My Dream

I had a dream last night I thought I would share because it was like none I have ever had before. I usually do not remember much of my dreams but this one was different because of the feeling and detail it was in. In this dream I was at my house where I grew up and standing in my front yard. Then I had a thought within the dream to just try and fly, so I did and sure enough I was floating above my street and flying around awkwardly but still flying. I felt this rush of exhilarating joy and freedom I have not felt in any of my dreams ever and the only sense of fear was coming down to the ground, but when I decided to come down there was no pain or discomfort. Then there was no fear of it at all, so I continued to fly around and observe everything I could until I felt like coming down and feeling the ground below my feet. Also in this dream I was in control of everything except the way I was flying which i said earlier felt awkward, but where I was flying to was controlled and even my thoughts within the dream were as well. It was the kind of dream I did not want to awake from because of the curiosity I had for what I was experiencing, a profound bliss I will never forget. I do not know what the dream means to me still but I liked the feeling it gave me. I hope I can have another like this one so I can explore more of what it can possibly mean and feel that joy again.

4 thoughts on “My Dream

    1. At some point you probably will, always stay grounded and true to yourself and be good to others and your time to fly will happen for you too.


  1. When I was I child I was dreaming about flying quite often. I remember the awkward excitement of managing to take off and then hovering in the sky. It is also said that we can learn to ‘control’ our dreams. There is such a thing as lucid dreaming. In any case, dream on!


    1. Thank you for the perspective, I have heard of lucid dreaming as well to which I was aware I was dreaming and could control what I was doing. It was nothing I have ever experienced before or even felt. I look forward to more experiences like this one so I can learn more about myself. Thanks for sharing you thoughts and experiences. šŸ™‚


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