The Cleansing Ocean Waves

beach during sunset
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Walking reverently along the seashore
Anytime the waves can deal a crushing blow
Absorbing me into its vast open body
Returning me to the ebb and flow of life
To watch the sunset until the next dawn

Today the waves choose not to take me
Instead it gently caresses my tired feet
Moving the sand back and forth with the tide
As I let go of troubles to be washed clean
Flowing back to my mind as tranquil waters

I leave the seashore light as a feather
The ocean lifted my burdens and set me free
My heart stays behind so I will return
The next time my soul searches for peace
I’ll be back to the cleansing ocean waves


A World Within

I swim in the ocean of my deepest depths
encapsulated in the tranquility of its touch
ensnared in the rapture of peaceful bliss
the calming silence I missed so much

thoughts disperse into abyssal waters
sands of time shatter into eternal stars
my soul glows of a love so ethereal
looking within we find a world that is ours

White Sandy Shores

 I dream of white sandy shores
where my feet can finally rest
feeling the cool ocean air
filling the lungs in my chest

I want to stare at the hypnotic waves
let my mind get lost in its ebb and flow
tranquility from sunrise to sunset
having nothing to do and nowhere to go

I must stay on my forward path
with the golden horizon in my sights
where my dreams will be waiting
to welcome me in its light

The Sunset Before The Fall


As the summer fades away into the sunset
I stand under the autumn trees waiting for the fall
Memories made while others will be found again in nostalgia
I wish I could hold on and take them all

New colors seen under peerless sunsets
My mind taken to places far away I never knew it could go
I can still hear the ocean even when I fall asleep
As I begin to wonder if my happiness has reached the plateau

Now I sleep peacefully under a new sunset
Made with the kaleidoscope of all my memories
I found a peace I was never looking for
As it turned out it revealed an all new hidden me


Never ending waves crashing
ashore as I watch everything
and nothing fill the empty
space of my mind

The waves hypnotize me while
the soothing breeze and shore
sounds helps my body relax
and unwind

The delicate white sands
underneath my feet provide
comfort as I know I will
be here awhile

I stare off in the distance
searching for something for
what seems like many
thousands of miles

Watching my life play against
the backdrop of waves I
continue to be comforted
by an unbroken breeze

I feel like I am stuck in front
of a door tightly shut as I
am hopeful my time here
will provide me the key

Every thought comes and goes like
the waves that crash on these
sands and then return to the
abyss from which they came

The lessons of the simplicity of
life is everywhere I look and
I realize the beauty in the
biggest and smallest are
very much the same

I stop looking towards the horizon
to concentrate on the soft sands
I stand on watching the
crashing waves easing
my mind as I feel the
yearning cease

My search is over as a key appears
in my hand and I unlock the door
to the palace of inner peace



I cast my stone into the ocean in
hopes of one day my ripple
reaches the other side

The ripples of fate carry me into
the open where there is no
place to hide

I close my eyes as the beacon within
my heart keeps me company in
the darkest of times

Floating in the ocean of life merging
with the ebb and flow of the
ocean tides

Moments observed in lifetimes as each
ripple moves from one place
to the next

The essence soaks into my being as I
exhale the life of the ocean
with every breath

Ripples going the same direction form
the wave of love reaching far and
wide with impunity

In hopes of one day our little ripples
in the large ocean of life will reach
the shores of unity

Dreams Of The Ocean


Dreams of your touch plague my sleep as I
yearn for the pleasure to be in your
cool embrace

The eternal sounds of your crashing waves
sent ripples up my spine as your memory
stains a smile on my face

To feel the soft sands tickle my feet with
every step I take as soothing sounds of
your nature quell all my thoughts

Your body is the backdrop of all the beauty
of the world reflected off your wavy skin
of a true miracle I never forgot

I dove deep into your soul and swam among
the others as I tasted the essence of
your life with my eyes

I opened my heart for you as you hid the tears
I shed within your cleansing waters as I
became overwhelmed by your embrace
when we harmonized

I know the heart wants what it wants so as
destiny will have it I will see
you again

Until that time comes I promise to write you
another letter when I dream about your
embrace every now and then