became
afraid that being gone so long
It just wouldn’t be the same

Then when the train slowed to a halt
I saw you through the open doors
my heart wept with tears of joy
of not having to miss you anymore



Great days and moods seem like dreams
the feeling of being so light I could fly
reaching for the pinnacle so high above
breaking the barrier that is the sky

A flash of reality wakes me out of the dream
feeling the endless rains of fear and misery
the futility of trying to fly underwater
wishing to be in my dreams for eternity

Some days the rains are harder than others
I ponder my existence throughout the downpours
enveloped in the bone chilling cold of sadness
beginning to see the darkness of deaths front door

A quiet whisper from my soul is then heard
just before I enter the tunnel of endless night
my heart begins to pump with a new vigor
telling me to never give up the fight

I look to others soaked by the same rain
extending the warm hand of blind compassion
the links of selfless love spreads worldwide
together we build a foundation everlasting

The fire of hearts connected lights the sky
as the rains of fear and misery dissipate
together is the only way the rains stay away
we fly as a flock unburdened by any weight


I never thought my wishes would ever come true
as I wished upon a different star every night
only to be returned to me in uninvited rain

One drop after another became deep scars I wear
soaking in the tears of anguish falling down
in a pool of sorrow laced with pain

Then something happend within the thick fog of rain
as it stops to reveal the newly open sky of stars
against the peaceful backdrop of the ebony ocean sky

Resting raindrops lay on leaves illuminated
by the full moons gaze and the fresh smell
of rain still lofts after the clouds stopped its’ cry

Sad thoughts wane away when watching the beauty
of this light return them to the darkness from
which they came and I bathe in a love I never knew

the weight of my wishes turn to mist when the
rising sun in my heart lifts them far into
the sky like the morning dew

There is no pain no sorrow no yearning for better days
for they have left no trace and as I become thankful
in this moment a wish was finally granted

A rainbow reveals itself during the sunrise of dawn but
this time the tears that fell are those of joy as the
sun lays a kiss on my heart firmly planted

So I guess wishes really do come true….

The Airplane Window


Looking through the airplane window
I become nostalgic about some of
the best days of my life
that have passed

The pink and orange hues of the sunset
gives a fitting end to my journey
of the days I spent looking out
sitting on the grass

The things I saw and felt can only be
described as waking up from the
most beautiful dream and
realizing your still
in it

An awakening light rose up in me from
the very deepest of oceans within
to quench the thirst of my
yearning spirit

I didn’t know I was lost until I found
myself again basking in joy and
laughter of such I have not
felt in quite some time

I found myself thinking of poetic verses
that must have come from my soul and
entered my awakened mind

I will never forget the time spent as I
immortalize the memories onto my
heart so I can always see them
whether I am asleep or awake

I continue to stare out the window after
the memories go to sleep as I look
forward to more memories
together next time we
will make

Mother Squirrel 

I watch in the distance as a mother
urges her young squirrel to follow
her to the grass below

The young squirrel seemed unsure
whether to take the mothers lead
as her impatience begins to grow

After a short pep talk the mother
starts again only to be met with
more resistance

The fed up mother takes the young
squirrel in her mouth softly but
securely as I admire her

She carries the young squirrel
across the grass a few yards at
a time making sure no threats
will cause them harm

The mother continues on up the
tree in the yard next to me as
the young squirrel looked safe
in the mothers arms

I can’t help but be in awe
witnessing this mothers
efforts as I begin to
think of the love of
mothers around the

This world is a beautiful place
knowing that mothers in all
shapes sizes and colors are
much like this mother

*This poem was inspired by what I was witnessing this morning while having my coffee. I apologize for the low quality picture due to my phone on zoom having terrible resolution.

Beautiful Days Like This

The sunlight beams through every
crack and crevice of the leaves of
tall trees as I stand under
the partially shaded span

A squirrel rests on a branch high
above very still and relaxed seeming
to be in its own meditative journey
that it can only understand

The golden light highlights
incomplete spider webs on the
bushes giving off silky thin
strands of pearlescent lines

The sea of green grass lays before
me gently swaying in the wind like
soft turbulent waters glistening
under the suns brilliant shine

Butterflies show the art of their wings
contributing to natures exhibit as
the colors begin to remind me of
a cool autumn day

The atmosphere takes the breath from
my lungs and my thoughts disappear
as I cannot find any words to say

The dew of the morning moisture sits
patiently on the flowers and leaves
in small sap like diamonds as they
slowly trickle down to the ground

I can feel the peaceful vibrant energy
pulsating within my heart in myriads
of colors uncharted and I make a
silent wish for this moment
to always stay around

Rejuvenation Of My Spirit

In the early dawning light I am
greeted by the golden eye in
the sky shining behind the
veil of silver and
white clouds

My thirst of beauty is quenched by
the illumination of nature as I wear
this serenity like a shroud

Negative thoughts recede away into
the darkness for it cannot survive
in the bright love of the light

My eyes close as I take in a deep
breath allowing the trust and
awareness of my third
eye sight

The eternal light of my soul shines
bright as I am enveloped in the arms
of the infinite universe

The abundance of energy becomes one
with my entire being and I begin to
see my surroundings like a
poetic verse

The soft melody of a song of love
resonates close to my heart so
my soul can heart it

I open my eyes slowly as the gentle
touch of love floods my being
opening the gates of
my rejuvenated spirit

Morning Peace

Sitting on a chair made of wicker
outside on the patio observing
the crowning of dawn

The warmth evaporates my formless
spirit raising it up to the clouds
as I forget about the chair I
am sitting on

My lungs meet the crisp cool air of
the morning as my awareness rises
like the sunshine of the day

My soul gives it’s approval as
happiness enters with peace
permeating my being having
it’s way

The stillness of the moment slowly
unfolding the petals of bliss as I
watch birds on the fence sing

My imagination gives me visions of
what it’s like to be the free powerful
wind underneath a birds wing

The yearning of home subsides as
natures wonders surround me with
it’s unequivocal essence of love

I beam with the golden aura of
oneness as I bathe in the light of
life from which happiness is
made of


Clouds float on by overhead with
the elegance of a feather trying
to find a place to land across
the skies above

I feel the presence of a swaying leaf
nearby as a subtle breeze
describes the scene with
the gentleness of the
touch of love

Dandelion wishes catch a ride on the
wind in hopes to be granted
their most earnest dreams
coming from the heart

My being swells of light like the moon
and stars beaming the radiance
of wholeness in the presence
of natures art

Joy erupting in the fluttering of
butterflies strumming the
strings of love deep
within my spirit

The tingling of true happiness rising
into the virtues of limitless
compassion drawing me
closer near it

My heart beats with passion as I find
myself closer to the sanctuary
between the past and future
to this place I call home

Finally reaching my destination
christened by the tear drops
of my soul I arrive to rest
at the greatest place I
have ever known



I cast my stone into the ocean in
hopes of one day my ripple
reaches the other side

The ripples of fate carry me into
the open where there is no
place to hide

I close my eyes as the beacon within
my heart keeps me company in
the darkest of times

Floating in the ocean of life merging
with the ebb and flow of the
ocean tides

Moments observed in lifetimes as each
ripple moves from one place
to the next

The essence soaks into my being as I
exhale the life of the ocean
with every breath

Ripples going the same direction form
the wave of love reaching far and
wide with impunity

In hopes of one day our little ripples
in the large ocean of life will reach
the shores of unity

The Simple Things


Waking up to the smell of flowers
The fragrance lingers through the window
A delicate aroma absorbed in waves
Depending on where the breeze shall blow

I walk outside to see leaves falling softly
Carried gracefully by a subtle wind
Landing gently on the grass below
I look on patiently with a joyful grin

I close my eyes and let my senses see
Feeling the vigor of life surround my heart
Soaking in the soulful colors of nature
As I stand in the middle of her majestic art

I swell with love feeling light as a feather
Nature has given my soul heavenly wings
Grateful for the happiness shared with her
Showing the beauty of life in the simple things

Back To Me


After the golden age of my childhood I lost my way
A tiny sea shell swept up and cast out to the sea
Lost in the world only given rose colored glasses
I struggled in the darkness to find a way back to me

The mirror casts a reflection appeasing the eyes of judgement
Although what I saw was a dark hollow shell
The ego was my companion as I bathed in foolish pride
My heart locked away like a prisoner I didn’t know very well

Wearing shoes that will never fit I stumbled on every path
No matter what I had or accomplished the void still remained
Everything I filled it with turned to vapors
My rose colored glasses broken replaced with eyes of pain

Pleading in silence reciting words to my sad song to myself
I hear my weeping heart in the darkness heed to my calls
The void fills with infinite tear drops of love from my heart
I finally began to tear down my ego risen walls

I plant seeds of compassion in the soil of all I choose to do
Watered by the endless tears of my heart I can clearly see
The vision of my heart and my eyes are one in the same
I have finally found a way back to me

The Birth Of Your Bloom


Behind a silky green coat you hide
the brilliance of your nature as
I stand in reverence thinking
of the colors of your
past lives

You wait for the backdrop of spring
to begin to reveal your new petals
as they slowly awaken offering a
feast of beauty for my
yearning hungry eyes

I watch you as you drink in the rays
of the sun while being cradled
by the cool soil of the loving
affection of earth

I can smell the life of your fragrance
as the soft subtle breeze spreads
your essence and I bathe in the
light of your birth

You are the reason people look up
to the sky to look for your source
for you surely couldn’t be from
this place

Even the sun can’t wait for you to
come around again to light up your
soul shining through the beautiful
colors of your face

From the beginning seed of your life
to the birth of your bloom I
chronicle your existence
and capture the moments
in the time capsule
within my heart

Each time you bloom we will always need
to find the room to add another one
of your colors to the pages of
life and its endless colorful

Our Mother


Lifetimes of apologies will never be enough
to heal the scars inflicted on you
without your consent

Your body has been the battlefield to endless
wars as I hear the screams of your wounds
muffled underneath cement

The fog of war has been your veil so long you
have forgot what it is like to see your
own beautiful face

Bombs and bullets with no names continue
to fly overhead heralding the fire of
destruction as we struggle to find
a safe hiding place

Fossil fuels that fill bottomless pockets
of greed bring forth your tears that
were once healing now turned
to acid rain

There is no way I could ever fathom what you
have gone through as you still support
life here throughout your pain

All I can do is plant seeds of compassion in your
nurturing soil in the hopes that one day down
the ladder of time it fills the void
in your heart

I promise to be the best version of a human being
with actions of love as a vow in your honor
to care for you like you have always done
for me from the very start

The Beauty That Is Life


The beauty that is life I breathe in deeply
allowing the essence to articulate
its own passion to the audience of
my heart and soul

Slowly exhaling this beauty as vibrations of
love resonate in the halls of my memories
for me to cherish and hold

I find myself serenaded by the songs of stars
in the night sky as I look up and
appreciate the beauty that seemed
to be lost beyond this earth

The daylight reveals itself as the sun
illuminates the beauty of life that
surrounds me as priceless comes
to mind of the earth and
her worth

I stand in the euphoric sound of silence
watching beauty flower in elegance as I
drink in the eye opening coffee of
life through soulful eyes

Each moment captured by the sacred memory of
my heart to be replayed by my soul when I
feel lost and seek wisdom that
never dies

I wake up every morning thankful for each
breath I take as nature breathes her
life into my lungs living each
day like it is my very last

When my time here comes to an end I will keep
these memories of the beauty that is life as
a warm blanket for my soul as my bones
fade away in the soil underneath
the grass

Dreams Of The Ocean


Dreams of your touch plague my sleep as I
yearn for the pleasure to be in your
cool embrace

The eternal sounds of your crashing waves
sent ripples up my spine as your memory
stains a smile on my face

To feel the soft sands tickle my feet with
every step I take as soothing sounds of
your nature quell all my thoughts

Your body is the backdrop of all the beauty
of the world reflected off your wavy skin
of a true miracle I never forgot

I dove deep into your soul and swam among
the others as I tasted the essence of
your life with my eyes

I opened my heart for you as you hid the tears
I shed within your cleansing waters as I
became overwhelmed by your embrace
when we harmonized

I know the heart wants what it wants so as
destiny will have it I will see
you again

Until that time comes I promise to write you
another letter when I dream about your
embrace every now and then