Sailing Away

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

Setting sail I soar through the sky
High above soft billowy clouds
Until I see her luminous glow
Brilliantly shining in the rear view
Slowly and peacefully I’m sailing away

Uncountable stars surround me
I feel like a molecule of water
Floating free in a giant snow globe
Watching eons of age near and far
Contemplating my existence in space

Now it’s time to point and sail
Any direction my eyes can wander
Deep into the dark led by the stars
I look back once more to say goodbye
Exploring a new frontier to call home


Wishing Upon Stars

astronomy comet constellation cosmos
Photo by Neale LaSalle on

Beneath the magic of stars above
Lights flicker to this piano melody
I wonder who else is here this night
Casting earnest wishes out to infinity

The vastness looks so dark and deep
Twinkling stars give me comfort and hope
lighting pathways throughout the universe
I wonder what awaits us beyond our scope

I feel no chill of the late night winter
Wine fills me with the warmth of the sun
A light streaks silently through the sky
Final wishes from the heart must be done

Tilting my head towards the endless
I send my final wishes into the night
Hoping one day they will be received
To be delivered to me in a golden light


I’ll Meet You In The Moonlight


I’ll meet you in the moonlight when
the darkness washes away the
light of the day

When the night sky flowers open
bringing forth life in myriads
of stars on display

Where time slows down to a crawl
as the eyes of life here on
earth become captivated
in silence

The moonlight casts a spotlight on
our faces as we remain in our
expression in a moment
of timeless

Our souls can mingle with the stars
together anywhere in the world no
matter how far on any land
or sea

Just look upon the sky and release
your heart to the stars so your
soul can be set free

You can find me floating on the
vapor clouds of the milky way
as I watch shooting stars
fly by

We can witness the life of a star
as it explodes in tears
cascading down the
universe’s eye

When you need me I will meet you in
the moonlight so that our souls
always remain close

In the moonlight is where you will
always find me when you want to
feel my heart the most

The Heart Of My Soul In The Stars


Relays of flickering light reflect off
my eyes as I lose myself in the
touch of your gaze

Watching miracles made in the sky before
the veil of light comes at the dawn
of the day

My thoughts take a back seat to emotion
as I see the passion of the universe
spread meticulously across the sky

The heart of my soul releases the equality
of love as my earnest feelings give it
wings to fly

The stars above hear the pleads of my heart
as they flicker back at me with infinite
luminous lights of their love

I can feel the synergy of our heartbeats in
rhythm as my heart flies among them with
the graceful peace of a dove

As the flickers begin to fade away
disappearing in the morning
light and I close my eyes for
these last moments of
our dance

Faint whispers of the stars invite me to join
them when my body returns to the ashes and
my soul can finally advance

A Shining Star Within Us All


In our hearts dwell a shining star

The celestial essence of who we are

A single star among many others that shine so bright

Just like the stars we see in the evening night

We walk this earth with others that share the same

A reflection of the universe from which we came

These stars keep us warm in the coldest of days

Keeping our spirits high when tragedy has it’s way

It gives strength to those who are oppressed and weak

Giving voices to those who dare not speak

This power of which has always been inside

Once we discover it we will no longer hide

Compassion and love is the result when it’s found

Keeping us humble and always on solid ground

No matter the size we are in life big or small

We all have a shining star within us all

When I Look Out To The Stars

When I look out to the stars at night,

I see a celestial dance in the moons gazing light,

Colors of changing with each twinkle in the sky,

As soon as I focus on one another catches my eye,

A serendipitous show full of excite and wonder,

Jewels to treasure fill the night for my eyes to plunder,

A gift for my eyes and heart to illuminate my soul,

Every night is a new show for me to behold,

If the role was reversed what would these stars see,

The countless twinkle of jewels that I see these stars to be,

When I look out to the stars at night,

I see the mirror image of all of us under the moons gazing light.