Nothing Lasts Forever

sea shore view on sunset
Photo by Pok Rie on

The sunset drapes a curtain over endless seas
I sync my breath with the flow of the tide
Seconds tic away turning day into night
Stars emerge from the light where they hide

The moon shines a path down open waters
I wish to sail away to chase the sunset
Sadness of departure brings tears to my heart
I wasn’t ready for the magic to leave just yet

I wanted to capture the moment in memory
But I’m afraid I may never remember it again
As time goes on it will be another fragment
Sitting deep in the storage of my memory bin

One by one becoming a grain in the hourglass
I’m now at peace with letting them all go
Nothing lasts forever in this world we’re in
So now I just sit back and enjoy the show


The Sunset Before The Fall


As the summer fades away into the sunset
I stand under the autumn trees waiting for the fall
Memories made while others will be found again in nostalgia
I wish I could hold on and take them all

New colors seen under peerless sunsets
My mind taken to places far away I never knew it could go
I can still hear the ocean even when I fall asleep
As I begin to wonder if my happiness has reached the plateau

Now I sleep peacefully under a new sunset
Made with the kaleidoscope of all my memories
I found a peace I was never looking for
As it turned out it revealed an all new hidden me