Mount Shasta


In the distance over the trees
stands a jewel of white

I can’t help but stop and stare
at such a beautiful sight

Inspiration starts to fill me
in it’s very presence

Feeling the need to get closer
to capture it’s very essence

As I begin my perilous travel
looking for a path that
has yet been defined

The assuring white light of the
peak of the mountain gives me
a comforting sign

In the night the moon fixes it’s
luminous gaze on the
mountain top

The beams of light feeding the
thirsty dark as it lights up
my path drop by drop

As I get closer I feel my ambition
getting so much stronger

Anticipation fills my lungs as my
strides start getting longer

I began to see this journey was not
meant for me to reach the
mountain itself

Rather it was a lesson to help find
and define myself

I keep the lessons I learned in my
heart so they do not slip through
the cracks of time

Whenever I need a reminder I look
to the sacred mountain and myself
I will always find

Rising Courage


I awake this morning just
like the rest

Feeling the familiar in
and out compression
of my chest

But this time it feels just
a little different

An energy rising in me so
close so intimate

After thoughts flood my mind
of my most painful defeat

Visions paint a vivid picture
of myself broken staring
at my feet

I never thought I would have
the energy to battle on

Especially after the last defeat
when I heard the ends
marching song

So I gather myself and face my
defeat again

But this time I will stand my
ground because I plan
to win

The wings of doubt will not take
it’s flight

Not while I still breathe and
have the will to stay and

I rise now to face my foes
with undaunted purpose

My face lighting up to show
my will revealing itself
on the surface

When faced with defeat after
defeat I will never be

I can always rally and look
for strength in my
rising courage

Sunset Poem

Sitting alone on the west coast sand,

Doing nothing but feeling sand in my hands,

With the waves crashing and mist sprinkles my face,

I know I rather be no other place,

For which I am about to behold,

Is a beauty that cannot be bought or sold,

Colors so vivid and bright,

It’s the closest thing on earth to a heavenly sight,

It’s a beauty seen with my eyes and felt with my heart,

I live for every moment until it starts to go dark,

I have not a single care in the world,

Not even a chance to utter a single word,

For this beauty I see has captivated my attention,

That even time itself is stuck in suspension,

I see this sight that is so divine and so pure,

So beautiful that even sadness can be cured,

Now that the sun is gone and the stars start to usher in,

I await the next day to witness this beauty again.

True Friend Poem

What it means to have a true friend,

Is to have a bond that will never bend,

They are with you from the very start,

Like the soul in your body that is in the heart,

Learning from the wisdom of each other,

Never trying to best one another,

Always standing on equal ground,

Never needing to utter a single sound,

For you know what the other is thinking,

Without a pause and without a blinking,

They are there in the most dire of situations,

Leaving your side is never in the equation,

If these words deem true for your own truest of friends,

Rest assured they will be there with you til the very end.

Greed Poem

Of the things that the world doesn’t need,

Is a heart filled with malice and greed,

When your compassion is blind you will never truly see,

What it’s like to give and truly be free,

Those who take can never feel the warmth of the light,

Like those who give can never feel the cold of the winter night,

When compassion fills the depths of your heart,

Greed cannot live where it cannot be dark.

Roller Coaster Love Poem

It’s that feeling we have deep inside,

That feels more like a roller coaster ride,

Hearts racing and palms sweaty,

All there is to do is hold on and get ready,

Once that ride goes down that track,

There will not be any turning back,

Where we are going is where we are destined to be,

To that place that only our souls can see,

When you look at me with fear of this ride that appears to end,

I assure you we have the power to make time suspend,

When our hearts come together in the most harmonic of ways,

Our souls will fly together forever beyond the end of our days.

Joy Poem

The feeling inside that always eludes,

It is the holder and keeper of all your best moods,

Looking for a key that it always hides,

From inside yourself it always resides,

To unlock this feeling of unspeakable delight,

Give without receiving will help you take flight,

Seeing the things your eyes cannot,

The feeling you have inside will not be forgot,

This is the secret for you to enjoy,

The key to unlock this everlasting joy.



Insomnia Poem

When I turn to look at the clock,

I am wondering when the pain of insomnia will ever stop,

Body tired mind restlessness increasing,

All I am looking for is a little bit of easing,

Will I ever feel the solitude of not a single thought,

So that I may rest in peace with my dreams that be sought,

Tossing and turning as each minute passes by,

I await the moment when time will just die,

Now that I start to finally fall asleep,

My thoughts leave and my dreams are what I keep.

Your True Self Poem

As my ego begins to wane,

My awareness starts to sustain,

As my spirit starts to rise,

My consciousness is where I arrive,

Forever feeling the warmth of the light,

Never feeling the cold of the night,

From within yourself is where your journey begins,

That is where the light never dims,

Understand who you truly are,

People like you and I are never too far.