Pacific Blue

Image by Candace Thoth from Pixabay

I miss you so much pacific blue
Been so long since I felt your touch
Wrapping me in your glistening skin
Floating peacefully on your fingertips
While my soul plays gleefully in the sun

I dream of you through the window
Seeing you written on my shooting star
I can’t help but feel the pain of longing
When I know you’re still so far away
Hidden away behind miles of land

One day we will embrace again
Hopefully before the last grain of sand
Tumbles down the bottom of my hourglass
Sending me sailing to a new dawn
Without ever saying goodbye


Warrior Of The Sea

Image by Penstones from Pixabay

I wish I could hear your epic tales
Weaving your life onto my imagination
Of what it’s like to be wind on the open sea
Watching the tapestry of complex sunsets
Measuring time with the rise and fall of light

I wonder of storms you’ve come across
Where the next thought might be the last
Wading through miles of thick muddy fog
Waiting for a rogue wave in the night
When nightmares can manifest in reality

I know that you’ve found your peace
Making it safely home to rest in your grave
A fitting ending for a warrior of the sea
Dipping your tired toes to soak in the tide
Having a perfect sunset view everyday


The Garden Of Peace

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

My thoughts run wild sitting alone
At a lake staring into my soul for hours
Relaxed with a pinch of melancholy
Watching paper notes come and go
Hoping they burn and float away

I want to visit the garden of peace
So my mind can be free to explore
The palace of quiet silent halls
Deep within the heart of my mind
Where only the hidden eye can see

Patiently I still wait on the shore
My thoughts finally chose to fly away
Like birds migrating for a time
I can now rest on tranquil clouds
To be taken to the garden of peace


When I’m Gone

Image by Ngo Minh Tuan from Pixabay

Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone
Use the tears on the joy of a new life
Sprouting from a seed nourished by nature
Guided to face the sun with your loving hands
So they feel the warmth of love out of darkness

I’ve found a home in your heart years ago
It all started when I gazed in your eyes
Sharing an infinite moment in slowed time
Our auras glowed of a bright golden light
While it gently rained of miniature stars

So lucky I feel to have been in your life
The world could use your loving heart
To feel the love I always saw in your eyes
So save your tears for the joy of a new life
Please don’t weep for me when I’m gone


Dystopian Nightmare

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

When the day faded away to night
I can’t resist the evening lullaby
Carrying me on a cloud to a dream
To the land of a tempest nightmare
Or one of Elysian waterfalls

I find myself on a cold desolate island
Where I feel emptiness of abandoned life
Fear begins to hold my heart hostage
As I relapse in darkness of being alone
Surrounded by the perfect storm

I can’t tell if this is a test or prophecy
Either way I refuse to let fear hold my heart
Then the skies cleared in an instant
Revealing a hot air balloon ready for me
Departing to traverse the moon lit skies


Goodbye Winter My Friend

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

We’ve said goodbye many times
I’m thankful for the moments shared
In a wool blanket sipping hot cocoa
Staring endlessly at stars on clear nights
As embers from the fire flicker away

I carried the burden of summer
Dripping down from head to toe
Into the majestic fall of leaves
Only to get a soft whispering wind
To satisfy my sleepless nights

When I felt your cool winter kiss
The weight of summer lifted away
Filling welcoming clouds overhead
Where soft white tears gently rained
Until it was time to say goodbye again


The Dandelion

Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

There’s a light in the distance
Beaming through cold shadows
Painting warmth on a dandelion
Standing stoic in solitude
Ready to disperse its angels

I approach it slowly like love
Cautiously in timid careful steps
The atmosphere teems of magic
I bathe in its glowing humidity
Once a spectator now apart of its ocean

I can’t help but feel loving peace
Emanating from this dandelion
So I kneel in earnest respect
Giving wishes of love to be carried
By its angels lofting in the breeze

Eternal Flame

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lets just sit for a little awhile
To reminisce of eternity we made
When we became a single entity
Fused together under holy stars
Where our love was blessed immortal

We’ve been through so much
Proving our bond is shatter proof
Even when thrown in the darkness
We emerge holding the light
Burning brightly for lifetimes

When our lives are extinguished
We will follow the flames of our heart
To light our way to unification
No longer how many eons it takes
Uniting our flames once again


There’s Something About The Night

Image by philpace from Pixabay

There’s something about the night
Might be the glint of noiseless stars
Perhaps the calming glow of the moon
Serenading us in a silent lullaby
Parading leisurely across the sky

The night is where I imagine flying
All across the unknown darkness
Witnessing the first light of stars
Born under intense collapse
While some dim and fade away

The night is where we harvest our love
Planted and nourished during the days
To grow tall by the sun in our hearts
Then reap its nectar in a passionate kiss
There’s something about the night……


Ghost Writer

coffee notebook pen writing
Photo by Negative Space on

A glowing vapor of your image writes
Across the room at your favorite desk
I am just watching and dare not speak
Trying to control the beat in my chest

Your hair shines of fine black silk
Moving to a wind that doesn’t exist
You sit there with a comfortable grace
As I admire the penmanship in your wrist

I wonder what note you might be writing
Could it be regrets that cloud your peace
Or to tell loved ones that everything is OK
To let the shadow of sadness be released

You look back when your writing is done
Smiling at me you fade away into the ether
A piece of paper is left behind that says
Free your heart and allow it to be your leader