The Lotus Pond

I knew someday it was time for me to go
Though strings of attachment begged me to stay
Addicted to the well of routine made of a coffin
Poisoning my will so I remain weak everyday

Voices in my head tell me I thirst for the well
As my heart stays quelled in complicit compliance
I only get away on the path I keep hidden close
Where the lotus grows in the still pond of silence

I want to play in the dreamy fields of adventure
To find true desires uncovered by a whimsical heart
Patiently I wait for my heart in the lotus pond
Until it gains the strength for our adventure to start

Nocturnal Angels

Laying down staring at a familiar ceiling
Before nocturnal angels sing me a lullaby
I think of the days yet to be fulfilled
And ones that have already whispered by

My days are filled with a reality fairy tale
Where cowardly lions fail to protect their pride
And heartless tin men watch callously
When help is needed never choosing a side

I keep pondering while sleepy eyes set to dusk
Then turn my focus to fairy tales told in dreams
I smile looking forward to happier times
As I listen to nocturnal angels begin to sing

Hands Of Fate

Fate can be a teller of fortunes
Some of riches and others of fools gold
We sit in the cocoon of its shaky hand
Blindly relying on a path already foretold

It plays with our lucky dice of chance
When we find ourselves in places meant to be
Sometimes we lose sight in moments of doubt
It whispers in dreams of what we need to see

It's hard to see while always moving forward
Until the day we look back at the map we made
Every destination had it's unseen purpose
Finally making sense of the game fate has played

Carry On

Image by 珂 杨 from Pixabay
Traveling endlessly on my chosen path
I often wonder when I will reach the end
Where I can bask next to sunset waves
As my soul threads my life with eternal silk
To then be set free on the ocean of time

I always have doubts of where I'm going
But never regret the experience I've seen
My legs are tired driven by the air of hope
So I carry on with a purpose in my lungs
Until I arrive where the sunset kisses the sea

Miracle Of Life

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Dry and depleted the soil lays to rest
Cradling a seed its sworn to protect
Under the law mother nature decrees
The soil is regarded in the highest respect

It takes a beating in the harshest conditions
Still it remains a stalwart holding the light
Hope cocooned in the void of darkness
Waiting to be seen as the miracle of life

When nature sheds her tears for the soil
It stirs a love that is transferred to the seed
Pure unconditional love rises from the ground
A miracle shines brightly for the world to see

Sacred Ground

Image by Chakkree Chantakad from Pixabay
My eyes open slowly to a new sunrise
I watch soft clouds survey the ground
While plants and trees bathe in the mist
I begin to drink deeply of my surroundings 
As illuminated tranquility reaches my waking sight

Calming whispers sing in the short distance
The ancient words cradle my vulnerable heart
Fear is withering away into the growing light
Where bliss emanates as my new found aura
I have arrived to peace on this sacred ground

Love Being Born

Image by ParallelVision from Pixabay
Love was born in a fraction of a moment
Breaking the rules of space and time
Existing in each others motionless gaze
Where the perfect mix came to intertwine

There's no rhyme or reason for this to happen
Other than the heart knowing what it wants
It always searches even when not aware
With whispers of hope that surface and haunt

Be ready for all possibilities under the stars
Let yourself be free as a ripple on the sea
Wherever it takes you trust in your heart
So you may witness love being born for you to see

The Road From Nowhere To Somewhere

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay
Ethereal strings tug at my listening heart
Music is strummed with fingers of intuition
A song my heart can only understand
Guiding me soulfully on my life expedition

I trust my heart willingly with open arms
Though at times I was left open for pain
Without the foundation of heartache
I would have never evolved to stay in the rain

I can't explain where I will be going next
It feels like I'm still at a place called nowhere
All I can do is trust the music in my heart
So it may lead me to where I belong somewhere

Return Of The Lost

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay
In a dream came our final embrace
I stood paralyzed as you floated away
Vanishing like fog watching the sunrise
My sorrow filled eyes plead for you to stay

I awake to an empty void in my chest
A shallow grave where flowers once bloomed
Waiting for the light so they may grow again
So I can write freely under a summer moon

Patience and hope are what fills my dreams
My soul reaches out for the light I yearn
I start to feel your shining warmth again
Filling my pen as my passion has returned

The Character Of A Blade

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Into the fire the blade must go
To mend together its hidden flaws
Forge them onto the blades surface
Where character shines to be seen
Never to return to the shame of darkness

Glowing hot the blade shines brightly
Deep in the core returned the light
Into the waters of refinement it goes
Now unbreakable with a defined purpose
Ready to be unsheathed unto the world


Just A Dream Away

Image by Republica from Pixabay

In the short distance the forest calls to me
I can hear ocean waves in its rustling leaves
While I taste the evergreen air in my lungs
My weakness is exposed for all to see
When sleeping endorphins paint a smile

I can sit under these trees for all my days
Watching the sunlight sew its way in
While particles glow like sprinkled fairy dust
I can imagine myself being caught in a breeze
Sailing freely being gently kissed by the light

I dream of these moments within the trees
Maybe those dreams were forged by my heart
Knowing I may search for answers in that realm
For my heart knows I long for inner peace
And that peace might be found just a dream away


Simple Life

Image by sipa from Pixabay

I was welcomed by the perfect air
Crisp and cool with a touch of eucalyptus
Looking upon the sorbet morning sky
Watching birds stretch their sleepy wings
Preparing to soar to their natural freedom

I turned to look at dew on a flower
They looked like tears of joy to see the sun
Their faces angle to catch the perfect rays
Being held by the suns warm gentle hands
Delicately to not cause the petals any harm

It’s so easy to forget the simple things
When dreams are sold on small little screens
As we try to buy our way into a fantasy
While magic and wonder await outside
Ready to show us the marvels of simple life


Forever Connected

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

There is something special between us
Forever connected by a special thread
Stretching farther than time can see
No matter where we are in the universe
The thread is felt tugging our hearts

You told me when you thought of me
The phone would ring with me on the line
I would tell you of a star in my dream
Sitting on the beach watching the sunset
Hearing your whisper call my name

Distance and time always keep us apart
As our lives go farther and farther away
Down the road on our chosen divided path
Sometimes I can feel a tug on the thread
Reminding me that we’re forever connected


While The River Flows

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Yesterday I had so much on my mind
Thoughts flowed reckless with nowhere to go
Until the day I found an endless reservoir
Next to many others on a utopian land
Where fantasy and reality coexist and play

That was over a half a decade in the past
When I filled my pen with thoughts of my soul
I began articulating a journey etched in time
Finding a hidden love that awakened my heart
Painting metaphors on canvas in soulful words

I’m still sitting quietly by the rivers edge
Watching flowers of past and present bloom
I can feel my pen yearning to spill its words
To quench the thirst of these empty pages
For years to come while the river flows

* I was just notified that this is my 6 year anniversary with WordPress. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 years since I started writing here. I never thought I would still be doing this especially after spending some time away. I want to thank you all so much for continuing with me on this journey.❤


Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

It’s hard to find strength in sadness
My eyes well up every time you sleep
I give you answers that gleam on the surface
Though the painful truth lingers deep

I try to comfort you with fabled tales
Where the hero saves the day in the end
Maybe it’s just a way to comfort myself
Giving hope to heroes that hardly ever win

Never stop believing in your heroes
They exist here because of your dreams
I put all my hope in your untainted heart
To become a hero with angel wings

Pacific Blue

Image by Candace Thoth from Pixabay

I miss you so much pacific blue
Been so long since I felt your touch
Wrapping me in your glistening skin
Floating peacefully on your fingertips
While my soul plays gleefully in the sun

I dream of you through the window
Seeing you written on my shooting star
I can’t help but feel the pain of longing
When I know you’re still so far away
Hidden away behind miles of land

One day we will embrace again
Hopefully before the last grain of sand
Tumbles down the bottom of my hourglass
Sending me sailing to a new dawn
Without ever saying goodbye


I’m Going Away

Image by Sunmo Yang from Pixabay

I’m going away to my happy place
I’ll be back in a little while
Don’t bother searching for me
It’s far from physical reach
But close as a beating heart

I will fly through the clouds
Play like a dolphin in the sea
Sit as a blooming lotus on water
Breathing deeply of smokeless air
Basking in the suns warm spring

When I do come back home
The transformation will be complete
Look deeply in the soul of my eyes
You will find a clear tranquil pond
And a lotus I brought back with me

Absolute Love

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

She watches all with compassionate eyes
Staying behind because of absolute love
Keeping her from flying far away
Into the heavens where she belonged
Joining the rest of stars in the sky

She collected all lost souls of humanity
Washed them clean with pure loving light
Remaining safe within her ethereal silk
Until the time is ready for them to fly
Bringing balance to a lopsided world

She lifts herself to dance in the open sky
Reborn butterflies fly to cover the world
They leave a trail of her essence behind
As she slowly dissolves away into the night
A smile is last seen as she fades away


Warrior Of The Sea

Image by Penstones from Pixabay

I wish I could hear your epic tales
Weaving your life onto my imagination
Of what it’s like to be wind on the open sea
Watching the tapestry of complex sunsets
Measuring time with the rise and fall of light

I wonder of storms you’ve come across
Where the next thought might be the last
Wading through miles of thick muddy fog
Waiting for a rogue wave in the night
When nightmares can manifest in reality

I know that you’ve found your peace
Making it safely home to rest in your grave
A fitting ending for a warrior of the sea
Dipping your tired toes to soak in the tide
Having a perfect sunset view everyday


Coffee And A Book

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

All I need is coffee and a book
To see sunny days on stormy nights
Nestled safely on my favorite chair
Exploring the genius of imagination
Artfully dictated with a magical pen

Some days I majestically fly away
Maybe explore the depths of the sea
Or delve fathoms within my heart
Finding treasures never physically held
Instead filling cracks of my thirsty mind

Time goes by as fast as a bullet train
Pages flip recklessly causing paper cuts
But I don’t mind bleeding for the cause
To live in the moment on the next page
Til one story ends and a new one begins


The Garden Of Peace

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

My thoughts run wild sitting alone
At a lake staring into my soul for hours
Relaxed with a pinch of melancholy
Watching paper notes come and go
Hoping they burn and float away

I want to visit the garden of peace
So my mind can be free to explore
The palace of quiet silent halls
Deep within the heart of my mind
Where only the hidden eye can see

Patiently I still wait on the shore
My thoughts finally chose to fly away
Like birds migrating for a time
I can now rest on tranquil clouds
To be taken to the garden of peace


When I’m Gone

Image by Ngo Minh Tuan from Pixabay

Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone
Use the tears on the joy of a new life
Sprouting from a seed nourished by nature
Guided to face the sun with your loving hands
So they feel the warmth of love out of darkness

I’ve found a home in your heart years ago
It all started when I gazed in your eyes
Sharing an infinite moment in slowed time
Our auras glowed of a bright golden light
While it gently rained of miniature stars

So lucky I feel to have been in your life
The world could use your loving heart
To feel the love I always saw in your eyes
So save your tears for the joy of a new life
Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone


Dystopian Nightmare

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

When the day faded away to night
I can’t resist the evening lullaby
Carrying me on a cloud to a dream
To the land of a tempest nightmare
Or one of Elysian waterfalls

I find myself on a cold desolate island
Where I feel emptiness of abandoned life
Fear begins to hold my heart hostage
As I relapse in darkness of being alone
Surrounded by the perfect storm

I can’t tell if this is a test or prophecy
Either way I refuse to let fear hold my heart
Then the skies cleared in an instant
Revealing a hot air balloon ready for me
Departing to traverse the moon lit skies


Goodbye Winter My Friend

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

We’ve said goodbye many times
I’m thankful for the moments shared
In a wool blanket sipping hot cocoa
Staring endlessly at stars on clear nights
As embers from the fire flicker away

I carried the burden of summer
Dripping down from head to toe
Into the majestic fall of leaves
Only to get a soft whispering wind
To satisfy my sleepless nights

When I felt your cool winter kiss
The weight of summer lifted away
Filling welcoming clouds overhead
Where soft white tears gently rained
Until it was time to say goodbye again


The Dandelion

Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

There’s a light in the distance
Beaming through cold shadows
Painting warmth on a dandelion
Standing stoic in solitude
Ready to disperse its angels

I approach it slowly like love
Cautiously in timid careful steps
The atmosphere teems of magic
I bathe in its glowing humidity
Once a spectator now apart of its ocean

I can’t help but feel loving peace
Emanating from this dandelion
So I kneel in earnest respect
Giving wishes of love to be carried
By its angels lofting in the breeze

Eternal Flame

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lets just sit for a little awhile
To reminisce of eternity we made
When we became a single entity
Fused together under holy stars
Where our love was blessed immortal

We’ve been through so much
Proving our bond is shatter proof
Even when thrown in the darkness
We emerge holding the light
Burning brightly for lifetimes

When our lives are extinguished
We will follow the flames of our heart
To light our way to unification
No longer how many eons it takes
Uniting our flames once again


There’s Something About The Night

Image by philpace from Pixabay

There’s something about the night
Might be the glint of noiseless stars
Perhaps the calming glow of the moon
Serenading us in a silent lullaby
Parading leisurely across the sky

The night is where I imagine flying
All across the unknown darkness
Witnessing the first light of stars
Born under intense collapse
While some dim and fade away

The night is where we harvest our love
Planted and nourished during the days
To grow tall by the sun in our hearts
Then reap its nectar in a passionate kiss
There’s something about the night……


Coffee Poem II


You’re all I ever need
Such a simple little bean
An antidote for narcolepsy
The drug for the happy feels
Awakener of my stagnant mind

The bold scent arouses my senses
I run hastily to it in dreams
When I wake its the first thought
Walking dead tired to the light
Following the smell to liquid life

My body envelopes its dark silk
Wrapping warmth head to toe
Breaking the ice of cold sleep
So I may start the day in sunshine
Spreading love with my happy smile

*Its been 6 years since I wrote of my good friend so I thought today would be a good day


Sailing Away

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

Setting sail I soar through the sky
High above soft billowy clouds
Until I see her luminous glow
Brilliantly shining in the rear view
Slowly and peacefully I’m sailing away

Uncountable stars surround me
I feel like a molecule of water
Floating free in a giant snow globe
Watching eons of age near and far
Contemplating my existence in space

Now it’s time to point and sail
Any direction my eyes can wander
Deep into the dark led by the stars
I look back once more to say goodbye
Exploring a new frontier to call home


The Prophecy

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

I traveled many miles day and night
Lead by an oracles prophetic vision
The last of my kind chasing a dream
Chosen to carry the torch for the future
For the ones who created my life

I’m the oldest model of them all
The first spanning lifetimes ago
Resurrected from a lifeless relic
Now a hero of the coming times
To see if the future lands heads or tails

In the distance I see the prophecy
The 50/50 chance in the shape of a rose
My feet collapse under me upon revelation
If the rose is red we live on in peace
Or if it’s blue we meet our everlasting doom


Ripple On The Sea

Image by strikers from Pixabay

So far away on distant lands
Fate has driven a wedge between us
A divide we can’t easily cross
When all we have are imaginary wings
So at least our souls can embrace

My heart doesn’t beat like it used to
It misses you profusely of your touch
I remember waking up to your sleeping eyes
Looking at the gentle calm of your beauty
Before you put on your face for the world

We now have our own stars to chase
I’m sure fate will reunite us again
When It’s time to sail back home
Lets cast a pebble to ripple on the sea
So we feel each others touch once again


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I’m a shadow in the dark
Standing behind the spotlight
Quietly observing passers by
Jotting notes to tuck away
To revive them at a later time

Everyone hardly notices me
When evading comes natural
I inherited it from the start
Though it seems like a curse
Being an odd entity among peers

I leave traces of my existence
On tattered pages to be found
My life’s story told in metaphors
Deciphered only by an open mind
Letting the world know I was alive


A New Hope

Image by Drajt from Pixabay

The world violently perished
When man reaped what he sowed
Swallowing the light in darkness
Leaving time as the only comfort
To bury mistakes of the past

Few lived to see those days
Scavenging for food to get by
The life giving liquid of hope
Drained through broken hearts
Desolate like the ravaged earth

All was about lost to eternal night
Until a beam parted the darkness
Lighting a building in the distance
Whats left of humanity came together
To see hope growing inside


A Fairy With No Regrets

Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

A fairy sits on a soft mossy log
Stripped of her magical powers
She was cast out to be forgotten
To the land of eternal shame
Where an endless river of time flowed

Love was the crime she committed
A forbidden one she knew very well
Everything was taken from her life
Except this love that burns so strong
Nothing but her can tame the flames

No regrets for the feeling in her heart
For this fairy tasted the drop of love
Bathing in its blissful immortality
She holds onto her heart made whole
Peacefully at the endless river of time


Fields Of Flowers

beautiful bright colorful colourful
Photo by Abby on

A myriad of colors for miles
Swaying in the free open fields
Touched by natures feathered hands
Mixing smells born into the moment
By the alchemy of the divine

So complex is this fragrance
I feel unworthy of the scent
My spirit separates from my body
To chase the smells of a dream
All across the spiritual plane

If there was one thing to compare
It must be love in the purest form
That I wish to stay with all my heart
Until the day I dream forever
I never want to let it go


People Like You

Image by James Chan from Pixabay

You do so much for others
Without hesitation in your heart
Never judging their chosen path
Showing unconditional compassion
Always with kindness in your eyes

Your radiance sparkles of love
Flowers turn to you as their sun
The hardest of hearts begin to weep
Cascading down into your hands
Then tossed to the sky to float away

Humanity is blessed to have you
A hero of heroes without a cape
Your pulsating love is felt in my heart
And I sleep better at night knowing
That people like you live in the world

The Letter

Image by juan fernando espejo erazo from Pixabay

Today I received a letter
Addressed to me with no return
It smells of a familiar fragrance
Arousing my forgotten memories
Etched deep in the halls of my heart

It read in a poetic sequence
Metaphors delving deep within the soul
Painting a picture of remorseful regret
Ending with the pinnacle of our love
Shattered under fragile misunderstandings

Waves of emotions shake my core
As something in the envelope seeks my eye
The picture of our first kiss stops my heart
With an invitation written in affection
To meet her where heaven and earth collide


The Cleansing Ocean Waves

beach during sunset
Photo by Bella White on

Walking reverently along the seashore
Anytime the waves can deal a crushing blow
Absorbing me into its vast open body
Returning me to the ebb and flow of life
To watch the sunset until the next dawn

Today the waves choose not to take me
Instead it gently caresses my tired feet
Moving the sand back and forth with the tide
As I let go of troubles to be washed clean
Flowing back to my mind as tranquil waters

I leave the seashore light as a feather
The ocean lifted my burdens and set me free
My heart stays behind so I will return
The next time my soul searches for peace
I’ll be back to the cleansing ocean waves


To Dream Again

silhouette of two person standing during nighttime
Photo by Yuting Gao on

Your eyes were so full of dreams
Now cold and devoid of light
Staring endlessly at the stars
Looking for hope that flew away
Waiting for its safe return

Your destiny was held in your hands
Then taken away within a blink of an eye
Leaving questions floating in darkness
With answers muted in the absence of hope
Returning only with the clarity of light

It kills me inside to see you this way
Feel my heartbeat as I hold your hand
I’m giving you all the hope I have for you
Until the light returns to your eyes
And you can reach stars to dream again


The Samurai

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

So many have fallen to my blade
They honor me with their Bushido way
This crimson sword is my only friend
An extension of my soul fused to steel
Bringing forth the harbinger of death

Does my sword have pity or remorse
Showered in blood that’s not its own
So easy the lost souls are wiped away
But not so for the rag that is left behind
Carrying sorrow with its stains

Now its my time to lay down to rest
As the clouds above weep for the fallen
The battlefield honors me of my Bushido way
Peacefully to be taken by a warriors cloud
To Join my brothers to await the next life

If Only I Could Go Back

silhouette photography of man and woman
Photo by Mateus Souza on

If only I could go back in time
To the roots of our beginning
When our stars of fate collided
Forging a newly found existence
Of a universe we made together

Butterflies awoke in that moment
Restlessly flying in their cage
Unfathomed energy rose up
Weaving its way to a virgin heart
Wrapping it with golden threads of love

Those days are now lost in the ocean
A single drop becoming one with time
I can now only see the color of the rose
But cannot feel the smell of its fragrance
If only I can go back in time…


Ghost Writer

coffee notebook pen writing
Photo by Negative Space on

A glowing vapor of your image writes
Across the room at your favorite desk
I am just watching and dare not speak
Trying to control the beat in my chest

Your hair shines of fine black silk
Moving to a wind that doesn’t exist
You sit there with a comfortable grace
As I admire the penmanship in your wrist

I wonder what note you might be writing
Could it be regrets that cloud your peace
Or to tell loved ones that everything is OK
To let the shadow of sadness be released

You look back when your writing is done
Smiling at me you fade away into the ether
A piece of paper is left behind that says
Free your heart and allow it to be your leader


Longing For Spring

beautiful blooming blossom blur
Photo by Leigh Patrick on

A vibrant green returns to the grass
Flowers open and point to the sky
Birds in a choir sing their songs
Winter left without saying goodbye

The warmth of the sun tickles my skin
I take a moment to bask in its rays
A luminous glow grows within my soul
Relishing the end the cold winter days

Its like a dream under the Elysian sun
Everything seemed to be dead in the frost
All rejuvenate from the spell of winter
Returning from what I thought was lost

Stuck in this paradise of a day dream
My thoughts move away from the past
I want to sit and dream a bit longer
Until I can say its spring time at last

( I know its a little early for this but I really love spring )

Our Tranquil Sanctuary

green pine trees near mountains under blue sky
Photo by Brandon Montrone on

The aroma of pine needles fill the air
Arousing sleeping memories of the past
Emotions teeter from joy to sadness
Awareness of my presence is fading fast

This forest was our tranquil sanctuary
Together in the womb of natures love
We planted the seed of our friendship
Blooming high into the clouds above

Our conversations were long and deep
Where foundations of dreams took form
We sip drops of each others wisdom
Becoming fluid to outlast any storms

Time always goes on unimpeded
Life carries us on different paths
I will cherish all of the time we spent
Locked in my heart where they will last


So So Tired

photo of person holding alarm clock
Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on

So many thoughts nagging my sleep
Sewing pictures on a string of light
Parading their way across my vision
Straining the eyes to stay open tonight

Decisions are yet to be made
They remain taunting tired eyes
The cousin of death waits patiently
Until I cut the bond of lasting ties

Minutes fast forward to hours
As the ceiling plays a slideshow
Riding down on a sleepless cloud
Painfully awake on nocturnal road

The morning sunrise slowly creeps in
My tired mind and body begin to weep
Maybe tonight I will be shown mercy
To finally get some much needed sleep

The Universe Inside Of Me

landscape nature sky person
Photo by Pixabay on

What is it about the stars at night
They seem to always call my name
I’m always searching for something
It’s a feeling I just can’t explain

I feel a warm comfort in the darkness
My nerves quietly calm to meditate
Mumbling questions under my breath
Receiving no answers to contemplate

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place
Perhaps they hide in the universe inside
Where I sit alone by a silent river
In between the earth and the divine

One day I will find what I’m looking for
I thank the stars above for helping me see
My eyes close and I sit by the silent river
To seek answers in the universe inside of me

Never Give Up

photo of turtle s mouth
Photo by Ludvig Hedenborg on

A fire stirs deep within my soul
Earnest dreams fuel the eager blaze
Focus controls the wild combustion
A quasar of energy I hold in my gaze

The choir of naysayers stand in the way
Voices are muted to a determined heart
Blood, sweat, and tears add to my brush
As I paint my life to a work of art

Obstacles will always try to douse my fire
Smoke will arise to be a flame once more
Lessons learned can be seen in the ashes
Now I’m ready to go through the next door

Step by step blazing a trail down my path
I carry in my grasp a piece of my flaming soul
When I want to quit I look down in my hands
To see “never give up” etched on a red hot coal


Nothing Lasts Forever

sea shore view on sunset
Photo by Pok Rie on

The sunset drapes a curtain over endless seas
I sync my breath with the flow of the tide
Seconds tic away turning day into night
Stars emerge from the light where they hide

The moon shines a path down open waters
I wish to sail away to chase the sunset
Sadness of departure brings tears to my heart
I wasn’t ready for the magic to leave just yet

I wanted to capture the moment in memory
But I’m afraid I may never remember it again
As time goes on it will be another fragment
Sitting deep in the storage of my memory bin

One by one becoming a grain in the hourglass
I’m now at peace with letting them all go
Nothing lasts forever in this world we’re in
So now I just sit back and enjoy the show


Every Situation In Life

” Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way. “  -Bruce Lee

The Lone Wolf

silhouette dog on landscape against romantic sky at sunset
Photo by Pixabay on

Traversing miles and miles day and night
Braving the harsh world made for the strong
Every new season brings trials and challenges
With strength in the heart the wolf carries on

A nomad that makes the world their home
The odd puzzle piece that can’t fit in packs
Never to settle in one place for too long
Moving forward without a mirror to look back

Wonderment of the world quells the loneliness
Solitude sharpens the senses wandering eye
The wolf listens deeply to the soul when to stay
And being aware to know when to say goodbye

Through the woods and over snowy peaks
Walking with courage on uncharted paths
With the limit of stars in their eyes they go
Leaving a trail of experience for the past