My Life: A Leaf On The Wind


My life starts as a tiny budding
leaf peeking out of a branch of
the tree of life

The world presents itself to me as
I am welcomed by the comfort of
the sun and its invigorating

Waiting patiently in reverence of
my surroundings as I soak in
the lessons of life
being taught

I know I will take my place on the
wind like the others when the
moment is right and a gust
made for me is caught

I feel the moment coming so I perk
up and stretch the wings of my
leaf and I see my gust as a
strand of my favorite
color in the wind

The gust plucks me off the branch and
I say farewell to the others that
have yet to catch their own as
they say goodbye to me with
every sway and bend

The world opens to me like the first
sunrise in a never ending night
and I traverse the sky
carried by the wind
of my destiny

As the wind dies down it gently
lays me on the spot that
I know in my heart was
meant for me

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