Never Lacking


Inside a void in ourselves waits
for an answer to it’s call

A hole inside that slows living
to a lifeless crawl

No material thing can be purchased
to fill this hollow void

How can we fill this hole to bring
us an immense amount of joy

It’s not what can be bought but
what can be done

The hole will stay empty even
if you own everything under
the sun

Dipping in the endless well of
compassion is a good way
to start

Simple acts of kindness to strangers
will aid the thirst of the heart

The trickles of life begin soothing
the dry empty hole drop by drop

A feeling starts to rise that can
never be bought

As the void fills with these heavenly
rains of compassion

The world seems brighter with our
hearts overflowing with passion

A new zest fills the air as we dance
to the moonlight of our soul

A sense of freedom comes over us as
the material world has lost it’s control

As we find ourselves whole reveling in
the joy of life living and laughing

Feeling lighter than air enjoying a
life of never lacking

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