The Garden Of Peace

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

My thoughts run wild sitting alone
At a lake staring into my soul for hours
Relaxed with a pinch of melancholy
Watching paper notes come and go
Hoping they burn and float away

I want to visit the garden of peace
So my mind can be free to explore
The palace of quiet silent halls
Deep within the heart of my mind
Where only the hidden eye can see

Patiently I still wait on the shore
My thoughts finally chose to fly away
Like birds migrating for a time
I can now rest on tranquil clouds
To be taken to the garden of peace


The Girl With The Red Umbrella

woman with red umbrella standing at riverbank
Photo by Josh Hild on

Colorful lights help to paint a picture
Mirrored on the rivers dark liquid glass
Like a crystal ball she stares endlessly
Observing events from her troubled past

Nobody is there to bother her thoughts
They cascade down like the steady rain
Eventually being let go to the river
Far and away to never surface again

She enjoys the dim and dark solitude
Though her heart loves the light
It shines eternally within her soul
Guiding her through the darkest of night

This is her place of personal reflection
Where the noise of the city will cease
So the girl with the red umbrella
Can find her inner peace

The Dreams Of Peace


I look to the sky and watch the feathers
of the broken wings of the dreams of
peace fall graciously down to
earth settling around
my feet

Slowly I close my eyes and hear the faint
whispers of the sadness of this world as
I feel their tears running down
my cheeks

I kneel down to pick up every feather and
place them into my heart as I am
determined to not let the
dreams of peace
fade away

The feathers mend together with the glue of
love as our unified hearts sprout wings
to carry the dreams of peace no
matter how much they weigh

Our hearts soar high above showering the
earth with the light of love raining
down the true dreams of humanity
at it’s best

As fate cannot contend with the true nature
of the human heart as every beat is
driven by the force of love and
our unshakable will in
our chest

We are bound by our dreams that determine
our fate and not by fate determining
our dreams

The hands of fate loses it’s grip as we
spread the dreams of peace with our
newly sprouted ethereal wings

Sanctuary Of Peace


A place that I go where my mind can escape

To sit in the moment to quietly contemplate

Wherever I may be all I do is close my eyes

Imagining myself flying through the trees and vines

I see a waterfall down below that catches my vision

So I stop to stare endlessly as I wait for my decision

A sense of home overwhelms my whole being

As I begin to fly closer the stronger the feeling

I gently land like a cloud and sit on a rock

Staring silently banishing all my inquisitive thoughts

Patiently awaiting the wisdom of this meditation

Comfort encompasses me accompanied by a joyous sensation

I realize this is the place that was meant to be

A place where I can rest my mind and let my soul be free

Where I can let go of the world in a moment and release

In time of need I go to my sanctuary of peace

Reality Of Peace


Gliding on this ship across this deep blue sea heaven

Mesmerized by it’s grandeur enveloped in it’s lesson

The soft cotton candy clouds slowly pass by watching too

Taking in the same beautiful view it is already accustomed to

Dolphins swimming together in a harmonic perfect unity

 I can’t help but think about why couldn’t this happen with humanity

As my mind drifts back into this dream like moment of peace

Feeling the tranquility in my being with every breath I release

Noticing a flock of birds traversing the sky going to their next destination

I become synchronized with their essence feeling my own flying sensation

closing my eyes for a moment to feel the ambiance of togetherness all around

The sharing of this beautiful blue planet where unity is the common ground

It dawns on me at this moment like the morning light that rises in the east

A light of hope that starts to come over me in a world of war that never seems to cease

The sense of unity I still feel and see in the life around me it yearns to be heard

One day when we all come together we can live the reality of peace that was once absurd

Peace In The Heart Poem

Peace in the heart gives a state of mind

Of which nothing outside yourself you will ever find

Happiness in the totality of your being

Nothing more nothing less never wanting or needing

A vibrant essence that all can see

Compassion a side effect of the highest degree

A tranquil heart leads you to be inclined

To be a true beacon of light for all of mankind

In sickness or death this peace will never sway

It lives in your heart and that is where it will stay