Dream Of Sorbet Colored Skies


I sat patiently in my dreams for a
glimpse of this most
mesmerizing of views

Where everywhere I looked is dominated
by the soft glows and luminous
colors of natures hues

A surrounding peace absorbed me as I
watch golden sparkles of light fall
like raindrops from the sky above

As if she already knew what I was
dreaming and she showers me with
her lights of love

Her calming presence lofts over me
like a nurturing mother watching
over her child

As she greets me with the warmest and
brightest of lights as her way of
showing me her beautiful smile

When the day light came to an end and
just before the night can answer the
fading lights call

I turned my attention away to look up
to the clouds and see the most
breath taking view of all

Seeing her essence floating to the sky
as she showcased her colorful love
crying from her eyes

And I watched in undying appreciation of
this moment as my tears thank her for
showing me my dream of
sorbet colored skies