Wishing Upon Stars

astronomy comet constellation cosmos
Photo by Neale LaSalle on Pexels.com

Beneath the magic of stars above
Lights flicker to this piano melody
I wonder who else is here this night
Casting earnest wishes out to infinity

The vastness looks so dark and deep
Twinkling stars give me comfort and hope
lighting pathways throughout the universe
I wonder what awaits us beyond our scope

I feel no chill of the late night winter
Wine fills me with the warmth of the sun
A light streaks silently through the sky
Final wishes from the heart must be done

Tilting my head towards the endless
I send my final wishes into the night
Hoping one day they will be received
To be delivered to me in a golden light



I never thought my wishes would ever come true
as I wished upon a different star every night
only to be returned to me in uninvited rain

One drop after another became deep scars I wear
soaking in the tears of anguish falling down
in a pool of sorrow laced with pain

Then something happend within the thick fog of rain
as it stops to reveal the newly open sky of stars
against the peaceful backdrop of the ebony ocean sky

Resting raindrops lay on leaves illuminated
by the full moons gaze and the fresh smell
of rain still lofts after the clouds stopped its’ cry

Sad thoughts wane away when watching the beauty
of this light return them to the darkness from
which they came and I bathe in a love I never knew

the weight of my wishes turn to mist when the
rising sun in my heart lifts them far into
the sky like the morning dew

There is no pain no sorrow no yearning for better days
for they have left no trace and as I become thankful
in this moment a wish was finally granted

A rainbow reveals itself during the sunrise of dawn but
this time the tears that fell are those of joy as the
sun lays a kiss on my heart firmly planted

So I guess wishes really do come true….

My Wishes


There are many things I wish
to see

One of those is a world free
of poverty

Where no human being will starve
in the streets

Having a place at all tables to
rest and eat

A world full of clean air to
fill our lungs

Where smog is a distant memory
over and done

To see all things respected from
all walks of life here on this earth

We all deserve the same equality
from the moment of our birth

A wish to see a united humanity
striving for the advancement of all

Instead of waging war on each other
watching other human beings cripple
and fall

Wishing the end of the crushing hate
of power and greed

Replaced by compassion and love only
doing noble deeds

Now I watch my wishes float away like
a dandelion carried by the winds of

As I yearn for the day a granter of
wishes will catch it in their scope