Sanctuary Of Peace


A place that I go where my mind can escape

To sit in the moment to quietly contemplate

Wherever I may be all I do is close my eyes

Imagining myself flying through the trees and vines

I see a waterfall down below that catches my vision

So I stop to stare endlessly as I wait for my decision

A sense of home overwhelms my whole being

As I begin to fly closer the stronger the feeling

I gently land like a cloud and sit on a rock

Staring silently banishing all my inquisitive thoughts

Patiently awaiting the wisdom of this meditation

Comfort encompasses me accompanied by a joyous sensation

I realize this is the place that was meant to be

A place where I can rest my mind and let my soul be free

Where I can let go of the world in a moment and release

In time of need I go to my sanctuary of peace