Carry On

Image by 珂 杨 from Pixabay
Traveling endlessly on my chosen path
I often wonder when I will reach the end
Where I can bask next to sunset waves
As my soul threads my life with eternal silk
To then be set free on the ocean of time

I always have doubts of where I'm going
But never regret the experience I've seen
My legs are tired driven by the air of hope
So I carry on with a purpose in my lungs
Until I arrive where the sunset kisses the sea

Never Give Up

photo of turtle s mouth
Photo by Ludvig Hedenborg on

A fire stirs deep within my soul
Earnest dreams fuel the eager blaze
Focus controls the wild combustion
A quasar of energy I hold in my gaze

The choir of naysayers stand in the way
Voices are muted to a determined heart
Blood, sweat, and tears add to my brush
As I paint my life to a work of art

Obstacles will always try to douse my fire
Smoke will arise to be a flame once more
Lessons learned can be seen in the ashes
Now I’m ready to go through the next door

Step by step blazing a trail down my path
I carry in my grasp a piece of my flaming soul
When I want to quit I look down in my hands
To see “never give up” etched on a red hot coal