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I’m a shadow in the dark
Standing behind the spotlight
Quietly observing passers by
Jotting notes to tuck away
To revive them at a later time

Everyone hardly notices me
When evading comes natural
I inherited it from the start
Though it seems like a curse
Being an odd entity among peers

I leave traces of my existence
On tattered pages to be found
My life’s story told in metaphors
Deciphered only by an open mind
Letting the world know I was alive


Alone In The Dark

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Fate has brought me here
Chasing the moon in darkness
Finding myself at this lake
Under the full moon gaze
Surrounded by nocturnal eyes

I’m not sure why I’ve come
My intuition is seldomly wrong
So I stand with an empty mind
Playing with the darkness
Until my curiosity is fed

The moon sweeps the tree tops
Making the shadows come alive
As dark nimbus clouds appear
Leaving me alone in the dark
To find my way back home


The Cleansing Ocean Waves

beach during sunset
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Walking reverently along the seashore
Anytime the waves can deal a crushing blow
Absorbing me into its vast open body
Returning me to the ebb and flow of life
To watch the sunset until the next dawn

Today the waves choose not to take me
Instead it gently caresses my tired feet
Moving the sand back and forth with the tide
As I let go of troubles to be washed clean
Flowing back to my mind as tranquil waters

I leave the seashore light as a feather
The ocean lifted my burdens and set me free
My heart stays behind so I will return
The next time my soul searches for peace
I’ll be back to the cleansing ocean waves


The Lone Wolf

silhouette dog on landscape against romantic sky at sunset
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Traversing miles and miles day and night
Braving the harsh world made for the strong
Every new season brings trials and challenges
With strength in the heart the wolf carries on

A nomad that makes the world their home
The odd puzzle piece that can’t fit in packs
Never to settle in one place for too long
Moving forward without a mirror to look back

Wonderment of the world quells the loneliness
Solitude sharpens the senses wandering eye
The wolf listens deeply to the soul when to stay
And being aware to know when to say goodbye

Through the woods and over snowy peaks
Walking with courage on uncharted paths
With the limit of stars in their eyes they go
Leaving a trail of experience for the past


The Morning Rise

In the dawning morning rise
an awakening peace fills my soul
the birds sing of joyous songs
sunshine beams its ribbons of gold

The morning coffee is a welcoming scent
my mind paints a picture of the first cup
I take slow reverent sips of its bliss
not a single negative thought interrupts

Staying mindful in this moment of silence
with the hourglass of time tipped to its side
floating in the serene waters of pure joy
I begin the day with radiant love inside

The Pearl Of The Night

Your luminescent glow pierces the night sky
my soul meditates in your poetic tranquility
the beat of my heart mimics your light
we are one in the bond of our unity

Words never escape my muted mouth
my tears of joy speak more than words
you gaze upon me with your illumination
as I look at far away stars and other worlds

I feel the most alive in the calm of the night
serenity follows me when I see you in the sky
when myriads of stars fall in a prismatic rain
I know the universe has behold you and began to cry



Unsettled Leaf

I’m the leaf that plays in the wind
always unsettled where I land
finding myself in different spots
at the will of the winds command

I’ve never felt my heart at peace
where I can close my eyes and rest
I’m the puzzle piece that never fits
even when I try my very best

The winds continue to carry me
as I taste the riches of the unknown
all I want is just to find a place
where I can finally call my home


the numbness fills the senses in my body
stuck in a time lapse while day and night passes by
my thoughts flat line to a cold empty stare
feeling my lotus within begin to wither and die

Silence is all I hear once you went away
the darkness you left shades my soul
your kiss on my heart becomes a relic
and behind it an eternal black hole

will warmth return to thaw the numbness
I will leave it up to the divine stars above
this single drop of hope I hold in darkness
and await the return of love

Dreams Of Love

Taking in the last glimpse of stars
falling to sleep under its silent lullaby
I awake into the sunlight of my dream
surrounded by a perfect blue sky

I see you standing next to the waters edge
motionless staring deeply into the sky above
with every step I take time becomes slower
my heart beats faster in the presence of love

As if you can feel me there you turn to me
we look endlessly into the souls behind our eyes
basking in the heat of a love that has no words
the tears of our lonely hearts begins to dry

Only dreams are big enough for this love
in the space where time has no beginning or end
I will always look for you there when I fall asleep
no matter where you are I will find you again

Waves Of Happiness

waves of happiness poemStaring off in the distance looking
for happiness that comes and
goes like the waves of the sea

Searching for that next perfect
wave to experience the euphoria
of an awake lucid dream

The feeling of a soft warm kiss by
the sun that gives me goosebumps
on my skin instead of burns

Lights of all colors become brightly
illuminated like a star kissed drop
of water everywhere I turn

The feeling of witnessing an act of
compassion between strangers that
rain tears from the eyes

The strength and will of a supposed
underdog that overcomes all odds
gaining admiration as the top prize

This happiness is hard to let go but
it must return to the sea to
be found again

I will always look for it staring off
into the seas hoping that wave will
return to me every now and then

The Calling

lakeThe calling has reached deep within my heart
in a purposeful beat echoing in the
halls of my distracted mind

The yearning I can no longer deny anymore as
the sounds of the beat of my heart becomes
louder with each second of passing time

I begin to imagine the sun embracing my
skin and the cool touch of the breeze
gently brushing my face

The sounds of nature sing its lullaby
putting me in the safe cradle of its
arms as time slows to a snail pace

The tranquility of the moment sets in
and my heart slows within the silent
waters of my empty thoughts

The sun paints a golden road across the
waters to the place my heart has
fervently sought

The Sunset Before The Fall


As the summer fades away into the sunset
I stand under the autumn trees waiting for the fall
Memories made while others will be found again in nostalgia
I wish I could hold on and take them all

New colors seen under peerless sunsets
My mind taken to places far away I never knew it could go
I can still hear the ocean even when I fall asleep
As I begin to wonder if my happiness has reached the plateau

Now I sleep peacefully under a new sunset
Made with the kaleidoscope of all my memories
I found a peace I was never looking for
As it turned out it revealed an all new hidden me

Beautiful Days Like This

The sunlight beams through every
crack and crevice of the leaves of
tall trees as I stand under
the partially shaded span

A squirrel rests on a branch high
above very still and relaxed seeming
to be in its own meditative journey
that it can only understand

The golden light highlights
incomplete spider webs on the
bushes giving off silky thin
strands of pearlescent lines

The sea of green grass lays before
me gently swaying in the wind like
soft turbulent waters glistening
under the suns brilliant shine

Butterflies show the art of their wings
contributing to natures exhibit as
the colors begin to remind me of
a cool autumn day

The atmosphere takes the breath from
my lungs and my thoughts disappear
as I cannot find any words to say

The dew of the morning moisture sits
patiently on the flowers and leaves
in small sap like diamonds as they
slowly trickle down to the ground

I can feel the peaceful vibrant energy
pulsating within my heart in myriads
of colors uncharted and I make a
silent wish for this moment
to always stay around


Never ending waves crashing
ashore as I watch everything
and nothing fill the empty
space of my mind

The waves hypnotize me while
the soothing breeze and shore
sounds helps my body relax
and unwind

The delicate white sands
underneath my feet provide
comfort as I know I will
be here awhile

I stare off in the distance
searching for something for
what seems like many
thousands of miles

Watching my life play against
the backdrop of waves I
continue to be comforted
by an unbroken breeze

I feel like I am stuck in front
of a door tightly shut as I
am hopeful my time here
will provide me the key

Every thought comes and goes like
the waves that crash on these
sands and then return to the
abyss from which they came

The lessons of the simplicity of
life is everywhere I look and
I realize the beauty in the
biggest and smallest are
very much the same

I stop looking towards the horizon
to concentrate on the soft sands
I stand on watching the
crashing waves easing
my mind as I feel the
yearning cease

My search is over as a key appears
in my hand and I unlock the door
to the palace of inner peace

Symphony In The Night

The backdrop of the sunset fades
away revealing the silhouette of
trees and hilltops deprived
of light

A symphony begins preparations to
play for the nocturnal all throughout
the evening night

The night sky sparkles like sequins
placed on black velvet as they
compete with the light
of the moons beam

The shooting stars of fireflies
across the yard make me second
guess whether this is real
or a dream

The crickets play the main part of
the rhythm and the frogs in the
short distance play the bass

A subtle breeze plays the bamboo
flute as I find myself captivated
every second sitting in the front
row of this magical place

This reality is the best dream I
never had so I will book mark this
moment as one of the greatest
of my life

The evening moves on and the sounds
of the symphony keeps me peacefully
sleeping until the dawn of
the morning light


Clouds float on by overhead with
the elegance of a feather trying
to find a place to land across
the skies above

I feel the presence of a swaying leaf
nearby as a subtle breeze
describes the scene with
the gentleness of the
touch of love

Dandelion wishes catch a ride on the
wind in hopes to be granted
their most earnest dreams
coming from the heart

My being swells of light like the moon
and stars beaming the radiance
of wholeness in the presence
of natures art

Joy erupting in the fluttering of
butterflies strumming the
strings of love deep
within my spirit

The tingling of true happiness rising
into the virtues of limitless
compassion drawing me
closer near it

My heart beats with passion as I find
myself closer to the sanctuary
between the past and future
to this place I call home

Finally reaching my destination
christened by the tear drops
of my soul I arrive to rest
at the greatest place I
have ever known

The Other Side Of The Glass

the other side of the glass

Staring out the window watching reels
of my dreams play under the sunshine

Caught in the endless moment of my empty
thoughts as the smell of coffee keeps
my attention in line

Weeks and months seem to blend into one as
my heart becomes captivated by the very
sight of my dreams

Waiting for the day I can embrace them in
my arms but nothing is ever as easy as
it seems

I wish I could walk past the glass and join
my dreams as they bathe in the glow of
being whole and complete

They haunt me with whispers of destiny all
throughout the day and visions when
I sleep

A promise made is a promise kept so I will
someday lay with my dreams on the
lush green grass

One day I will find a way to embrace them
finally on the other side of
the glass



Blades of grass sway slightly
Pushed by the gentle touch of a breeze
The faint smell of s’mores in the air
Lofting through the rustling trees

Embers take flight out of the fire
Like red orange shooting stars
As all dwellers look to the sky
Observing the rusty color of mars

A faint light rests over the east
The sun waits patiently for its time to rise
The moons illumination shines on the landscape
Stars reflect off my humble brown eyes

Nostalgia plays movie reels of my past
Showing them vividly on the screen of my mind
A tear drops from my eye meant for sorrow
Instead drops for joy of the solace I find



I lay awake dreaming of stars
Waiting to sleep to the angels lullaby
The clock strikes 1:11 in the morning
The moon makes its way across the sky

I can hear my heart in a solid rhythm
Feeling every beat in the palm of my hand
My eyes stay heavy but refuse to close
Frustration builds as I try to understand

Every little sound calls my attention
I rebel to the sounds entering my thoughts
The sweet sound of silence is what I seek
As my mind tries to untie this sleepless knot

I look at the clock one last time to see 3:33
The silent lullaby begins to ease me to sleep
I melt away into the sound of silence
As my mind body and soul finally falls asleep

Back To Me


After the golden age of my childhood I lost my way
A tiny sea shell swept up and cast out to the sea
Lost in the world only given rose colored glasses
I struggled in the darkness to find a way back to me

The mirror casts a reflection appeasing the eyes of judgement
Although what I saw was a dark hollow shell
The ego was my companion as I bathed in foolish pride
My heart locked away like a prisoner I didn’t know very well

Wearing shoes that will never fit I stumbled on every path
No matter what I had or accomplished the void still remained
Everything I filled it with turned to vapors
My rose colored glasses broken replaced with eyes of pain

Pleading in silence reciting words to my sad song to myself
I hear my weeping heart in the darkness heed to my calls
The void fills with infinite tear drops of love from my heart
I finally began to tear down my ego risen walls

I plant seeds of compassion in the soil of all I choose to do
Watered by the endless tears of my heart I can clearly see
The vision of my heart and my eyes are one in the same
I have finally found a way back to me



Awakened by the shock of a broken dream
A lingering whisper crosses the fog of my mind
Deep breaths slows the rhythm of my racing heart
As I search for the source attentive to what I find

My molten body soaks in the cool sweat of its tears
Fumbling through the darkness of a dream I can’t recall
Fingertips begin to tremble in weakness
As I try to remember the words of the whispers last call

Thoughts wash away to the birds and their morning song
My heart slows to the rhythm of their tune
I remain in this moment of solace where I find peace
A gift of the soul as my heart rests in the ethereal boon

I await the sword of my whispering dreams to pierce my silence
Letters trickle in slowly as the wall begins to seethe
Words manifest as my heart begins to race with anticipation
My eyes flash open and I hear the whispers say…just breathe

I Made It


Before I leave these sandy shores
and set sail on the turbulent
seas of my path

I bury the weight of the past in the
sand and now I am ready to face
the seas and all its wrath

I have heard the same broken record
played off the tongues of doubt
for those words I would never
let see the light of day

I walk through the crowd to the nods
of shaking heads as my head is
held high knowing what I am
doing feels right and done
my way

Fierce raging storms and strong backwards
currents almost end my journey but
as long as my sail stands strong
I will fight to the end

My promise to myself that I would make it
is a sacred bond that I will not break
under the longest strands of time and
the most ferocious of winds

I see the sandy glistening shores of my
destination and I begin to reflect on
how far I have come as I am carried
in by the soft touch of
gentle waves

I smile laying on the sand basking in a
promise fulfilled as I close my tired
eyes and whisper to myself I made
it and the sun shows me its
approval as I shine under
its rays

True Self Quote

” True self is non-self, the awareness that the self is made only of non-self elements. There’s no separation between self and other, and everything is interconnected. Once you are aware of that you are no longer caught in the idea that you are a separate entity. ”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Lost In The Golden Sands Of A Dream


Standing on these golden sands with no beginning or end

I start to walk in a direction so my journey may begin

Looking behind me my footsteps leave no trace

Faded away by the erasing winds every mark having no place

I ponder on how many others have walked this same way

When every step that is taken vanishes away

I can’t help but wonder where I am and where I’m supposed to be

When hope is a long shot when emptiness and despair is all I see

A mirage plays tricks on my eyes like a master of illusion

Sounds echoing off the sands add to the confusion

My heart empty yearning for the satiable drops of hope

As I lose my focus and the moisture in my throat

Refusing to collapse until I draw my last breath

 I keep going until my body falls and my soul has left

Then I stop to close my eyes to conjure my last thoughts

Listening for any parting wisdom that can be caught

I begin to open my eyes with beads of sweat racing down my face

Realizing now I am in a different setting different place

I lay in my bed relieved it was all just a dream

The kind that plays tricks that are never what they seem

The Light To Shine Our Path


As I sit loathing at my paralyzed mindless thoughts

I keep feeling there’s more to life than what I have sought

Unsure of my next move having doubts of success

Feeling everything I do will leave me hollow in my chest

A shadow haunts my thoughts and visions as I plead for a sign

I am wilting away as I yearn for peace in my chaotic mind

At this moment I begin to feel my heart start to weep

The emotion of self pity comes over me as I sit in my seat

I failed to protect and listen to the one thing I held most sacred

As I view my heart laying in shambles broken and wasted

Realizing at this moment what I must begin to do

I pull myself together and start to do what my heart deems as true

Vowing on that day to never let my heart down again

The shadow that haunted me is replaced with a light within

A purpose of my life is now shown to me so very clearly

Is to take care and listen to what I held so close and dearly

Our hearts hold the light to illuminate the darkness and it’s wrath

Keep it happy and it will always be the light to shine our path

* This poem is based on something I was feeling a few years ago

Fearless Heart


I can feel a storm coming but I remain calm in my being

Anxiety wants in to let me witness what it is seeing

I refuse to give in for that is too easy to do

 Never known for taking the easy way out I remain firm and true

Gazing into the storm with a peerless determination

My will faithfully by my side to aide in this perilous confrontation

The storm comes at me with everything it’s got to break me down

Telling me all I have to do is say I quit but I never make a sound

Battered and bruised with the fire of courage in my eyes

Absolute in my determination no matter how fierce the storm or size

I still remain here strong while the storm has it’s day

But I will be the one in the end to have the final say

A treasure after the storm is to be found greater than any monetary wealth

To know our ability to endure hardships of any kind is to find our true self

This to me is more valuable than any priceless art

Knowing that we all possess deep inside a fearless heart

Moments Of Clarity

sunny day

It’s that moment of time amidst the chaotic mind

Where awareness reveals itself from the state of being blind

An epiphany arrives to show it’s face of wisdom

Striking your thoughts with flawless precision

Some feel shame and the reminiscence of regret

Others see the designs of the next greatest invention as of yet

These moments show up quickly never making a sound

When you least expect it in your sleep or just sitting around

Whispering from your soul a message meant for you

As clear as a bright sunny day your answers lay anew

These moments of clarity never plot never scheme

They only show you whether you are doing the right thing

Reflection Poem

It’s not the face or the body you should see in the mirror

Look deeper in the reflection to see a vision more clearer

What you see on the outside is only an illusion

Advertisements of vanity add to the confusion

See yourself as who you are and not who you want to be

Free yourself from judgement of a chastising society

Look at yourself with clear eyes and a full heart

Every human being is it’s own work of the finest exquisite art

All that matters is how you see yourself in that reflection

Nobody can convey the illusion to you of societies groundless perfection

Beauty is skin deep are some of the wisest of words

Hold these close to your heart not to be deferred

Your Own Path Poem

When you follow the path of your own guide,

Lets you see the path you have inside,

You will always know what your doing is right,

Because your path remains in the plainest of sight,

In the eyes of others it may look arbitrary,

But in your heart is where you will see it is necessary,

Walk your path to your own rhythm and rhyme,

Only you can see the path that to others is blind,

Pay attention with compassion along the way,

And you will never forget what got you here today,

If you want to see your own truest of paths,

Ask yourself earnestly and let your heart do the math.

Happy And Free Quote

” As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery. We have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger and attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion, a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness. ”

-Dalai Lama

Insomnia Poem

When I turn to look at the clock,

I am wondering when the pain of insomnia will ever stop,

Body tired mind restlessness increasing,

All I am looking for is a little bit of easing,

Will I ever feel the solitude of not a single thought,

So that I may rest in peace with my dreams that be sought,

Tossing and turning as each minute passes by,

I await the moment when time will just die,

Now that I start to finally fall asleep,

My thoughts leave and my dreams are what I keep.

Your True Self Poem

As my ego begins to wane,

My awareness starts to sustain,

As my spirit starts to rise,

My consciousness is where I arrive,

Forever feeling the warmth of the light,

Never feeling the cold of the night,

From within yourself is where your journey begins,

That is where the light never dims,

Understand who you truly are,

People like you and I are never too far.

True Happiness Quote

” True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not. ”


Ego Quote

” The Self is the internal abundance that can be realized at our will any time. It is capable of lifting us up from difficulties particularly during moments of stress, frustration, nervousness and duress. It has the power to nourish, nurture, absorb and inspire. All we need is to have faith and surrender our ego-self to the higher Self. The challenge we face, therefore, is not in allowing the Self to take charge but in surrendering ego-self. It is fear that keeps the ego intact, preventing its surrender. Our ego-self survives and feeds on our fears, miseries, doubts, compulsions, obsessions and cravings which are nothing but self-created but that appears real. With continuous use, they have become our mindset. We tend to derive solace in them even if the payoff is pain. ”

-Dhruva Bhargava

The ego is the most destructive force you have inside you that most are not aware of. Ego is tied to greed, selfishness, vanity, fear, paranoia just to name a few. It is never satisfied, a bottomless pit that can never be filled.