The Lone Wolf

silhouette dog on landscape against romantic sky at sunset
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Traversing miles and miles day and night
Braving the harsh world made for the strong
Every new season brings trials and challenges
With strength in the heart the wolf carries on

A nomad that makes the world their home
The odd puzzle piece that can’t fit in packs
Never to settle in one place for too long
Moving forward without a mirror to look back

Wonderment of the world quells the loneliness
Solitude sharpens the senses wandering eye
The wolf listens deeply to the soul when to stay
And being aware to know when to say goodbye

Through the woods and over snowy peaks
Walking with courage on uncharted paths
With the limit of stars in their eyes they go
Leaving a trail of experience for the past


The Train To Nowhere

train in railway
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Cruising down these tracks of wood and steel
Sipping cognac while my eyes drink in the view
Ludovico Einaudi plays keys in my headphones
As I nestle deep in a harmony I never knew

I feel like I’m flying through the woods
Floating free on a cotton candy cloud
Subtle bumps on the track is a reminder
I am still here riding on stable ground

Crossing a bridge reveals pristine waters
Glistening like diamonds on a sapphire road
The sun weaves its rays through open peaks
Warming the back of nature when she is cold

Day and night I journey to the unknown
A one way ticket is all I got in my hands
Hopefully in the process I will find myself
Down these tracks through tranquil lands

Drum Of Courage


As I walk down the halls of darkness
Blind and unsure of where it will lead
All I have is the beat of my drum
So I march to where I cannot see

The cold whispers of fear warn me
Telling me to go back where I came
The drum beat urges me to move on
Even if I will never be the same

Throughout the sleepless eternal nights
I walk even when I feel I can’t go on
This dark path was meant to break me
Beat me down until I am withered and gone

I fall to my knees in a puddle of tears
Awaiting the reaper to take me away
I hear the drum loudly from my heart
Reminding me of this path I must stay

Finally I see the end of the darkness
Fallen cherry blossoms gather at my feet
I’ve come to the end of my journey
My legs feeling tired and very weak

The strength I needed was hidden inside
In the darkness I had it all along
It was the drum of courage
That kept me marching to its song




Others fly away while my wings feel
clipped and all I can do is float
my dreams to the sky

I have the same feathers and the same
wings and I still find myself
unable to fly

Being told in my adolescence that birds
like me were never meant to reach
the highest mountain peaks

My heart beats faster as every thought
of those words stain repetition in
my mind keeping me down and weak

Then I remembered what an elder bird said
to me as the words scroll by in the
aura of true wisdom

It said to take those words that weigh you
down and turn them into winds of
courage to be free from the
shackles of your prison

I look to the mountain peaks as ferocious
winds fueled by every word of doubt
begin to pick up underneath
my wings

I fly to the mountain top proudly spreading
my feathers and I then decide to soar past
going for the stars to catch up
to my unshackled dreams

Rising Courage


I awake this morning just
like the rest

Feeling the familiar in
and out compression
of my chest

But this time it feels just
a little different

An energy rising in me so
close so intimate

After thoughts flood my mind
of my most painful defeat

Visions paint a vivid picture
of myself broken staring
at my feet

I never thought I would have
the energy to battle on

Especially after the last defeat
when I heard the ends
marching song

So I gather myself and face my
defeat again

But this time I will stand my
ground because I plan
to win

The wings of doubt will not take
it’s flight

Not while I still breathe and
have the will to stay and

I rise now to face my foes
with undaunted purpose

My face lighting up to show
my will revealing itself
on the surface

When faced with defeat after
defeat I will never be

I can always rally and look
for strength in my
rising courage