The Universe Inside Of Me

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What is it about the stars at night
They seem to always call my name
I’m always searching for something
It’s a feeling I just can’t explain

I feel a warm comfort in the darkness
My nerves quietly calm to meditate
Mumbling questions under my breath
Receiving no answers to contemplate

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place
Perhaps they hide in the universe inside
Where I sit alone by a silent river
In between the earth and the divine

One day I will find what I’m looking for
I thank the stars above for helping me see
My eyes close and I sit by the silent river
To seek answers in the universe inside of me

Wishing Upon Stars

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Beneath the magic of stars above
Lights flicker to this piano melody
I wonder who else is here this night
Casting earnest wishes out to infinity

The vastness looks so dark and deep
Twinkling stars give me comfort and hope
lighting pathways throughout the universe
I wonder what awaits us beyond our scope

I feel no chill of the late night winter
Wine fills me with the warmth of the sun
A light streaks silently through the sky
Final wishes from the heart must be done

Tilting my head towards the endless
I send my final wishes into the night
Hoping one day they will be received
To be delivered to me in a golden light


A Dream Of Final Rest

Image Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration


In need of no wings I soar the sky

 The vibrant brush of wind surrounds me as I climb ever so high

Flying down just above the blue green ocean

Feeling the cool soothing mist while I fly in slow motion

I close my eyes and spread my arms out wide

No fear no sorrow nothing for me to collide

I open my eyes and start to soar up again

Glistening beads of mist falling away from my skin

Beauty is everywhere as far as my eyes can see

From the flowers to the plants to the trees to the seas

I begin to fly higher and higher so that the earth is beneath

Infinite colors of light surround the earth like a wreath

At this moment I realize my vision of beauty is so very small

When the universe is the definition of beauty that encompasses all

My heart beats so hard it feels like it’s ripping through my chest

Inside me knows it wants to join the cosmos and have it’s final rest

So I let it go and it takes my soul with it far away

Finally feeling at home as I wake from my dream at peace where I lay