There’s Something About The Night

Image by philpace from Pixabay

There’s something about the night
Might be the glint of noiseless stars
Perhaps the calming glow of the moon
Serenading us in a silent lullaby
Parading leisurely across the sky

The night is where I imagine flying
All across the unknown darkness
Witnessing the first light of stars
Born under intense collapse
While some dim and fade away

The night is where we harvest our love
Planted and nourished during the days
To grow tall by the sun in our hearts
Then reap its nectar in a passionate kiss
There’s something about the night……


The Pearl Of The Night

Your luminescent glow pierces the night sky
my soul meditates in your poetic tranquility
the beat of my heart mimics your light
we are one in the bond of our unity

Words never escape my muted mouth
my tears of joy speak more than words
you gaze upon me with your illumination
as I look at far away stars and other worlds

I feel the most alive in the calm of the night
serenity follows me when I see you in the sky
when myriads of stars fall in a prismatic rain
I know the universe has behold you and began to cry