Never Be Forgotten

old grave

Rest my friend in the warm
comforting womb of earth

Trapped in the fog of death
since the day of our birth

The same person we see today
now gone the next

Sorrow the only emotion with pain
making a home in the chest

We all look to the sky and ask why now

As tears rain down our cheeks looking
on with a furrowed brow

Disbelief of the event that you have
gone away

All is left is the tears that fall
on the soil where you lay

The memories of you flood the mind
and pierce the heart

Scarred by your passing the world
seems to be falling apart

The words of goodbye never left my
lips for your ears to hear

So I hope my thoughts and memories
of you will keep you near

For you and the others I raise
a toast for the fallen

I promise even though you are gone
you will never be forgotten

7 thoughts on “Never Be Forgotten

  1. Recently, I lost someone very close to me. Your poem resonates with my feelings.
    It is like you see that person so clearly in your memories and dreams. They couldn’t have passed away. They just couldn’t.
    And yet, they have.

    This is such a sad affair. 😦

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    1. Facing the death of a friend or a relative is something we all hope we don’t have to go through, but unfortunately it’s apart of this unpredictable cycle of life. I am very sorry for your loss Devika.

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