I love The Rain

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com
Dim candle light sets my relaxed mood
Silence is my companion as I read a book
A soft chair cradles my tired body
Finding peace where my eyes cannot look
Raindrops pepper down breaking the silence
I close my eyes to a sound so serene
Its been so long since I heard this melody
This moment I capture to replay in my dreams

The surroundings replenish with liquid life
My soul replenishes with ethereal fire
Staring out the window with an open heart
Embracing this moment I've long desired 
Raindrops now begin to wane away into the night
A great sleep dawns upon me at this late hour
I crawl into bed smiling from ear to ear
Anticipating my dreams of this beautiful shower



A soothing sound in my moment of silence
Drops by the billion drown all my thoughts
Deeper I go in the ocean of my awakening bliss
Opening the flower of my mind I have calmly sought

Deep breaths of your tranquility leave me speechless
Smells of this serene comfort soothes my spirit
Nature is playing a tune from her heart
When I listen closely I can hear it

Trees cup their leaves to catch the essence
Drops make their way to the soul of the root
The leaves and soil shine in natures radiance
As the wind plays songs off the bamboo flute

I dance to your cleansing tune with joy
As you shower me with the love from your tears
I always miss your touch when your gone
Waiting for the next time your scent comes near

Rain In The Night

As my eyes relax in a meditative state,

Laying to rest in silence with nothing to contemplate,

Then I hear the faintest of sounds,

A slight pitter-patter tapping the ground,

My ears hear it clearly but my mind is perplexed,

So I look out the window to put my confusion to rest,

Watching these tears fall in the soft glow of the night,

The rains fresh smell floods my soul full of delight,

Bringing about nostalgia of the events that have passed,

What I was doing and where I was when the sky cried last,

I lay back down relaxed in a meditative state,

My eyes are sleepy I cannot stay awake,

But I rest assured that my conscious is always listening,

So that my soul can remind me of what it is witnessing.