Dream By The Waters Edge


Dream with me by the waters edge
Let our troubles sail the endless sea
Watch the night sky bloom before our eyes
Pretend the universe is made for you and me

We will drink the essence of stars
Dance slowly under the full moon gaze
Reverently we enjoy this magical moment
In our perfection of love for eternal days

The stars rain down in celebration
Of a connection that transcends time
We will always dream by the waters edge
Until I am in your reality and your in mine

The Sunset Before The Fall


As the summer fades away into the sunset
I stand under the autumn trees waiting for the fall
Memories made while others will be found again in nostalgia
I wish I could hold on and take them all

New colors seen under peerless sunsets
My mind taken to places far away I never knew it could go
I can still hear the ocean even when I fall asleep
As I begin to wonder if my happiness has reached the plateau

Now I sleep peacefully under a new sunset
Made with the kaleidoscope of all my memories
I found a peace I was never looking for
As it turned out it revealed an all new hidden me

The Airplane Window


Looking through the airplane window
I become nostalgic about some of
the best days of my life
that have passed

The pink and orange hues of the sunset
gives a fitting end to my journey
of the days I spent looking out
sitting on the grass

The things I saw and felt can only be
described as waking up from the
most beautiful dream and
realizing your still
in it

An awakening light rose up in me from
the very deepest of oceans within
to quench the thirst of my
yearning spirit

I didn’t know I was lost until I found
myself again basking in joy and
laughter of such I have not
felt in quite some time

I found myself thinking of poetic verses
that must have come from my soul and
entered my awakened mind

I will never forget the time spent as I
immortalize the memories onto my
heart so I can always see them
whether I am asleep or awake

I continue to stare out the window after
the memories go to sleep as I look
forward to more memories
together next time we
will make



Awakened by the shock of a broken dream
A lingering whisper crosses the fog of my mind
Deep breaths slows the rhythm of my racing heart
As I search for the source attentive to what I find

My molten body soaks in the cool sweat of its tears
Fumbling through the darkness of a dream I can’t recall
Fingertips begin to tremble in weakness
As I try to remember the words of the whispers last call

Thoughts wash away to the birds and their morning song
My heart slows to the rhythm of their tune
I remain in this moment of solace where I find peace
A gift of the soul as my heart rests in the ethereal boon

I await the sword of my whispering dreams to pierce my silence
Letters trickle in slowly as the wall begins to seethe
Words manifest as my heart begins to race with anticipation
My eyes flash open and I hear the whispers say…just breathe

Elysium Streams


Many miles I have walked on
scorching sands and over
snowy windy peaks

Searching for the path to find
a home where my soul can rest
in everlasting peace

Where abundance becomes a burden
for one but is a true blessing
for all

Auras of different shades mingle
to make the most beautiful
colors between winter
and fall

Where peace becomes not the goal
but the essence of how life
is lived

Where our measure is earned not on
how much we have but how much
we give

Oh how I yearn to walk these golden
plains on the fields of my most
passionate dreams

My soul will lead the way as my
heart remains thirsty until
quenched in the waters
of elysium streams

Photo credit:  Robert Duncanson



I feel the full moonlight of your
attention as you watch me
staring back at you

The vapors of your essence send the
stars away as I soak in the misty
drops of your hue

Your light is the unrivaled treasure
that comforts me in the time
of darkness

You quiet my thoughts with just a
gaze as I gain the focus to keep
my mind the sharpest

Wolves and creatures of the night
howl songs of their approval as
you watch with the soft glow
of your presence

A guardian standing watch over the
land bringing assured guidance
lighting up my soul in
divine luminescence

You bring the light of hope to those
that are lost in the darkness
placing no judgement on
their chosen way

As you disappear over the mountain
tops my heart calls out to you
drowning in tears pleading
for you to stay

The Birth Of Your Bloom


Behind a silky green coat you hide
the brilliance of your nature as
I stand in reverence thinking
of the colors of your
past lives

You wait for the backdrop of spring
to begin to reveal your new petals
as they slowly awaken offering a
feast of beauty for my
yearning hungry eyes

I watch you as you drink in the rays
of the sun while being cradled
by the cool soil of the loving
affection of earth

I can smell the life of your fragrance
as the soft subtle breeze spreads
your essence and I bathe in the
light of your birth

You are the reason people look up
to the sky to look for your source
for you surely couldn’t be from
this place

Even the sun can’t wait for you to
come around again to light up your
soul shining through the beautiful
colors of your face

From the beginning seed of your life
to the birth of your bloom I
chronicle your existence
and capture the moments
in the time capsule
within my heart

Each time you bloom we will always need
to find the room to add another one
of your colors to the pages of
life and its endless colorful

Mosaic Art Of Humanity


Life is a story meant to be told in
infinite shades of color each one
different from the rest

Each story has its similarities but
ultimately each is always different
from the next

Let the sun shine on the pages of
your life as you paint a picture
wearing shoes only made for you

Every stroke of your brush guided
by the whispers of your soul
reveals a picture straight
and true

Be the colorful inspiration to those
who still stare aimlessly at their
own stagnant blank page

Let them see the key resides in the
heart and if they look deep they
will find a way out of
their cage

Be the perfect example of yourself
as you paint your life showing
the world your colorful

Let our hearts paint the different
shades of our lives to be
combined in the mosaic
art of humanity

The Beauty That Is Life


The beauty that is life I breathe in deeply
allowing the essence to articulate
its own passion to the audience of
my heart and soul

Slowly exhaling this beauty as vibrations of
love resonate in the halls of my memories
for me to cherish and hold

I find myself serenaded by the songs of stars
in the night sky as I look up and
appreciate the beauty that seemed
to be lost beyond this earth

The daylight reveals itself as the sun
illuminates the beauty of life that
surrounds me as priceless comes
to mind of the earth and
her worth

I stand in the euphoric sound of silence
watching beauty flower in elegance as I
drink in the eye opening coffee of
life through soulful eyes

Each moment captured by the sacred memory of
my heart to be replayed by my soul when I
feel lost and seek wisdom that
never dies

I wake up every morning thankful for each
breath I take as nature breathes her
life into my lungs living each
day like it is my very last

When my time here comes to an end I will keep
these memories of the beauty that is life as
a warm blanket for my soul as my bones
fade away in the soil underneath
the grass

The Heart Of My Soul In The Stars


Relays of flickering light reflect off
my eyes as I lose myself in the
touch of your gaze

Watching miracles made in the sky before
the veil of light comes at the dawn
of the day

My thoughts take a back seat to emotion
as I see the passion of the universe
spread meticulously across the sky

The heart of my soul releases the equality
of love as my earnest feelings give it
wings to fly

The stars above hear the pleads of my heart
as they flicker back at me with infinite
luminous lights of their love

I can feel the synergy of our heartbeats in
rhythm as my heart flies among them with
the graceful peace of a dove

As the flickers begin to fade away
disappearing in the morning
light and I close my eyes for
these last moments of
our dance

Faint whispers of the stars invite me to join
them when my body returns to the ashes and
my soul can finally advance

A Lotus Within The Heart Of My Dreams


Let my words build you a stairway to
reach the inner sanctum of the
heart of my dreams

Close your eyes and follow the guidance
of my whispers as you intertwine
yourself in my ethereal seams

We merge together like a waterfall that
meets an endless river below

Remaining formless letting the river of
my dreams take you where it wants
to go

Tranquility rests in your being as you
are effortlessly carried closer
to the warmth of my spirit

As you soak in the raindrops of my words
they whisper sweet sonnets of love
that only your heart has the
ears to hear it

Fireworks of words explode in the air as
the embers of letters fill the canvas
of your empty thoughts

And a glowing lotus emerges into view as
it is a glimpse of my soul you have
unexpectedly caught

My Soul


When I look for you in
my times of need

You always close the wounds
of my heart when it bleeds

I always return to you asking
questions of right and wrong

You give me an answer sometimes
in the flow and rhythm of a song

I can count on you to erase
the chaos of my fears

That’s why I hold you tight and
keep you near

I feel you the most when I
am alone

The warmth of your love you
always have shown

You light the darkest of halls
with just a spark of your light

I see you when I close my eyes
which is a comforting sight

You can never be bought for
any amount of a price

Without you with me I would
be lost in this life

When I thought I lost my identity
and found my mind stifled in a jam

I looked within myself to find
you to remind me of who I am

The Soul Of A Beach And Ocean

ocean beach

Standing on a dune feeling the salty breezy mist on my outstretched hands

Taking in the shining glittering sights of tiny gems that make up the sands

I hear and feel the waves crashing on the shores below me as I stand in awe

My heart and soul remain wide open to hear natures splendorous call

I make my way down to the beach and the feeling in me gets so much stronger

A feeling inside ready to explode with joy and laughter I can contain no longer

The sea and the sand coming together in a perfect beautiful union

There is no other place I would rather be to feel this harmonic communion

The wet kisses of the mist from the sea washing away my copious thoughts

As my heart embraces these moments of freedom that my mind has fervently sought

I can feel every grain of sand gently embracing my feet as I walk this enchanted land

No need for words for nature is speaking to me in a language my soul understands

Coming together as one with the water the wind the earth and sun inside of my heart

A peace comes over me knowing the soul of a beach and ocean leave with me when I depart

Destiny And The Shadows Of Doubt


As I walk through the murky darkness of life

Shadows of doubt consume my thoughts that dim my light

At times I feel lonely and lost with no progress to be shown

Watching everything crumble around me as I stand alone

These shadows of doubt devour me trying to blacken my heart

Beating slower and slower until I start to fall apart

But I go on as my will does not let me quit

As long as my heart still beats and my soul is still lit

My dreams give me clues to what my heart and soul are trying to say

So I listen close and pay attention to turn this darkness into day

The pieces of my dreams puzzle fall onto the canvas of my life

Revealing with time my path guided by my internal light

Life is now pulsating in me with my heart shining like the brightest star

I can feel and taste it with my whole being I know I have come so far

The universe holds many paths that only my heart is the wisest to choose

So I take destiny by the hand and the shadows of doubt forever I lose

A Dream Of Final Rest

Image Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration


In need of no wings I soar the sky

 The vibrant brush of wind surrounds me as I climb ever so high

Flying down just above the blue green ocean

Feeling the cool soothing mist while I fly in slow motion

I close my eyes and spread my arms out wide

No fear no sorrow nothing for me to collide

I open my eyes and start to soar up again

Glistening beads of mist falling away from my skin

Beauty is everywhere as far as my eyes can see

From the flowers to the plants to the trees to the seas

I begin to fly higher and higher so that the earth is beneath

Infinite colors of light surround the earth like a wreath

At this moment I realize my vision of beauty is so very small

When the universe is the definition of beauty that encompasses all

My heart beats so hard it feels like it’s ripping through my chest

Inside me knows it wants to join the cosmos and have it’s final rest

So I let it go and it takes my soul with it far away

Finally feeling at home as I wake from my dream at peace where I lay

Pale Blue Skies And Golden Horizons

golden horizon

Walking on a path in the direction my heart can only understand

My destination seems so far I don’t know if I can

This destination is what my heart truly seeks

So this is no time for me to be stagnant and weak

I steady my pace and I keep going

My head held high with the light in my eyes of the horizon showing

Seeing many other people and animals along the way

I say nothing and just point the direction that lay

They all join me on my journey without saying a word

Listening to the words of their heart is only what is heard

We walk the same path breathing the same air traveling as one

Feeling the same wind the same love the same sun

All with the same reflection of the horizon in our eyes

The golden light of love that we hold deep inside

Mesmerized by the twinkling jewels that the nights sky displays

To the warmth of the sun that kisses our skin in the bright sunny days

The closer we get to our destination our souls start to brighten

And finally now we have reached the pale blue skies and golden horizons

Earth Within Us


The heart is the earth and the soul is the sun

Shining bright every moment which cannot be undone

The cloudy moments and storms come from the mind

For which you have the power to undo at any time

Let your will be the catalyst to do your choosing

The souls infinite light will provide your roofing

Plant those meaningful seeds in the soil of your heart

Feel the life in you begin to start

The sun will shine on your crop with endless light

Watch it grow with euphoric delight

Beautiful bright sunny days forever in spring we can live

All it takes is to care for what is the earth within



Being aware of the most subtle of breath I take

Euphoria rules my being that my heart will never forsake

Every gentle brush of wind to the sunlight that has kissed my skin

Feelings of gratitude warms my heart deep inside within

The sounds and smells stir nostalgia in this moment of bliss

I reminisce of the peace I felt when I finally saw through the hazy mist

Time does not belong in this moment for which it has no say

As the sun shines brighter within illuminating my soul in every which way

It’s moments like these I deem worthy as priceless

This is what it means to me to live in a moment of timeless

Moments Of Clarity

sunny day

It’s that moment of time amidst the chaotic mind

Where awareness reveals itself from the state of being blind

An epiphany arrives to show it’s face of wisdom

Striking your thoughts with flawless precision

Some feel shame and the reminiscence of regret

Others see the designs of the next greatest invention as of yet

These moments show up quickly never making a sound

When you least expect it in your sleep or just sitting around

Whispering from your soul a message meant for you

As clear as a bright sunny day your answers lay anew

These moments of clarity never plot never scheme

They only show you whether you are doing the right thing

Nature Overcomes All

ancient ruins

 A once proud structure standing in endless vegitation

Now has become a relic in decaying stagnation

An inescapable fate of what was once risen

Now a captor of natures infinite timeless prison

The seasons will pass and people will move on

All that remains is the resonance of nature so powerful so strong

People will try to burn and destroy to keep her at bay

But after your time is up she will endure and stay

She is the keeper of secrets and to few she will confide

Only tales of legend give clues to what history she hides

She will always be here long after you and I have gone

Covering up the scars of when man did her harm

Civilizations will rise and they will fall

Nature is the only one that will overcome it all

The Dream Quote

” The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscience ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscience ego could ever reach. ”

– Carl Jung

Roller Coaster Love Poem

It’s that feeling we have deep inside,

That feels more like a roller coaster ride,

Hearts racing and palms sweaty,

All there is to do is hold on and get ready,

Once that ride goes down that track,

There will not be any turning back,

Where we are going is where we are destined to be,

To that place that only our souls can see,

When you look at me with fear of this ride that appears to end,

I assure you we have the power to make time suspend,

When our hearts come together in the most harmonic of ways,

Our souls will fly together forever beyond the end of our days.