The Sound Of Silence

I hear you in the dead of night
As I do in the life of the day
Even during playful howling winds
My thoughts are taken far far away

Words fade away upon muted ears
Music dwindles down to a soft tone
Energy rises from my awakening core
The greatest feeling I have ever known

My thirst is forever quenched
In still waters that run so deep
Drowning in the sound of silence
Only these waters I can truly breathe

You Are My Inspiration


A bright sunny day inches it’s way
over the horizon to the east

I can feel it’s golden light of love
find it’s way to my inner peace

I sit motionless as my dry thirsty
direction sips the inner well of

While the ethereal energy begins to
invigorate the core of my system

Silence is with me like a shadow bound
to me that never leaves

Feeding on negative thoughts and
providing sanctuary in times
of need

I will always treasure you like a gem
of the rarest kind

As you have always helped me break free
from the clouded chaos of the mind

Nostalgia takes me back to the times I did
not listen to you

And still you stuck by my side every time
like good friends will do

I rest assured that you will eternally be
with me even when my time is up and I
am dead and gone

As you watch over me the void of silence will
be filled forever with a heavenly lullaby