Waves Of Happiness

waves of happiness poemStaring off in the distance looking
for happiness that comes and
goes like the waves of the sea

Searching for that next perfect
wave to experience the euphoria
of an awake lucid dream

The feeling of a soft warm kiss by
the sun that gives me goosebumps
on my skin instead of burns

Lights of all colors become brightly
illuminated like a star kissed drop
of water everywhere I turn

The feeling of witnessing an act of
compassion between strangers that
rain tears from the eyes

The strength and will of a supposed
underdog that overcomes all odds
gaining admiration as the top prize

This happiness is hard to let go but
it must return to the sea to
be found again

I will always look for it staring off
into the seas hoping that wave will
return to me every now and then

The Calling

lakeThe calling has reached deep within my heart
in a purposeful beat echoing in the
halls of my distracted mind

The yearning I can no longer deny anymore as
the sounds of the beat of my heart becomes
louder with each second of passing time

I begin to imagine the sun embracing my
skin and the cool touch of the breeze
gently brushing my face

The sounds of nature sing its lullaby
putting me in the safe cradle of its
arms as time slows to a snail pace

The tranquility of the moment sets in
and my heart slows within the silent
waters of my empty thoughts

The sun paints a golden road across the
waters to the place my heart has
fervently sought

Road Trip

roadtripThe burden of everyday life begins to shed its
weight the farther I drive down the road as
the hypnotic tunnel of fog dissipates
to a vision more clearer

The white noise is replaced by sounds of piano
keys playing softly in the car creeping in
seductively in a melody my heart
wistfully mirrors

Miles and miles of driving everywhere and nowhere
brought a peace to my soul silencing the
chaos of my restless mind

The serenity of the open road lays the foundation
of a life so simple giving anxiety a rest
as my eyes soak in the surreal
tranquility that helps
me unwind

I can feel the lotus growing inside as my spirit
begins its transformation into the renewal
of life embracing a path to places
I have never been

Whenever I find myself lost in the fog of life
I will always know where to go to
find myself again

The Wind

sunset3The wind pushes through my window
watching the drapes flail helpless
but free in a poetic dance

Inner thoughts of heart begin to
ripen revealing the fruit of
emotions as I watch in a
prolonged glance

My youth passes by my vision as
I imagine myself freely with
arms wide open embraced
by this wind

Everywhere I go I feel out of place
as I seek a place I can call
home where I can finally
rest and live

Until that day comes I will continue
to spread my wings and fly
until the winds can
carry me no more

And I close my eyes gliding gently
to rest finally at the home
of my dreams front door

I Made It


Before I leave these sandy shores
and set sail on the turbulent
seas of my path

I bury the weight of the past in the
sand and now I am ready to face
the seas and all its wrath

I have heard the same broken record
played off the tongues of doubt
for those words I would never
let see the light of day

I walk through the crowd to the nods
of shaking heads as my head is
held high knowing what I am
doing feels right and done
my way

Fierce raging storms and strong backwards
currents almost end my journey but
as long as my sail stands strong
I will fight to the end

My promise to myself that I would make it
is a sacred bond that I will not break
under the longest strands of time and
the most ferocious of winds

I see the sandy glistening shores of my
destination and I begin to reflect on
how far I have come as I am carried
in by the soft touch of
gentle waves

I smile laying on the sand basking in a
promise fulfilled as I close my tired
eyes and whisper to myself I made
it and the sun shows me its
approval as I shine under
its rays

The Future Is Safe In Your Hands


” Some things fill your heart without trying ”

When the world seems to be lost
in the misery that seemingly
has no end in sight

I look to you as inspiration to
remind me all is not lost as
you represent the light to
carry us through the night

Your words are a comfort as I
recognize an old soul just
budding in the life of
a child

The views you share are that of
a bright shining star that has
never seen the darkness as
I look at your words I
can’t help but smile

If I were to place a sure
bet I would bet it all on
the views of your heart

I can rest my head peacefully at
night knowing you will usher
in a new era as we are safe
in your hands of the future
you will start

* This poem is dedicated to my neighbors awesome daughter Kadrianna

Infinite Moment Of Love


We defied the confines of time as we
placed ourselves in the moment we
shared together

An infinite moment tied with the
ethereal strings of our love
as we traversed the endless
sky light as a feather

I inhaled the life of your love and
exhaled the happiness of your
essence as we existed in
union in this infinite

Our intertwined souls are the materials
that made the brightest star in the
universe of true love that has
taken us to this magical place

Infinite lifetimes lived could never make
me forget your face and your love as
your mortal body slowly fades away

Your love has scarred my heart forever
and I wear it as a badge of honor so that
I am reminded of you everyday

As I finally let go I watch you float down
the river of time as I vow in my heart
to swim the river to find you again

A shooting star flies by as the whispers
heard with my heart say I love you
and I close my eyes as you watch
over me and tuck me in