Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

It’s hard to find strength in sadness
My eyes well up every time you sleep
I give you answers that gleam on the surface
Though the painful truth lingers deep

I try to comfort you with fabled tales
Where the hero saves the day in the end
Maybe it’s just a way to comfort myself
Giving hope to heroes that hardly ever win

Never stop believing in your heroes
They exist here because of your dreams
I put all my hope in your untainted heart
To become a hero with angel wings

The Hero


Born in the midst of an unforgiving
world and treacherous greed that
rule the hearts of man

Surrounded by the blank stares of
sorrow trying to live in a world
of pain that no one understands

The hope of mankind caught in
whispers residing in the ebb
and flow of the winds
of change

Waiting for the day that one will
heed these whispers and dry the
tears of sorrow in this
dreamless age

Deep in these whispers of a world
broken emerges a hero answering
the calls for a new tomorrow

The hero kneels down to collect the
tears off the ground and wipes
the eyes of the faces
of sorrow

Distraught faces are replaced with the
essence of love that comes from
the hero’s incorruptible heart

As the burdens of the world now rests
on the hero’s shoulders so that
the healing of mankind can
have a running start

The hero marches forward taking on
every evil in the world with the
aura of love glowing from
the surface of the face

As the breeze of mankind’s hope blows
on the hero’s back pushing forward
quickening the pace

Barely standing in a battle of
overwhelming odds that the
hero knew was never meant
to be won

As mankind watches their hero begin to
crumble under the crushing weight of
the burdens of everyone

The people watch their fallen hero find
a place on the ground for the
final rest

As they rain their last tear drops of
sorrow down upon the hero’s
open bleeding chest

One by one everyone gets up off their
knees and stands side by side
sharing the burden the hero
has taken on with
no question

Giving rise to legions of hero’s gathering
from all walks of life with the same love
and the same direction

The essence of love in the hero now rests
in the hearts of the people and there
it will always remain

As the people now march as one seeing the
reflection of their hero in themselves
in the mirror of tear drops in
the rain