Destiny And The Shadows Of Doubt


As I walk through the murky darkness of life

Shadows of doubt consume my thoughts that dim my light

At times I feel lonely and lost with no progress to be shown

Watching everything crumble around me as I stand alone

These shadows of doubt devour me trying to blacken my heart

Beating slower and slower until I start to fall apart

But I go on as my will does not let me quit

As long as my heart still beats and my soul is still lit

My dreams give me clues to what my heart and soul are trying to say

So I listen close and pay attention to turn this darkness into day

The pieces of my dreams puzzle fall onto the canvas of my life

Revealing with time my path guided by my internal light

Life is now pulsating in me with my heart shining like the brightest star

I can feel and taste it with my whole being I know I have come so far

The universe holds many paths that only my heart is the wisest to choose

So I take destiny by the hand and the shadows of doubt forever I lose

14 thoughts on “Destiny And The Shadows Of Doubt

  1. I really related to this one. Must be something going around if you are writing this from current feelings. There seem to be waves we roll through. The doubts squirrel in. The waves wash over. When they recede, the sands are peppered with shiny emeralds and rubies… It’s a lovely cycle, isn’t it!?


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    1. Thank you so much! It really must be something in the air, because you are the second to comment in a similar fashion. I am glad you can relate to it. 🙂

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  2. Oh, yes…I am certain that most people, if not all who read it, will relate to this one! And I agree with Michael above, it is cycle…a beautiful rhythm that ebbs and flows. Wonderful poem! ❤

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    1. I am really happy this poem lifted your spirits Kimberly! It seem lots of people can relate to this one as I think we all go through these kinds of thoughts and emotions of doubt but in the end we always find a way. 🙂


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