Dancing To The Music Of Her Heart


I walk into the room feeling a power I cannot describe

Others gather around walking towards this power in a silent stride

I find myself compelled to see this power that is alluring me

Feeling so drawn to this presence like it will set me free

I find an inner peace among the others where I stand

No words are spoken for we know just to watch is our hearts demand

A beautiful woman stands in the middle of the room

Capturing the eyes of all with her essence radiating like a sunset bloom

She starts to move in perfectly calculated steps

Her eyes fully closed as she moves with elegance free of regret

Enchanting the crowd with her effortless flow

Taking away our sorrows and heartaches for the rest of her show

Her dance seem like heaven and earth are not so far apart

As we witness this angel dancing to the music of her heart

Music Poem

A sound intrinsic to the soul,

Melodies parade in the ear with stories to be told,

It can make you rise and make you fall,

It can slow everything to a painstakingly crawl,

Some people can see it and others just hear it,

But they both can agree to feel it in their spirit,

Giving you the epitome of happiness is what it can bring,

It can also give your heart a reminder of a throbbing sting,

Putting you under its whimsical spell,

Enveloping your body in an aura of a colorful shell,

Keep in mind that music is food for your soul,

What would you feed it if there was no music to behold.