When I’m Gone

Image by Ngo Minh Tuan from Pixabay

Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone
Use the tears on the joy of a new life
Sprouting from a seed nourished by nature
Guided to face the sun with your loving hands
So they feel the warmth of love out of darkness

I’ve found a home in your heart years ago
It all started when I gazed in your eyes
Sharing an infinite moment in slowed time
Our auras glowed of a bright golden light
While it gently rained of miniature stars

So lucky I feel to have been in your life
The world could use your loving heart
To feel the love I always saw in your eyes
So save your tears for the joy of a new life
Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone


Raindrops And Roses

beautiful bloom blooming close up
Photo by Jovana Nesic on Pexels.com

I never thought the day would come
A call that wilts flowers in the room
Words of sorrow that crushed my spirit
News that sent wolves to howl at the moon

This cut goes far deeper than the flesh
Straight to the heart with perfect aim
In time I recovered from this deep wound
But truth is I never really became the same

I wish I could talk to you just once more
Regrets become the topic of every thought
Sleepless nights are shadowed by memories
Recalling life lessons you unknowingly taught

Let the doves carry you away to eternal peace
Where the flowers bloom for you my friend
Raindrops and roses I leave for your memory
Rest well until I see you again


Never Be Forgotten

old grave

Rest my friend in the warm
comforting womb of earth

Trapped in the fog of death
since the day of our birth

The same person we see today
now gone the next

Sorrow the only emotion with pain
making a home in the chest

We all look to the sky and ask why now

As tears rain down our cheeks looking
on with a furrowed brow

Disbelief of the event that you have
gone away

All is left is the tears that fall
on the soil where you lay

The memories of you flood the mind
and pierce the heart

Scarred by your passing the world
seems to be falling apart

The words of goodbye never left my
lips for your ears to hear

So I hope my thoughts and memories
of you will keep you near

For you and the others I raise
a toast for the fallen

I promise even though you are gone
you will never be forgotten