Just A Dream Away

Image by Republica from Pixabay

In the short distance the forest calls to me
I can hear ocean waves in its rustling leaves
While I taste the evergreen air in my lungs
My weakness is exposed for all to see
When sleeping endorphins paint a smile

I can sit under these trees for all my days
Watching the sunlight sew its way in
While particles glow like sprinkled fairy dust
I can imagine myself being caught in a breeze
Sailing freely being gently kissed by the light

I dream of these moments within the trees
Maybe those dreams were forged by my heart
Knowing I may search for answers in that realm
For my heart knows I long for inner peace
And that peace might be found just a dream away


Simple Life

Image by sipa from Pixabay

I was welcomed by the perfect air
Crisp and cool with a touch of eucalyptus
Looking upon the sorbet morning sky
Watching birds stretch their sleepy wings
Preparing to soar to their natural freedom

I turned to look at dew on a flower
They looked like tears of joy to see the sun
Their faces angle to catch the perfect rays
Being held by the suns warm gentle hands
Delicately to not cause the petals any harm

It’s so easy to forget the simple things
When dreams are sold on small little screens
As we try to buy our way into a fantasy
While magic and wonder await outside
Ready to show us the marvels of simple life


A Beautiful Morning

scenic photo of mountains during daytime
Photo by Adrien Olichon on Pexels.com

Looking out towards the morning sun
Cold chills accentuate my exhaling breath
My coffee welcomes me with soothing comfort
Keeping a fire going from my stomach to my chest

A choir of birds sing their morning song
Binding my attention to the rhythm and sounds
I can feel their joy spreading to my soul
Now we are all standing on common ground

Sun kissed grass awaken from sleep
The ice lets go and disappears into air
Life comes out to the call of the warmth
Patiently I watch awake and aware

My heart soaks in deeply this perpetual bliss
With my mind silenced and nothing to say
I close my eyes being thankful for this moment
What a wonderful way to start this day


I love The Rain

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com
Dim candle light sets my relaxed mood
Silence is my companion as I read a book
A soft chair cradles my tired body
Finding peace where my eyes cannot look
Raindrops pepper down breaking the silence
I close my eyes to a sound so serene
Its been so long since I heard this melody
This moment I capture to replay in my dreams

The surroundings replenish with liquid life
My soul replenishes with ethereal fire
Staring out the window with an open heart
Embracing this moment I've long desired 
Raindrops now begin to wane away into the night
A great sleep dawns upon me at this late hour
I crawl into bed smiling from ear to ear
Anticipating my dreams of this beautiful shower

A Beautiful View


This view I drink in with parched thirsty lips
Silent goes my heart then explodes in love
My soul shines in unrivaled fantasy
Heaven has come down from the stars above

A subtle breeze wipes the sweat from my face
As clamoring leaves give their soft applaud
The senses of my hidden eye is now awake
My lotus within unfolds its petals with natures nod

I smell the tranquility from its fragrance
As I begin to see an entity within my minds sight
I close my eyes to get a clearer view
And I see myself bathing in an ethereal golden light


A Mothers Fury


Blue skies fill with sinister clouds
Gathering in the distance full of pain
Lightning crackles to show its furious bite
Warning of this storm brings more than rain

I can’t help but feel this is a message
One that mother nature delivers herself
She will not stand to be abused any longer
Especially for mankind’s insatiable wealth

My heart cries endless tears of sorrow
For these lessons it seems we never learn
We must take better care before its too late
Before we reach the point of no return

No Longer Blind

Sitting under the shade of the willow tree
Listening to the gentle waves push ashore
Inhaling deeply of the life that surrounds
Of this life I could not ask for more

The sun glistens off the skin of the lake
Clouds roll changing the waters complexion
My life is defined in this moment of bliss
As the lotus inside begins its resurrection

My heart opens like flowers in spring
Reaching for the light for first time
Encapsulated in the auras of life
My sight is clear and no longer blind


Spring Love

Your beauty captures my intrigue
My heart fills with the colors of love
Butterflies awaken to flutter again
Birds sing praises high above

Flowers rise to the warmth of your touch
The earth begins to bleed of green
Dullness of gray retreats away
Revealing the birth of colors to be seen

I find myself under your spell
Love of your beauty stains my heart
I feel your life just a breath away
spring is here, time for love to start


Mother Squirrel 

I watch in the distance as a mother
urges her young squirrel to follow
her to the grass below

The young squirrel seemed unsure
whether to take the mothers lead
as her impatience begins to grow

After a short pep talk the mother
starts again only to be met with
more resistance

The fed up mother takes the young
squirrel in her mouth softly but
securely as I admire her

She carries the young squirrel
across the grass a few yards at
a time making sure no threats
will cause them harm

The mother continues on up the
tree in the yard next to me as
the young squirrel looked safe
in the mothers arms

I can’t help but be in awe
witnessing this mothers
efforts as I begin to
think of the love of
mothers around the

This world is a beautiful place
knowing that mothers in all
shapes sizes and colors are
much like this mother

*This poem was inspired by what I was witnessing this morning while having my coffee. I apologize for the low quality picture due to my phone on zoom having terrible resolution.

Beautiful Days Like This

The sunlight beams through every
crack and crevice of the leaves of
tall trees as I stand under
the partially shaded span

A squirrel rests on a branch high
above very still and relaxed seeming
to be in its own meditative journey
that it can only understand

The golden light highlights
incomplete spider webs on the
bushes giving off silky thin
strands of pearlescent lines

The sea of green grass lays before
me gently swaying in the wind like
soft turbulent waters glistening
under the suns brilliant shine

Butterflies show the art of their wings
contributing to natures exhibit as
the colors begin to remind me of
a cool autumn day

The atmosphere takes the breath from
my lungs and my thoughts disappear
as I cannot find any words to say

The dew of the morning moisture sits
patiently on the flowers and leaves
in small sap like diamonds as they
slowly trickle down to the ground

I can feel the peaceful vibrant energy
pulsating within my heart in myriads
of colors uncharted and I make a
silent wish for this moment
to always stay around


Never ending waves crashing
ashore as I watch everything
and nothing fill the empty
space of my mind

The waves hypnotize me while
the soothing breeze and shore
sounds helps my body relax
and unwind

The delicate white sands
underneath my feet provide
comfort as I know I will
be here awhile

I stare off in the distance
searching for something for
what seems like many
thousands of miles

Watching my life play against
the backdrop of waves I
continue to be comforted
by an unbroken breeze

I feel like I am stuck in front
of a door tightly shut as I
am hopeful my time here
will provide me the key

Every thought comes and goes like
the waves that crash on these
sands and then return to the
abyss from which they came

The lessons of the simplicity of
life is everywhere I look and
I realize the beauty in the
biggest and smallest are
very much the same

I stop looking towards the horizon
to concentrate on the soft sands
I stand on watching the
crashing waves easing
my mind as I feel the
yearning cease

My search is over as a key appears
in my hand and I unlock the door
to the palace of inner peace

Rejuvenation Of My Spirit

In the early dawning light I am
greeted by the golden eye in
the sky shining behind the
veil of silver and
white clouds

My thirst of beauty is quenched by
the illumination of nature as I wear
this serenity like a shroud

Negative thoughts recede away into
the darkness for it cannot survive
in the bright love of the light

My eyes close as I take in a deep
breath allowing the trust and
awareness of my third
eye sight

The eternal light of my soul shines
bright as I am enveloped in the arms
of the infinite universe

The abundance of energy becomes one
with my entire being and I begin to
see my surroundings like a
poetic verse

The soft melody of a song of love
resonates close to my heart so
my soul can heart it

I open my eyes slowly as the gentle
touch of love floods my being
opening the gates of
my rejuvenated spirit

Morning Peace

Sitting on a chair made of wicker
outside on the patio observing
the crowning of dawn

The warmth evaporates my formless
spirit raising it up to the clouds
as I forget about the chair I
am sitting on

My lungs meet the crisp cool air of
the morning as my awareness rises
like the sunshine of the day

My soul gives it’s approval as
happiness enters with peace
permeating my being having
it’s way

The stillness of the moment slowly
unfolding the petals of bliss as I
watch birds on the fence sing

My imagination gives me visions of
what it’s like to be the free powerful
wind underneath a birds wing

The yearning of home subsides as
natures wonders surround me with
it’s unequivocal essence of love

I beam with the golden aura of
oneness as I bathe in the light of
life from which happiness is
made of

Symphony In The Night

The backdrop of the sunset fades
away revealing the silhouette of
trees and hilltops deprived
of light

A symphony begins preparations to
play for the nocturnal all throughout
the evening night

The night sky sparkles like sequins
placed on black velvet as they
compete with the light
of the moons beam

The shooting stars of fireflies
across the yard make me second
guess whether this is real
or a dream

The crickets play the main part of
the rhythm and the frogs in the
short distance play the bass

A subtle breeze plays the bamboo
flute as I find myself captivated
every second sitting in the front
row of this magical place

This reality is the best dream I
never had so I will book mark this
moment as one of the greatest
of my life

The evening moves on and the sounds
of the symphony keeps me peacefully
sleeping until the dawn of
the morning light



Blades of grass sway slightly
Pushed by the gentle touch of a breeze
The faint smell of s’mores in the air
Lofting through the rustling trees

Embers take flight out of the fire
Like red orange shooting stars
As all dwellers look to the sky
Observing the rusty color of mars

A faint light rests over the east
The sun waits patiently for its time to rise
The moons illumination shines on the landscape
Stars reflect off my humble brown eyes

Nostalgia plays movie reels of my past
Showing them vividly on the screen of my mind
A tear drops from my eye meant for sorrow
Instead drops for joy of the solace I find

The Simple Things


Waking up to the smell of flowers
The fragrance lingers through the window
A delicate aroma absorbed in waves
Depending on where the breeze shall blow

I walk outside to see leaves falling softly
Carried gracefully by a subtle wind
Landing gently on the grass below
I look on patiently with a joyful grin

I close my eyes and let my senses see
Feeling the vigor of life surround my heart
Soaking in the soulful colors of nature
As I stand in the middle of her majestic art

I swell with love feeling light as a feather
Nature has given my soul heavenly wings
Grateful for the happiness shared with her
Showing the beauty of life in the simple things

Liquid Mind


In the middle of a continuous river
I watch crystal clear waters flow
So effortlessly graceful in movement
Already knowing where to go

The motion is always formless and fluid
No task too big to overcome
A collective harmony of the essence of life
Absorbing what it comes across all becoming one

Like the river that effortlessly flows
All can be conquered within the fluidity of time
Let the tranquil waters clear your thoughts
Being in the flowing river of a liquid mind



A soothing sound in my moment of silence
Drops by the billion drown all my thoughts
Deeper I go in the ocean of my awakening bliss
Opening the flower of my mind I have calmly sought

Deep breaths of your tranquility leave me speechless
Smells of this serene comfort soothes my spirit
Nature is playing a tune from her heart
When I listen closely I can hear it

Trees cup their leaves to catch the essence
Drops make their way to the soul of the root
The leaves and soil shine in natures radiance
As the wind plays songs off the bamboo flute

I dance to your cleansing tune with joy
As you shower me with the love from your tears
I always miss your touch when your gone
Waiting for the next time your scent comes near

The Birth Of Your Bloom


Behind a silky green coat you hide
the brilliance of your nature as
I stand in reverence thinking
of the colors of your
past lives

You wait for the backdrop of spring
to begin to reveal your new petals
as they slowly awaken offering a
feast of beauty for my
yearning hungry eyes

I watch you as you drink in the rays
of the sun while being cradled
by the cool soil of the loving
affection of earth

I can smell the life of your fragrance
as the soft subtle breeze spreads
your essence and I bathe in the
light of your birth

You are the reason people look up
to the sky to look for your source
for you surely couldn’t be from
this place

Even the sun can’t wait for you to
come around again to light up your
soul shining through the beautiful
colors of your face

From the beginning seed of your life
to the birth of your bloom I
chronicle your existence
and capture the moments
in the time capsule
within my heart

Each time you bloom we will always need
to find the room to add another one
of your colors to the pages of
life and its endless colorful

Our Mother


Lifetimes of apologies will never be enough
to heal the scars inflicted on you
without your consent

Your body has been the battlefield to endless
wars as I hear the screams of your wounds
muffled underneath cement

The fog of war has been your veil so long you
have forgot what it is like to see your
own beautiful face

Bombs and bullets with no names continue
to fly overhead heralding the fire of
destruction as we struggle to find
a safe hiding place

Fossil fuels that fill bottomless pockets
of greed bring forth your tears that
were once healing now turned
to acid rain

There is no way I could ever fathom what you
have gone through as you still support
life here throughout your pain

All I can do is plant seeds of compassion in your
nurturing soil in the hopes that one day down
the ladder of time it fills the void
in your heart

I promise to be the best version of a human being
with actions of love as a vow in your honor
to care for you like you have always done
for me from the very start

The Beauty That Is Life


The beauty that is life I breathe in deeply
allowing the essence to articulate
its own passion to the audience of
my heart and soul

Slowly exhaling this beauty as vibrations of
love resonate in the halls of my memories
for me to cherish and hold

I find myself serenaded by the songs of stars
in the night sky as I look up and
appreciate the beauty that seemed
to be lost beyond this earth

The daylight reveals itself as the sun
illuminates the beauty of life that
surrounds me as priceless comes
to mind of the earth and
her worth

I stand in the euphoric sound of silence
watching beauty flower in elegance as I
drink in the eye opening coffee of
life through soulful eyes

Each moment captured by the sacred memory of
my heart to be replayed by my soul when I
feel lost and seek wisdom that
never dies

I wake up every morning thankful for each
breath I take as nature breathes her
life into my lungs living each
day like it is my very last

When my time here comes to an end I will keep
these memories of the beauty that is life as
a warm blanket for my soul as my bones
fade away in the soil underneath
the grass

Dreams Of The Ocean


Dreams of your touch plague my sleep as I
yearn for the pleasure to be in your
cool embrace

The eternal sounds of your crashing waves
sent ripples up my spine as your memory
stains a smile on my face

To feel the soft sands tickle my feet with
every step I take as soothing sounds of
your nature quell all my thoughts

Your body is the backdrop of all the beauty
of the world reflected off your wavy skin
of a true miracle I never forgot

I dove deep into your soul and swam among
the others as I tasted the essence of
your life with my eyes

I opened my heart for you as you hid the tears
I shed within your cleansing waters as I
became overwhelmed by your embrace
when we harmonized

I know the heart wants what it wants so as
destiny will have it I will see
you again

Until that time comes I promise to write you
another letter when I dream about your
embrace every now and then

Unconditional Love


I feel the heartbeat of the forest
resting in my chest

Enchantment emanates as I embrace
natures blissful caress

The air is filled with the soft glows
of life that surround me where
I stand

Feeling the connecting ripple of unity
as I merge in harmony with natures

I take a deep breath as the forest
breathes ethereal life into my
tired polluted lungs

As she delicately holds them in her
healing hands and whispers the
most beautiful sonnet
ever sung

Embracing all in her care like a
drop of water in an
endless pond

Responding to all with love for
that is the key to her sacred
unbreakable bond

A feeling of shame washes over me
as I see all the destruction
humanity has done

I look down to the ground and begin
to rain tears of sorrow for how the
world has now become

I can feel her warm inviting hug all
around me as she embraces my
presence while I look up to
watch the doves near by

She then parts the trees to shine the
warm light of the sun as my tears
turn to mist and float to
the sky

Rejuvenation Of A Rising Sun


I wake to the sound of silence as my eyelids gently open

Wondering why I feel wide awake and my sleep suddenly broken

My mind turns blank as I go on about my normal routine

Heading downstairs to get some fresh coffee the life of my bloodstream

I feel the need to go outside with no second thought or restrain

Darkness surrounds my view except a few fleeting stars in the sky remain

Standing patiently waiting for something I feel but do not know

Sipping my coffee as I feel the heat rising within and my anticipation grow

The early morning birds provide the sounds of a much needed meditation

My eyes are shut as I breathe in deep feeling the oneness in my concentration

I feel light as a feather as the joy in me starts to arise

Uncontrollable tears of happiness starts to begin to fill my eyes

My eyelids start to open to see the breaching light obliterating the darkness of my view

I see plants and leaves of trees around me all touched by the soft morning dew

Then I turn my tearful silent gaze to the east at the horizon

The peak of the morning starts to show it’s face as the sky begins to brighten

Everything comes alive around me filled with joy a feeling second to none

I feel the kiss of life as I am embraced by the rejuvenation of a rising sun

The Awakening Of Spring

spring flowers

A young flower awakes from the night of winter

The morning dew of spring kisses the petals that life now enters

Animals and insects come out of their hiding

To be embraced by the song of spring that nature is providing

The splendorous colors of spring are shown in reflection

Of the renewal of life in all where we share a common connection

The children play in the grass with pure delight on their face

A cheerful spirit in their eyes that cannot be replaced

The adolescent plants and animals do the same thing

All together in harmony enjoying the beauty that spring can only bring

The power of spring can lift away all dreary spirits

Singing the song of love and life if you listen close you can hear it

This is the time of year where all starts anew

Winter is now gone and sits in the rear view

This is the season for all to be healed from the cold winter sting

Welcome to the healing love of the awakening of spring

The Soul Of A Beach And Ocean

ocean beach

Standing on a dune feeling the salty breezy mist on my outstretched hands

Taking in the shining glittering sights of tiny gems that make up the sands

I hear and feel the waves crashing on the shores below me as I stand in awe

My heart and soul remain wide open to hear natures splendorous call

I make my way down to the beach and the feeling in me gets so much stronger

A feeling inside ready to explode with joy and laughter I can contain no longer

The sea and the sand coming together in a perfect beautiful union

There is no other place I would rather be to feel this harmonic communion

The wet kisses of the mist from the sea washing away my copious thoughts

As my heart embraces these moments of freedom that my mind has fervently sought

I can feel every grain of sand gently embracing my feet as I walk this enchanted land

No need for words for nature is speaking to me in a language my soul understands

Coming together as one with the water the wind the earth and sun inside of my heart

A peace comes over me knowing the soul of a beach and ocean leave with me when I depart

The Irreplaceable Sun


Watching over the earth and all it’s reach

Raining down the radiant light to the lands that lay beneath

Without it there would be no splendorous colors to behold

Colors that illuminate my heart lighting the prism of my soul

The brilliance of the deep blue seas to the green lush valleys to be replaced

By a veil of darkness that hides the earths beautiful face

The beauty of the spring the summer the fall would not been seen

Winter would be the only season that would remain and the pale it brings

So I wake up everyday with a smile when the sun takes me in it’s warm embrace

I treasure the life it gives for when it’s gone will not be replaced

Stream Of Time


A once steady tree unshakable in it’s stature

Clinging to the days of old and the essence it yearns to capture

 Leaning uprooted it once stood tall

Reaching to the sky above them all

Enduring the ferocity of a world that does not forgive

Oblivious to it’s prison that it always has lived

It watches itself crumble and break as it starts to decay

Powerless against this invisible force it’s confidence in disarray

Laying in wait in the hands of it’s own fate

 Wisdom takes over and calm is it’s state

It now knows nothing in this world lasts forever

No matter how smart it is or how clever

So all it does now is bask in the rays of the loving sunshine

Giving itself freely to the stream of time



Waiting in the sand a treasure to be found

Sitting patiently in times endless bound

Until the day when it becomes unearthed

Showing the world of it’s beauty and worth

Hardened by the elements but soft to the eyes

Blemishes washed away from the seas misty cries

So that one day it will catch the attention

Of one worthy enough to release it from it’s detention

Seeking not to be owned but to be cherished

To always be priceless with it’s worth never to perish

Deserving to have all of your loving affection

Not just another shell to add to your collection

Until that day comes it will remain in the sands of time

Waiting patiently for you to find



Walking along side a tranquil stream

I start to realize things are not what they seem

Then I notice something that catches my eye

Being in the woods I realize everything is alive

I look in the direction of what has caught my attention

I see nothing but the trees and natures sounds from all directions

Being aware now I feel gazing eyes prying down upon me

Everywhere at once I feel a presence of something I do not see

I keep walking cautious with every step I take

Sounds of breaking leaves and branches with every move I make

Beams of sunlight illuminating through the cracks of the trees

Lighting up the forest with the soft glow of colors to be seen

I stop to a perfect stillness something like a trance

Being in awe of what I am feeling paralyzed in my stance

I watch life around me unfold in front of my very eyes

No longer hiding timid in natures masterful disguise

Butterflies fluttering around me some landing on my skin

The gentle subtle touch has instantly warmed my heart within

I realize at this moment what is happening

I am being embraced by love with fear no longer entrapping me

My heart pleads with my mind for this to be real

Then I wake in my bed with memories of a dream surreal



Flowing liquid glass cool to the touch

Showing visions in it’s transparent essence is it’s nature as such

Rocks and plant life sitting in perfect tranquility

Nurturing all it surrounds with unrivaled serenity

Very still in it’s ways and thunderous in it’s waves

It shines like an endless sea of gems under the suns brilliant rays

It’s the giver of life to all that is living

The life blood of nature to all it is giving

Without it we surely cannot survive

We need it like breathing air in order to stay alive

Dried up river beds and lakes are the saddest sights to see

Knowing that life that has once thrived now has ceased to be

Treasure this liquid essence for it is one of natures greatest of gifts

Without it surrounding us life here would never exist

Nature Overcomes All

ancient ruins

 A once proud structure standing in endless vegitation

Now has become a relic in decaying stagnation

An inescapable fate of what was once risen

Now a captor of natures infinite timeless prison

The seasons will pass and people will move on

All that remains is the resonance of nature so powerful so strong

People will try to burn and destroy to keep her at bay

But after your time is up she will endure and stay

She is the keeper of secrets and to few she will confide

Only tales of legend give clues to what history she hides

She will always be here long after you and I have gone

Covering up the scars of when man did her harm

Civilizations will rise and they will fall

Nature is the only one that will overcome it all

Summers Heat Poem

My head is dripping wet like under a faucet,

Any composure I had left I think I might have lost it,

Where can I go where can I hide,

How can I get away from the molten lava ride,

The suns brilliant but punishing rays beam down on me,

The only thing on my mind is to find the nearest shaded tree,

Pores all over my body crying for the same reason,

To find some comfort away from this debilitating season,

As the temperature rises I almost convince myself to give in,

Let the heat have me because I see no other way to win,

My mind has now coerced  my body to keep moving,

While my body is fighting every step of the minds very choosing,

Finally in the distance I see blissful salvation,

My body can finally stop this endless sweaty propagation,

As I gather myself I see the most wonderful of sights,

It is the sun going down and a gift of the morning of night.

Experience Of Nature Poem

Its a place for unobtrusive contemplation,

Where your mind can wander with no ramification,

The sounds and sights are meant for your soul,

Where the symphony of nature has you under her control,

You cannot turn off the orchestra of nature for that is forbidden,

The wondrous sounds create inner peace and silence where your solace is hidden,

Nature paints the most exquisite and perfect of paintings,

Joy and happiness in your heart is what will be sustaining,

Understanding your being and nature as one,

Comes with the awareness of you and nature as life under the brilliant sun,

These are natures secrets provided that are the purest and true,

For the experience of nature gives you a look at your soul only you can view.

So carry these teaching in the depth of you heart,

And your connection with nature will never be apart.