The Road From Nowhere To Somewhere

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay
Ethereal strings tug at my listening heart
Music is strummed with fingers of intuition
A song my heart can only understand
Guiding me soulfully on my life expedition

I trust my heart willingly with open arms
Though at times I was left open for pain
Without the foundation of heartache
I would have never evolved to stay in the rain

I can't explain where I will be going next
It feels like I'm still at a place called nowhere
All I can do is trust the music in my heart
So it may lead me to where I belong somewhere

No Longer Blind

Sitting under the shade of the willow tree
Listening to the gentle waves push ashore
Inhaling deeply of the life that surrounds
Of this life I could not ask for more

The sun glistens off the skin of the lake
Clouds roll changing the waters complexion
My life is defined in this moment of bliss
As the lotus inside begins its resurrection

My heart opens like flowers in spring
Reaching for the light for first time
Encapsulated in the auras of life
My sight is clear and no longer blind


Drum Of Courage


As I walk down the halls of darkness
Blind and unsure of where it will lead
All I have is the beat of my drum
So I march to where I cannot see

The cold whispers of fear warn me
Telling me to go back where I came
The drum beat urges me to move on
Even if I will never be the same

Throughout the sleepless eternal nights
I walk even when I feel I can’t go on
This dark path was meant to break me
Beat me down until I am withered and gone

I fall to my knees in a puddle of tears
Awaiting the reaper to take me away
I hear the drum loudly from my heart
Reminding me of this path I must stay

Finally I see the end of the darkness
Fallen cherry blossoms gather at my feet
I’ve come to the end of my journey
My legs feeling tired and very weak

The strength I needed was hidden inside
In the darkness I had it all along
It was the drum of courage
That kept me marching to its song


Dream By The Waters Edge


Dream with me by the waters edge
Let our troubles sail the endless sea
Watch the night sky bloom before our eyes
Pretend the universe is made for you and me

We will drink the essence of stars
Dance slowly under the full moon gaze
Reverently we enjoy this magical moment
In our perfection of love for eternal days

The stars rain down in celebration
Of a connection that transcends time
We will always dream by the waters edge
Until I am in your reality and your in mine

Love letter to writing

I have been away from you for so long
missing your articulated worded touch
my heart whispered upon deaf ears
of how it missed you so very much

The train of life sped down the tracks
further away from you I became
afraid that being gone so long
It just wouldn’t be the same

Then when the train slowed to a halt
I saw you through the open doors
my heart wept with tears of joy
of not having to miss you anymore


I never thought my wishes would ever come true
as I wished upon a different star every night
only to be returned to me in uninvited rain

One drop after another became deep scars I wear
soaking in the tears of anguish falling down
in a pool of sorrow laced with pain

Then something happend within the thick fog of rain
as it stops to reveal the newly open sky of stars
against the peaceful backdrop of the ebony ocean sky

Resting raindrops lay on leaves illuminated
by the full moons gaze and the fresh smell
of rain still lofts after the clouds stopped its’ cry

Sad thoughts wane away when watching the beauty
of this light return them to the darkness from
which they came and I bathe in a love I never knew

the weight of my wishes turn to mist when the
rising sun in my heart lifts them far into
the sky like the morning dew

There is no pain no sorrow no yearning for better days
for they have left no trace and as I become thankful
in this moment a wish was finally granted

A rainbow reveals itself during the sunrise of dawn but
this time the tears that fell are those of joy as the
sun lays a kiss on my heart firmly planted

So I guess wishes really do come true….

The Airplane Window


Looking through the airplane window
I become nostalgic about some of
the best days of my life
that have passed

The pink and orange hues of the sunset
gives a fitting end to my journey
of the days I spent looking out
sitting on the grass

The things I saw and felt can only be
described as waking up from the
most beautiful dream and
realizing your still
in it

An awakening light rose up in me from
the very deepest of oceans within
to quench the thirst of my
yearning spirit

I didn’t know I was lost until I found
myself again basking in joy and
laughter of such I have not
felt in quite some time

I found myself thinking of poetic verses
that must have come from my soul and
entered my awakened mind

I will never forget the time spent as I
immortalize the memories onto my
heart so I can always see them
whether I am asleep or awake

I continue to stare out the window after
the memories go to sleep as I look
forward to more memories
together next time we
will make

Rejuvenation Of My Spirit

In the early dawning light I am
greeted by the golden eye in
the sky shining behind the
veil of silver and
white clouds

My thirst of beauty is quenched by
the illumination of nature as I wear
this serenity like a shroud

Negative thoughts recede away into
the darkness for it cannot survive
in the bright love of the light

My eyes close as I take in a deep
breath allowing the trust and
awareness of my third
eye sight

The eternal light of my soul shines
bright as I am enveloped in the arms
of the infinite universe

The abundance of energy becomes one
with my entire being and I begin to
see my surroundings like a
poetic verse

The soft melody of a song of love
resonates close to my heart so
my soul can heart it

I open my eyes slowly as the gentle
touch of love floods my being
opening the gates of
my rejuvenated spirit

Morning Peace

Sitting on a chair made of wicker
outside on the patio observing
the crowning of dawn

The warmth evaporates my formless
spirit raising it up to the clouds
as I forget about the chair I
am sitting on

My lungs meet the crisp cool air of
the morning as my awareness rises
like the sunshine of the day

My soul gives it’s approval as
happiness enters with peace
permeating my being having
it’s way

The stillness of the moment slowly
unfolding the petals of bliss as I
watch birds on the fence sing

My imagination gives me visions of
what it’s like to be the free powerful
wind underneath a birds wing

The yearning of home subsides as
natures wonders surround me with
it’s unequivocal essence of love

I beam with the golden aura of
oneness as I bathe in the light of
life from which happiness is
made of

Back To Me


After the golden age of my childhood I lost my way
A tiny sea shell swept up and cast out to the sea
Lost in the world only given rose colored glasses
I struggled in the darkness to find a way back to me

The mirror casts a reflection appeasing the eyes of judgement
Although what I saw was a dark hollow shell
The ego was my companion as I bathed in foolish pride
My heart locked away like a prisoner I didn’t know very well

Wearing shoes that will never fit I stumbled on every path
No matter what I had or accomplished the void still remained
Everything I filled it with turned to vapors
My rose colored glasses broken replaced with eyes of pain

Pleading in silence reciting words to my sad song to myself
I hear my weeping heart in the darkness heed to my calls
The void fills with infinite tear drops of love from my heart
I finally began to tear down my ego risen walls

I plant seeds of compassion in the soil of all I choose to do
Watered by the endless tears of my heart I can clearly see
The vision of my heart and my eyes are one in the same
I have finally found a way back to me



Awakened by the shock of a broken dream
A lingering whisper crosses the fog of my mind
Deep breaths slows the rhythm of my racing heart
As I search for the source attentive to what I find

My molten body soaks in the cool sweat of its tears
Fumbling through the darkness of a dream I can’t recall
Fingertips begin to tremble in weakness
As I try to remember the words of the whispers last call

Thoughts wash away to the birds and their morning song
My heart slows to the rhythm of their tune
I remain in this moment of solace where I find peace
A gift of the soul as my heart rests in the ethereal boon

I await the sword of my whispering dreams to pierce my silence
Letters trickle in slowly as the wall begins to seethe
Words manifest as my heart begins to race with anticipation
My eyes flash open and I hear the whispers say…just breathe

Elysium Streams


Many miles I have walked on
scorching sands and over
snowy windy peaks

Searching for the path to find
a home where my soul can rest
in everlasting peace

Where abundance becomes a burden
for one but is a true blessing
for all

Auras of different shades mingle
to make the most beautiful
colors between winter
and fall

Where peace becomes not the goal
but the essence of how life
is lived

Where our measure is earned not on
how much we have but how much
we give

Oh how I yearn to walk these golden
plains on the fields of my most
passionate dreams

My soul will lead the way as my
heart remains thirsty until
quenched in the waters
of elysium streams

Photo credit:  Robert Duncanson



I feel the full moonlight of your
attention as you watch me
staring back at you

The vapors of your essence send the
stars away as I soak in the misty
drops of your hue

Your light is the unrivaled treasure
that comforts me in the time
of darkness

You quiet my thoughts with just a
gaze as I gain the focus to keep
my mind the sharpest

Wolves and creatures of the night
howl songs of their approval as
you watch with the soft glow
of your presence

A guardian standing watch over the
land bringing assured guidance
lighting up my soul in
divine luminescence

You bring the light of hope to those
that are lost in the darkness
placing no judgement on
their chosen way

As you disappear over the mountain
tops my heart calls out to you
drowning in tears pleading
for you to stay

Mosaic Art Of Humanity


Life is a story meant to be told in
infinite shades of color each one
different from the rest

Each story has its similarities but
ultimately each is always different
from the next

Let the sun shine on the pages of
your life as you paint a picture
wearing shoes only made for you

Every stroke of your brush guided
by the whispers of your soul
reveals a picture straight
and true

Be the colorful inspiration to those
who still stare aimlessly at their
own stagnant blank page

Let them see the key resides in the
heart and if they look deep they
will find a way out of
their cage

Be the perfect example of yourself
as you paint your life showing
the world your colorful

Let our hearts paint the different
shades of our lives to be
combined in the mosaic
art of humanity

The Beauty That Is Life


The beauty that is life I breathe in deeply
allowing the essence to articulate
its own passion to the audience of
my heart and soul

Slowly exhaling this beauty as vibrations of
love resonate in the halls of my memories
for me to cherish and hold

I find myself serenaded by the songs of stars
in the night sky as I look up and
appreciate the beauty that seemed
to be lost beyond this earth

The daylight reveals itself as the sun
illuminates the beauty of life that
surrounds me as priceless comes
to mind of the earth and
her worth

I stand in the euphoric sound of silence
watching beauty flower in elegance as I
drink in the eye opening coffee of
life through soulful eyes

Each moment captured by the sacred memory of
my heart to be replayed by my soul when I
feel lost and seek wisdom that
never dies

I wake up every morning thankful for each
breath I take as nature breathes her
life into my lungs living each
day like it is my very last

When my time here comes to an end I will keep
these memories of the beauty that is life as
a warm blanket for my soul as my bones
fade away in the soil underneath
the grass

I Made It


Before I leave these sandy shores
and set sail on the turbulent
seas of my path

I bury the weight of the past in the
sand and now I am ready to face
the seas and all its wrath

I have heard the same broken record
played off the tongues of doubt
for those words I would never
let see the light of day

I walk through the crowd to the nods
of shaking heads as my head is
held high knowing what I am
doing feels right and done
my way

Fierce raging storms and strong backwards
currents almost end my journey but
as long as my sail stands strong
I will fight to the end

My promise to myself that I would make it
is a sacred bond that I will not break
under the longest strands of time and
the most ferocious of winds

I see the sandy glistening shores of my
destination and I begin to reflect on
how far I have come as I am carried
in by the soft touch of
gentle waves

I smile laying on the sand basking in a
promise fulfilled as I close my tired
eyes and whisper to myself I made
it and the sun shows me its
approval as I shine under
its rays

The Future Is Safe In Your Hands


” Some things fill your heart without trying ”

When the world seems to be lost
in the misery that seemingly
has no end in sight

I look to you as inspiration to
remind me all is not lost as
you represent the light to
carry us through the night

Your words are a comfort as I
recognize an old soul just
budding in the life of
a child

The views you share are that of
a bright shining star that has
never seen the darkness as
I look at your words I
can’t help but smile

If I were to place a sure
bet I would bet it all on
the views of your heart

I can rest my head peacefully at
night knowing you will usher
in a new era as we are safe
in your hands of the future
you will start

* This poem is dedicated to my neighbors awesome daughter Kadrianna

Dreams Of The Ocean


Dreams of your touch plague my sleep as I
yearn for the pleasure to be in your
cool embrace

The eternal sounds of your crashing waves
sent ripples up my spine as your memory
stains a smile on my face

To feel the soft sands tickle my feet with
every step I take as soothing sounds of
your nature quell all my thoughts

Your body is the backdrop of all the beauty
of the world reflected off your wavy skin
of a true miracle I never forgot

I dove deep into your soul and swam among
the others as I tasted the essence of
your life with my eyes

I opened my heart for you as you hid the tears
I shed within your cleansing waters as I
became overwhelmed by your embrace
when we harmonized

I know the heart wants what it wants so as
destiny will have it I will see
you again

Until that time comes I promise to write you
another letter when I dream about your
embrace every now and then

Infinite Moment Of Love


We defied the confines of time as we
placed ourselves in the moment we
shared together

An infinite moment tied with the
ethereal strings of our love
as we traversed the endless
sky light as a feather

I inhaled the life of your love and
exhaled the happiness of your
essence as we existed in
union in this infinite

Our intertwined souls are the materials
that made the brightest star in the
universe of true love that has
taken us to this magical place

Infinite lifetimes lived could never make
me forget your face and your love as
your mortal body slowly fades away

Your love has scarred my heart forever
and I wear it as a badge of honor so that
I am reminded of you everyday

As I finally let go I watch you float down
the river of time as I vow in my heart
to swim the river to find you again

A shooting star flies by as the whispers
heard with my heart say I love you
and I close my eyes as you watch
over me and tuck me in

Spring Memory


The sun rises over the horizon as
the stars shyly fade away in the
mornings illuminating light

I begin to rise as the golden rays
of the sun brings forth motivation
after the evenings dying night

Feeling the heart of the world when
I step outside admiring the
revitalizing view of

I look at the poetry of nature as I
find myself reminded of the gifts
of life that didn’t cost me
a thing

The world opens to me feeding my soul
the love and infinite colors that
my heart readily seeks

As I look through the eyes of a soft
soul I understand the visions of
a full heart when it
soulfully speaks

All I want is for this vision to stay
with me even after my time here is
done and my ashes blow away

As my other memories find themselves in
the vault of the lost I only wish this
one to remain of this beautifully
magical spring day

Song In The Night


The day begins to fade away as the
silky backdrop of the night
displays the priceless
jewels that capture
our eyes

We gather around the campfire trying
to match the warmth of our skin
with that of our hearts as we
watch the flickers of embers
fly by

Off in the distance we hear a song
that makes us close our eyes and
soak in each note with our now
attentive ears

A new warmth fills our bodies as even
the hair on our skin rises up to
give tribute in the night
devoid of fears

The campfire flares in delight as the
song has reached the heart of its
flame that is now raging in a
bright bonfire

We look at one another around the flame
and see a new reflection in our
eyes as our heart pumps in a
new found desire

So one by one we begin to sing to the
tune of our hearts orchestrated by
the song in the distance as we
watch our spirits dance in
the night

The night finally comes to an end as
the song fades to a soft linger
that still dwells in our
hearts even after the
dawn of the morning

Infinite Era Of Compassion


The storms of tragedy rages through
the world as we slowly drown in
the ashy rain

Minds consumed by losses unexpected
as we stand in the puddle of
sorrow in this loveless pain

Tears run down my cheeks as I feel the
vivid pain of the world resting
heavy on my heart

My tear drops join the others down at
my feet as I sense the world
tragically falling apart

The unequivocal darkness of ego and
greed rule this world shading us
in its paralyzing dark
of night

As more and more evil deeds done to
others and the world adds more
darkness to the worlds
dying light

There comes a time in all our lives
when enough is enough and today
is that day

The fire deep in our hearts combust
in compassion as the flame of
love lights our way

When the flames spread throughout
the world uniting all into one
burning light of love
in action

The warmth of love will dry the eyes
of the world beyond the tables
of time into the infinite
era of compassion

The Dreams Of Peace


I look to the sky and watch the feathers
of the broken wings of the dreams of
peace fall graciously down to
earth settling around
my feet

Slowly I close my eyes and hear the faint
whispers of the sadness of this world as
I feel their tears running down
my cheeks

I kneel down to pick up every feather and
place them into my heart as I am
determined to not let the
dreams of peace
fade away

The feathers mend together with the glue of
love as our unified hearts sprout wings
to carry the dreams of peace no
matter how much they weigh

Our hearts soar high above showering the
earth with the light of love raining
down the true dreams of humanity
at it’s best

As fate cannot contend with the true nature
of the human heart as every beat is
driven by the force of love and
our unshakable will in
our chest

We are bound by our dreams that determine
our fate and not by fate determining
our dreams

The hands of fate loses it’s grip as we
spread the dreams of peace with our
newly sprouted ethereal wings

I’ll Meet You In The Moonlight


I’ll meet you in the moonlight when
the darkness washes away the
light of the day

When the night sky flowers open
bringing forth life in myriads
of stars on display

Where time slows down to a crawl
as the eyes of life here on
earth become captivated
in silence

The moonlight casts a spotlight on
our faces as we remain in our
expression in a moment
of timeless

Our souls can mingle with the stars
together anywhere in the world no
matter how far on any land
or sea

Just look upon the sky and release
your heart to the stars so your
soul can be set free

You can find me floating on the
vapor clouds of the milky way
as I watch shooting stars
fly by

We can witness the life of a star
as it explodes in tears
cascading down the
universe’s eye

When you need me I will meet you in
the moonlight so that our souls
always remain close

In the moonlight is where you will
always find me when you want to
feel my heart the most

The Heart Of My Soul In The Stars


Relays of flickering light reflect off
my eyes as I lose myself in the
touch of your gaze

Watching miracles made in the sky before
the veil of light comes at the dawn
of the day

My thoughts take a back seat to emotion
as I see the passion of the universe
spread meticulously across the sky

The heart of my soul releases the equality
of love as my earnest feelings give it
wings to fly

The stars above hear the pleads of my heart
as they flicker back at me with infinite
luminous lights of their love

I can feel the synergy of our heartbeats in
rhythm as my heart flies among them with
the graceful peace of a dove

As the flickers begin to fade away
disappearing in the morning
light and I close my eyes for
these last moments of
our dance

Faint whispers of the stars invite me to join
them when my body returns to the ashes and
my soul can finally advance

A Lotus Within The Heart Of My Dreams


Let my words build you a stairway to
reach the inner sanctum of the
heart of my dreams

Close your eyes and follow the guidance
of my whispers as you intertwine
yourself in my ethereal seams

We merge together like a waterfall that
meets an endless river below

Remaining formless letting the river of
my dreams take you where it wants
to go

Tranquility rests in your being as you
are effortlessly carried closer
to the warmth of my spirit

As you soak in the raindrops of my words
they whisper sweet sonnets of love
that only your heart has the
ears to hear it

Fireworks of words explode in the air as
the embers of letters fill the canvas
of your empty thoughts

And a glowing lotus emerges into view as
it is a glimpse of my soul you have
unexpectedly caught



Images and familiar faces show up in a
misty haze as they settle down in my
empty thoughts of a daydream

I sit staring at everything and nothing
bathing in the aroma of fresh bagels
and roasted coffee beans

The chattering voices and clanking
dishes fuel my imagination as I let
the moment take me in it’s arms

I take it all in with one deep breath
awaiting any wisdom of these
visions as I exhale the
sweetness of it’s

Pictures of other lives flash before
my eyes as I tap into the calming
presence of the surrounding

Enthralled by these visions I start
to see my own story emerge from
the depths of forgotten dreams
begin to appear

A young boy comes into view as I
recognize the image of myself
freely unabashedly playing
in the street

As my mind goes back into the vault
of nostalgia bringing forth the
time and day to make the
vision complete

I then remembered what I felt and
what I saw and how I looked at
life behind the innocence of
a young boys eyes

The essence of a free heart wild at
play sinks in as the life I knew
and loved is returned to me in
a daydream of my lifes reprise

The Soul Of Your Words


I soak up your every letter like dry
grass taking in the first rain

My mind opens flowering with your
essence as it flows through my

You write enigmatic string of words
that my soul can

I journey with you in your world
by your side as you take
me by the hand

I am taken to places that my heart
has yet to fathom or
even dream

Showing me the soul of your words
that with the naked eye cannot be

Painting blank pages with the soulful
rhythm of your breathtaking art

Spewing the colors of life with your
words where it always finds
my heart

I will always look to you for inspiration
like a beacon shining in the distance
in the night

The wings of your words have guided me
through your world as I bathe in the
radiance of your light

( This poem is dedicated to all the poets, story tellers and others who inspire me everyday with their wonderful writing. I feel very lucky to experience humanity at it’s finest here in this WordPress community. It’s people like you and the words you write that will inspire the whole world in a positive way going forward. Thank you for all you do! )

Dream Of Sorbet Colored Skies


I sat patiently in my dreams for a
glimpse of this most
mesmerizing of views

Where everywhere I looked is dominated
by the soft glows and luminous
colors of natures hues

A surrounding peace absorbed me as I
watch golden sparkles of light fall
like raindrops from the sky above

As if she already knew what I was
dreaming and she showers me with
her lights of love

Her calming presence lofts over me
like a nurturing mother watching
over her child

As she greets me with the warmest and
brightest of lights as her way of
showing me her beautiful smile

When the day light came to an end and
just before the night can answer the
fading lights call

I turned my attention away to look up
to the clouds and see the most
breath taking view of all

Seeing her essence floating to the sky
as she showcased her colorful love
crying from her eyes

And I watched in undying appreciation of
this moment as my tears thank her for
showing me my dream of
sorbet colored skies

Never Lacking


Inside a void in ourselves waits
for an answer to it’s call

A hole inside that slows living
to a lifeless crawl

No material thing can be purchased
to fill this hollow void

How can we fill this hole to bring
us an immense amount of joy

It’s not what can be bought but
what can be done

The hole will stay empty even
if you own everything under
the sun

Dipping in the endless well of
compassion is a good way
to start

Simple acts of kindness to strangers
will aid the thirst of the heart

The trickles of life begin soothing
the dry empty hole drop by drop

A feeling starts to rise that can
never be bought

As the void fills with these heavenly
rains of compassion

The world seems brighter with our
hearts overflowing with passion

A new zest fills the air as we dance
to the moonlight of our soul

A sense of freedom comes over us as
the material world has lost it’s control

As we find ourselves whole reveling in
the joy of life living and laughing

Feeling lighter than air enjoying a
life of never lacking

Moments Of Beauty


In certain moments in our lives
we see the most beautiful things

The void of our silent words are
filled with the feeling it brings

We capture these moments with our
eyes and keep them locked in our

So we can recall them again when
our once stable world begins to
fall apart

When time passes on they become
stories of legend

Seen in our own eyes as the
closest things to heaven

These memories become our beacon
of hope when we see things spoiled
and rotten

To remind us of the beauty that
still surrounds us not to be

Beauty is everywhere and anywhere
from the sky to the ground

All hand picked by the heart with
the limits having no bound

Our hearts keep these memories
safe for that is it’s duty

So we can always know where to
look to reminisce upon these
moments of beauty

The Silence Of The Storm


In the storm of our lives
there is a moment in time

Like the eye of a hurricane we
find the silence of the mind

A moment to dust ourselves off
and find our middle ground

In the solitude of our being
hearing not a single sound

The heart slows down to
pace itself with a tranquil
rhythm and flow

Balance restores itself as our
awakening calmness starts to

A gift of clarity given to us
freely in this moment of

Thoughts run away as we listen
to our hearts wisdom for

Preparing our mind body and
spirit for what is to come

The unity of our being all
synchronizing as one

When we find ourselves lost
in life beaten and worn

Return to the eye of your
center in the silence of
the storm

Never Be Forgotten

old grave

Rest my friend in the warm
comforting womb of earth

Trapped in the fog of death
since the day of our birth

The same person we see today
now gone the next

Sorrow the only emotion with pain
making a home in the chest

We all look to the sky and ask why now

As tears rain down our cheeks looking
on with a furrowed brow

Disbelief of the event that you have
gone away

All is left is the tears that fall
on the soil where you lay

The memories of you flood the mind
and pierce the heart

Scarred by your passing the world
seems to be falling apart

The words of goodbye never left my
lips for your ears to hear

So I hope my thoughts and memories
of you will keep you near

For you and the others I raise
a toast for the fallen

I promise even though you are gone
you will never be forgotten

Journey Of Life


From the very moment we
take our first breath

A journey has begun to
defy the odds of death

Where we start in life is
just the cards we are dealt

Adaptation is the first lesson
in life where liberation is felt

No matter the circumstances
or the situation we are in

We all have it in us to triumph
over the odds to win

Our heart is the keeper
of all our strength

Keeping us strong in the most
dire of times no matter the length

Life is never meant to
be an easy game to play

But if you play your cards
right you can have your way

The ups and downs are
all part of our paths

Enjoy the adventure of life
for each moment will not last

Whenever we find ourselves
in the dark clutches of strife

Remember it will not last
forever it’s only one of many
lessons in the journey of life

A Burning Heart Against All Odds


When we’ve fallen broken by insurmountable expectations

We get back up with a little more wisdom a little more patience

Bound by the heart to overcome it all

Rising ever so stronger every time we fall

Becoming harder and harder to knock us off our feet

No longer satisfied by the deafening words of defeat

Knowing deep down inside we will win in the end

Guided by our infallible hearts carried with destiny’s wind

The face of anguish is replaced by the stare of determination

Our eyes fixated on our seemingly perilous final destination

Persevering through the hardships moving forward frail and weak

The heart plays the determining factor whether we find what we seek

The horns of triumph sounds when we conquer the impossible

Silencing naysayers for what they thought not probable

Never to be underestimated again only revered and awed

Hero’s are made and it starts with a burning heart against all odds

A Shining Star Within Us All


In our hearts dwell a shining star

The celestial essence of who we are

A single star among many others that shine so bright

Just like the stars we see in the evening night

We walk this earth with others that share the same

A reflection of the universe from which we came

These stars keep us warm in the coldest of days

Keeping our spirits high when tragedy has it’s way

It gives strength to those who are oppressed and weak

Giving voices to those who dare not speak

This power of which has always been inside

Once we discover it we will no longer hide

Compassion and love is the result when it’s found

Keeping us humble and always on solid ground

No matter the size we are in life big or small

We all have a shining star within us all

The Light To Shine Our Path


As I sit loathing at my paralyzed mindless thoughts

I keep feeling there’s more to life than what I have sought

Unsure of my next move having doubts of success

Feeling everything I do will leave me hollow in my chest

A shadow haunts my thoughts and visions as I plead for a sign

I am wilting away as I yearn for peace in my chaotic mind

At this moment I begin to feel my heart start to weep

The emotion of self pity comes over me as I sit in my seat

I failed to protect and listen to the one thing I held most sacred

As I view my heart laying in shambles broken and wasted

Realizing at this moment what I must begin to do

I pull myself together and start to do what my heart deems as true

Vowing on that day to never let my heart down again

The shadow that haunted me is replaced with a light within

A purpose of my life is now shown to me so very clearly

Is to take care and listen to what I held so close and dearly

Our hearts hold the light to illuminate the darkness and it’s wrath

Keep it happy and it will always be the light to shine our path

* This poem is based on something I was feeling a few years ago

Fearless Heart


I can feel a storm coming but I remain calm in my being

Anxiety wants in to let me witness what it is seeing

I refuse to give in for that is too easy to do

 Never known for taking the easy way out I remain firm and true

Gazing into the storm with a peerless determination

My will faithfully by my side to aide in this perilous confrontation

The storm comes at me with everything it’s got to break me down

Telling me all I have to do is say I quit but I never make a sound

Battered and bruised with the fire of courage in my eyes

Absolute in my determination no matter how fierce the storm or size

I still remain here strong while the storm has it’s day

But I will be the one in the end to have the final say

A treasure after the storm is to be found greater than any monetary wealth

To know our ability to endure hardships of any kind is to find our true self

This to me is more valuable than any priceless art

Knowing that we all possess deep inside a fearless heart

Dancing To The Music Of Her Heart


I walk into the room feeling a power I cannot describe

Others gather around walking towards this power in a silent stride

I find myself compelled to see this power that is alluring me

Feeling so drawn to this presence like it will set me free

I find an inner peace among the others where I stand

No words are spoken for we know just to watch is our hearts demand

A beautiful woman stands in the middle of the room

Capturing the eyes of all with her essence radiating like a sunset bloom

She starts to move in perfectly calculated steps

Her eyes fully closed as she moves with elegance free of regret

Enchanting the crowd with her effortless flow

Taking away our sorrows and heartaches for the rest of her show

Her dance seem like heaven and earth are not so far apart

As we witness this angel dancing to the music of her heart



I remember the days when I had no past

I lived every moment and forever they seemed to last

A future undecided everyday I was driven

To just be free exploring life was my mantra for everyday living

The day when I stared into the eyes of love for the very first time

The sight of her made time stop as I basked in her heavenly shine

Memories with childhood friends forged and never forgotten

They all shall remain with me even when my body lies cold and rotten

The family gatherings with all of us sitting joyfully at the dinner table

It seems so long ago when all of us were willing and able

All I have left are these memories that I have treasured for so long

In times of weakness they are what keeps me alive and strong

When I feel lonely I stare out of my window to resuscitate these memories

My imagination plays the film with the outside world as my scenery

These memories are mine and mine alone in my heart is where they sleep

Until the day nostalgia comes again to take them out of their restful keep

The Soul Of A Beach And Ocean

ocean beach

Standing on a dune feeling the salty breezy mist on my outstretched hands

Taking in the shining glittering sights of tiny gems that make up the sands

I hear and feel the waves crashing on the shores below me as I stand in awe

My heart and soul remain wide open to hear natures splendorous call

I make my way down to the beach and the feeling in me gets so much stronger

A feeling inside ready to explode with joy and laughter I can contain no longer

The sea and the sand coming together in a perfect beautiful union

There is no other place I would rather be to feel this harmonic communion

The wet kisses of the mist from the sea washing away my copious thoughts

As my heart embraces these moments of freedom that my mind has fervently sought

I can feel every grain of sand gently embracing my feet as I walk this enchanted land

No need for words for nature is speaking to me in a language my soul understands

Coming together as one with the water the wind the earth and sun inside of my heart

A peace comes over me knowing the soul of a beach and ocean leave with me when I depart

The Irreplaceable Sun


Watching over the earth and all it’s reach

Raining down the radiant light to the lands that lay beneath

Without it there would be no splendorous colors to behold

Colors that illuminate my heart lighting the prism of my soul

The brilliance of the deep blue seas to the green lush valleys to be replaced

By a veil of darkness that hides the earths beautiful face

The beauty of the spring the summer the fall would not been seen

Winter would be the only season that would remain and the pale it brings

So I wake up everyday with a smile when the sun takes me in it’s warm embrace

I treasure the life it gives for when it’s gone will not be replaced

The Majestic Lake Of Clarity


Standing in the deep dark woods unsure of where I was going

Everywhere I look is the same with no path revealed or showing

I keep walking blindly only guided by my intuition

My heart is usually my guide but it is lying in a dark submission

As the cold breath of darkness looms over my shoulder

The thoughts of never getting out make my body grow so much colder

So I stop to listen for the stillness in between the silence

Toning down the sounds of the woods and closing down my eye lids

I begin to breathe in deep giving the breath of life to my heart

Listening to my heart beat steadily as life in me has begun to start

I open my eyes knowing fully where I am now heading

No hesitation with every step not a single thought of regretting

As I get closer and closer I can smell and hear the lake

Standing in the wide open now fully in the bright sun I begin to shake

Happiness begins to fill my void seeing things as clear as day

Oh how I have waited so long to see the blue skies that turned from gray

I now realize even when things were dark all along my heart still guided me

It lead the way for me to be at this moment at the majestic lake of clairty

Destiny And The Shadows Of Doubt


As I walk through the murky darkness of life

Shadows of doubt consume my thoughts that dim my light

At times I feel lonely and lost with no progress to be shown

Watching everything crumble around me as I stand alone

These shadows of doubt devour me trying to blacken my heart

Beating slower and slower until I start to fall apart

But I go on as my will does not let me quit

As long as my heart still beats and my soul is still lit

My dreams give me clues to what my heart and soul are trying to say

So I listen close and pay attention to turn this darkness into day

The pieces of my dreams puzzle fall onto the canvas of my life

Revealing with time my path guided by my internal light

Life is now pulsating in me with my heart shining like the brightest star

I can feel and taste it with my whole being I know I have come so far

The universe holds many paths that only my heart is the wisest to choose

So I take destiny by the hand and the shadows of doubt forever I lose

A Dream Of Final Rest

Image Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration


In need of no wings I soar the sky

 The vibrant brush of wind surrounds me as I climb ever so high

Flying down just above the blue green ocean

Feeling the cool soothing mist while I fly in slow motion

I close my eyes and spread my arms out wide

No fear no sorrow nothing for me to collide

I open my eyes and start to soar up again

Glistening beads of mist falling away from my skin

Beauty is everywhere as far as my eyes can see

From the flowers to the plants to the trees to the seas

I begin to fly higher and higher so that the earth is beneath

Infinite colors of light surround the earth like a wreath

At this moment I realize my vision of beauty is so very small

When the universe is the definition of beauty that encompasses all

My heart beats so hard it feels like it’s ripping through my chest

Inside me knows it wants to join the cosmos and have it’s final rest

So I let it go and it takes my soul with it far away

Finally feeling at home as I wake from my dream at peace where I lay



A feeling that hides but it is always there

To reveal itself when I am open and aware

From noble deeds to be seen to the majestic words that are written

And the sounds to be heard raining down emotion on my soul with my hearts permission

Coming from everywhere and often times from nowhere

Reminding me that I still have a beating heart that still loves and still cares

I treasure these moments because it shows me I am alive

My heart beating with purpose and the tears of compassion that fills my eyes

A spark that lights my fire deep inside

Lighting up the darkness it no longer hides

Waiting in the dark corner it yearns to be found

Sitting patiently safe and sound

Revealing itself it sits in plain sight

My inspiration I see you now giving me the light to my night

Pale Blue Skies And Golden Horizons

golden horizon

Walking on a path in the direction my heart can only understand

My destination seems so far I don’t know if I can

This destination is what my heart truly seeks

So this is no time for me to be stagnant and weak

I steady my pace and I keep going

My head held high with the light in my eyes of the horizon showing

Seeing many other people and animals along the way

I say nothing and just point the direction that lay

They all join me on my journey without saying a word

Listening to the words of their heart is only what is heard

We walk the same path breathing the same air traveling as one

Feeling the same wind the same love the same sun

All with the same reflection of the horizon in our eyes

The golden light of love that we hold deep inside

Mesmerized by the twinkling jewels that the nights sky displays

To the warmth of the sun that kisses our skin in the bright sunny days

The closer we get to our destination our souls start to brighten

And finally now we have reached the pale blue skies and golden horizons



Walking along side a tranquil stream

I start to realize things are not what they seem

Then I notice something that catches my eye

Being in the woods I realize everything is alive

I look in the direction of what has caught my attention

I see nothing but the trees and natures sounds from all directions

Being aware now I feel gazing eyes prying down upon me

Everywhere at once I feel a presence of something I do not see

I keep walking cautious with every step I take

Sounds of breaking leaves and branches with every move I make

Beams of sunlight illuminating through the cracks of the trees

Lighting up the forest with the soft glow of colors to be seen

I stop to a perfect stillness something like a trance

Being in awe of what I am feeling paralyzed in my stance

I watch life around me unfold in front of my very eyes

No longer hiding timid in natures masterful disguise

Butterflies fluttering around me some landing on my skin

The gentle subtle touch has instantly warmed my heart within

I realize at this moment what is happening

I am being embraced by love with fear no longer entrapping me

My heart pleads with my mind for this to be real

Then I wake in my bed with memories of a dream surreal