I’m Going Away

Image by Sunmo Yang from Pixabay

I’m going away to my happy place
I’ll be back in a little while
Don’t bother searching for me
It’s far from physical reach
But close as a beating heart

I will fly through the clouds
Play like a dolphin in the sea
Sit as a blooming lotus on water
Breathing deeply of smokeless air
Basking in the suns warm spring

When I do come back home
The transformation will be complete
Look deeply in the soul of my eyes
You will find a clear tranquil pond
And a lotus I brought back with me

The Garden Of Peace

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

My thoughts run wild sitting alone
At a lake staring into my soul for hours
Relaxed with a pinch of melancholy
Watching paper notes come and go
Hoping they burn and float away

I want to visit the garden of peace
So my mind can be free to explore
The palace of quiet silent halls
Deep within the heart of my mind
Where only the hidden eye can see

Patiently I still wait on the shore
My thoughts finally chose to fly away
Like birds migrating for a time
I can now rest on tranquil clouds
To be taken to the garden of peace


The Universe Inside Of Me

landscape nature sky person
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What is it about the stars at night
They seem to always call my name
I’m always searching for something
It’s a feeling I just can’t explain

I feel a warm comfort in the darkness
My nerves quietly calm to meditate
Mumbling questions under my breath
Receiving no answers to contemplate

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place
Perhaps they hide in the universe inside
Where I sit alone by a silent river
In between the earth and the divine

One day I will find what I’m looking for
I thank the stars above for helping me see
My eyes close and I sit by the silent river
To seek answers in the universe inside of me

The Sound Of Silence

I hear you in the dead of night
As I do in the life of the day
Even during playful howling winds
My thoughts are taken far far away

Words fade away upon muted ears
Music dwindles down to a soft tone
Energy rises from my awakening core
The greatest feeling I have ever known

My thirst is forever quenched
In still waters that run so deep
Drowning in the sound of silence
Only these waters I can truly breathe

A Souls Journey

Staring off into the vast distance
Motionless in a thousand mile stare
Standing firm but fluid on the sand
Always present and aware

The ocean breeze is my breath
My hearts ebb and flow is the tide
In this moment I am it and it is me
The alchemy of the divine

Tranquility enters my timeless void
Blooming like a lotus in a still pond
Peace is now the reality of my being
I dance to colors of the sunset song

Stars stand watch in the night sky
Out here I feel like i’m never alone
My soul begins its own evolution
Finding the path to get back home


A World Within

I swim in the ocean of my deepest depths
encapsulated in the tranquility of its touch
ensnared in the rapture of peaceful bliss
the calming silence I missed so much

thoughts disperse into abyssal waters
sands of time shatter into eternal stars
my soul glows of a love so ethereal
looking within we find a world that is ours



A soothing sound in my moment of silence
Drops by the billion drown all my thoughts
Deeper I go in the ocean of my awakening bliss
Opening the flower of my mind I have calmly sought

Deep breaths of your tranquility leave me speechless
Smells of this serene comfort soothes my spirit
Nature is playing a tune from her heart
When I listen closely I can hear it

Trees cup their leaves to catch the essence
Drops make their way to the soul of the root
The leaves and soil shine in natures radiance
As the wind plays songs off the bamboo flute

I dance to your cleansing tune with joy
As you shower me with the love from your tears
I always miss your touch when your gone
Waiting for the next time your scent comes near

The Silence Of The Storm


In the storm of our lives
there is a moment in time

Like the eye of a hurricane we
find the silence of the mind

A moment to dust ourselves off
and find our middle ground

In the solitude of our being
hearing not a single sound

The heart slows down to
pace itself with a tranquil
rhythm and flow

Balance restores itself as our
awakening calmness starts to

A gift of clarity given to us
freely in this moment of

Thoughts run away as we listen
to our hearts wisdom for

Preparing our mind body and
spirit for what is to come

The unity of our being all
synchronizing as one

When we find ourselves lost
in life beaten and worn

Return to the eye of your
center in the silence of
the storm