Longing For Spring

beautiful blooming blossom blur
Photo by Leigh Patrick on Pexels.com

A vibrant green returns to the grass
Flowers open and point to the sky
Birds in a choir sing their songs
Winter left without saying goodbye

The warmth of the sun tickles my skin
I take a moment to bask in its rays
A luminous glow grows within my soul
Relishing the end the cold winter days

Its like a dream under the Elysian sun
Everything seemed to be dead in the frost
All rejuvenate from the spell of winter
Returning from what I thought was lost

Stuck in this paradise of a day dream
My thoughts move away from the past
I want to sit and dream a bit longer
Until I can say its spring time at last

( I know its a little early for this but I really love spring )

Spring Love

Your beauty captures my intrigue
My heart fills with the colors of love
Butterflies awaken to flutter again
Birds sing praises high above

Flowers rise to the warmth of your touch
The earth begins to bleed of green
Dullness of gray retreats away
Revealing the birth of colors to be seen

I find myself under your spell
Love of your beauty stains my heart
I feel your life just a breath away
spring is here, time for love to start


Spring Memory


The sun rises over the horizon as
the stars shyly fade away in the
mornings illuminating light

I begin to rise as the golden rays
of the sun brings forth motivation
after the evenings dying night

Feeling the heart of the world when
I step outside admiring the
revitalizing view of

I look at the poetry of nature as I
find myself reminded of the gifts
of life that didn’t cost me
a thing

The world opens to me feeding my soul
the love and infinite colors that
my heart readily seeks

As I look through the eyes of a soft
soul I understand the visions of
a full heart when it
soulfully speaks

All I want is for this vision to stay
with me even after my time here is
done and my ashes blow away

As my other memories find themselves in
the vault of the lost I only wish this
one to remain of this beautifully
magical spring day

The Awakening Of Spring

spring flowers

A young flower awakes from the night of winter

The morning dew of spring kisses the petals that life now enters

Animals and insects come out of their hiding

To be embraced by the song of spring that nature is providing

The splendorous colors of spring are shown in reflection

Of the renewal of life in all where we share a common connection

The children play in the grass with pure delight on their face

A cheerful spirit in their eyes that cannot be replaced

The adolescent plants and animals do the same thing

All together in harmony enjoying the beauty that spring can only bring

The power of spring can lift away all dreary spirits

Singing the song of love and life if you listen close you can hear it

This is the time of year where all starts anew

Winter is now gone and sits in the rear view

This is the season for all to be healed from the cold winter sting

Welcome to the healing love of the awakening of spring