Success vs Failure

“Every failure is the seed that will grow to be a great tree of success”

It seems to me that success and failure cannot live without each other, like yin and yang. When you first come out of the womb, you don’t automatically start walking around and talking. Everything is learned through trial and error. Like the saying goes ” you have to learn to crawl before you walk”, so why do some people seem like they are a complete useless failure if they do not succeed the first or second time doing something they like or anything in general? While others continue to push on until they achieve greatness. Everyone has the ability to achieve greatness, one just has to not give up on the things that matter to them the most. Naturally most people fail the first time they try anything, but its the ones who dust themselves off and keep going with their desire to achieve in earnest what they failed to do the first time are the ones that succeed. Not because they can’t stand losing, but they have learned where they failed and then come back stronger and more focused on the task at hand. That drive comes from within and everyone has that drive, one just has to dig deep inside and not only think it but also knowing it deep down inside that they can do great things, because in truth everyone can.

There are people that have been working a job for a huge part of their life and are not satisfied with what they have achieved, and are afraid that they cannot do anything else besides what they do. How do you know if you don’t try in earnest other things you want to do? Fear is the driving force of self doubt, and the only way to put it out of your thoughts is just to do the thing your heart desires until fear cannot be a factor no longer. People always get so amazed of what they can do when they just put their all into something in earnest, never ever thinking they can do such great things but in reality its within everyone to achieve anything they want as long as their heart is always marching to the beat of their drum.