Carry On

Image by 珂 杨 from Pixabay
Traveling endlessly on my chosen path
I often wonder when I will reach the end
Where I can bask next to sunset waves
As my soul threads my life with eternal silk
To then be set free on the ocean of time

I always have doubts of where I'm going
But never regret the experience I've seen
My legs are tired driven by the air of hope
So I carry on with a purpose in my lungs
Until I arrive where the sunset kisses the sea

Your Own Path Poem

When you follow the path of your own guide,

Lets you see the path you have inside,

You will always know what your doing is right,

Because your path remains in the plainest of sight,

In the eyes of others it may look arbitrary,

But in your heart is where you will see it is necessary,

Walk your path to your own rhythm and rhyme,

Only you can see the path that to others is blind,

Pay attention with compassion along the way,

And you will never forget what got you here today,

If you want to see your own truest of paths,

Ask yourself earnestly and let your heart do the math.