The Domino Effect Of Compassion


Walking down the street observant
to my surroundings taking in the
sights and sounds

I see a simple act of generosity as I
watch a young boy help an elderly
woman get up off the ground

Others passed by staring at their
phones but aware enough to step
over and by

This one young boy stopped and didn’t
hesitate to help which brought a tear
to the woman’s eye

He made sure things were okay and she
thanked him as he set off elated on
his way

As I kept watching this act of
kindness I knew this was a different
kind of day

Then I see the elderly woman stop to
buy a cup of something hot and frothy

She noticed a cold homeless man sitting
against the wall and decided to buy him
a hot steaming cup of coffee

He looked up at her like a young boy
that had received the greatest gift
on Christmas day

His cold dark look at life was warmed
instantly as she smiled and walked away

The man stood up warm inside with a
light that swelled in his heart and
shined through his eyes

He looked up and thanked god for this
elderly woman who he thought must have
been an angel in disguise

As he walks down the street he sees
what could be a start of a fight

A couple bullies surround a young boy with
no way out the fear in his eyes a
most terrible sight

So the man immediately steps in as a
guardian to help the young little boy

The bullies flee the scene as despair
is released now filled with excitement
and joy

I notice the familiarity of him as
I take a closer look

What I see in front of my very own
eyes has me shocked and shook

It’s the very same boy that helped
the elderly woman rise to her feet

An epiphany comes over me as I think
about the day and find myself a seat

A young boys selfless kind action starts
off an irreversible chain reaction

I have just witnessed the power of
the domino effect of compassion

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