Others fly away while my wings feel
clipped and all I can do is float
my dreams to the sky

I have the same feathers and the same
wings and I still find myself
unable to fly

Being told in my adolescence that birds
like me were never meant to reach
the highest mountain peaks

My heart beats faster as every thought
of those words stain repetition in
my mind keeping me down and weak

Then I remembered what an elder bird said
to me as the words scroll by in the
aura of true wisdom

It said to take those words that weigh you
down and turn them into winds of
courage to be free from the
shackles of your prison

I look to the mountain peaks as ferocious
winds fueled by every word of doubt
begin to pick up underneath
my wings

I fly to the mountain top proudly spreading
my feathers and I then decide to soar past
going for the stars to catch up
to my unshackled dreams